10 Incredible Things to Do in Panama on Your First Visit

10 things to do in Panama on your first visit so you can enjoy your Panama vacation!


NataliaOctober 8, 2017 - 10:17 am

I absolutely loved Panama and am trying to organise a second visit. I particularly enjoyed the Bocas del Toro.

[…] Panama, with its islands, mountains, and plains, is one of the most biodiverse regions in the world. In fact, Panama City is the globe’s only capital city home to a rainforest within its city limits! […]

terra @ terragoes.comOctober 13, 2017 - 2:57 pm

I would love to see one of the great big cruise ships go through the Panama Canal – I’ve had friends who have worked on ships who have gone through and they say it’s a pretty neat experience, an pretty precise too, as sometimes there’s just a foot of space on either side of the boat.

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[…] 10 Fun Things to do in Panama […]

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[…] San Blas Islands: Panama has an archipelago of 378 islands in the Caribbean Sea. Only 49 of these are inhabited by the local, self-governing Kuna tribe. Get around by boat, snorkel in the coral reefs and relax on the islands. Expect rustic beach huts and bare bones infrastructure – the indigenous Kuna carefully control tourism and are devoted to preserving their ecological marine landscape. Read more about our trip to San Blas here. […]

Review: The American Trade Hotel in Panama City

Why you’ll love this eclectic, luxurious boutique hotel!


LuciOctober 5, 2017 - 8:18 pm

Stunning photography! Looks like a gorgeous stay!

[…] We chose to base ourselves in Casco Viejo over Panama City at the American Trade Hotel. You can read our more in-depth review of the landmark hotel here. […]

ChristinaOctober 23, 2017 - 12:03 pm

where is the black jumper from? love it!

[…] hotel, the American Trade Hotel in Casca Viejo, kindly helped us with booking a driver and perfectly timed our visit to coincide with a cruise […]

[…] loved staying at the American Trade Hotel, in the center of Casco Viejo. Located in a restored landmark building on Plaza Herrera and part of […]

[…] to Stay: We chose to stay in Casco Viejo, the Old Town just outside Panama City. If you like picturesque buildings, trendy restaurants and nightlife, this is the place to be! […]

7 Things We Learned from a Visit to the Panama Canal

You can’t visit Panama without cruising through the Panama Canal!


terraOctober 26, 2017 - 10:59 am

I would absolutely love to sail through the Panama Canal – sounds like quite an adventure!

SherOctober 26, 2017 - 4:51 pm

It was super fun to watch and probably even better to experience!

[…] What We Learned from a Visit to the Panama Canal […]

[…] What We Learned from a Visit to the Panama Canal […]

[…] Canal: Did you know it takes a ship 8 to 10 hours to cross the canal? Stop by the Miraflores locks and museum to learn more about the Panama Canal and see a ship pass […]

[…] Construction of the Panama Canal was originally conceived and begun by the French, who won the right in part due to their success building Egypt’s Suez Canal. However, financial issues and a high labor mortality rate would cause the French to abandon their efforts within 15 years. […]

20 Interesting Facts About Panama that You Never Knew!

Panama facts to tickle your fancy


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[…] Panama is a fascinating country to visit.  While we would have liked to stay longer and explore places like the San Blas […]

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[…] 20 Interesting Facts About Panama I Bet You Never Knew […]

Panama Should Be Next on Your Travel Bucket List – Here’s Why

A comprehensive Panama travel guide with advice, suggestions for the best things to do, see and Panama travel tips!


GearoidNovember 17, 2017 - 1:30 pm

It’s certainly on my bucket list, although it may have to wait a while. I think I’d like to combine it with a trip to Colombia via San Blas (I really love Colombia and must go back). Still, Panama looks like an underrated destination with plenty of attractions of its own!

2017 Year in ReviewDecember 27, 2017 - 7:01 am

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[…] just returned from a short 3 day trip to Panama and fell in love with this colorful country! We were wonderfully surprised by how much this compact […]

[…]  Read more:  Panama Should Be Next on Your Bucketlist – Here’s Why […]

[…] we were only there a few days, Panama made an incredible impression on us during our recent visit. We learned so much in such a short […]