The 6 Best Heated Socks for Warm Feet All Winter Long (2021)



The Best Heated Socks (2021)

When you think about it, technology can be so ridiculously weird or invasive sometimes. 

Do I really need to use my smartphone to tell Sweetgreen whether I want light, normal, or heavy green goddess dressing? 

Does every internet ad I come across have to be something I googled not even 30 seconds ago?

Like, why can’t technology just be used to create socks that are so warm my feet won’t freeze off this winter? 

Well, funny you should ask! 

Thanks to recent advancements in foot warming technology, super insulating fabrics, and – yes – even battery charged foot warmers, there are plenty of heated socks options that prove technology and fashion can be suitable bedfellows! 

Keep reading for our 6 favorite heated socks! 





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The Best Heated Socks Reviews (2021)

Some heated socks simply have awesome insulating fabrics, while others have built-in warmers or even generate heat through batteries.

Whatever heated socks tickle your fancy, we’ve got you covered right here! 


Heated Socks







The Best Heated Socks


Most Affordable Heated Socks: NY Golden Fashion


If you still bristle at how expensive some winter socks can be, check out this 3-pack of heated socks from NY Golden Fashion.

Each pair costs about the same as your morning cup of joe. Their secret?

These feature brushed acrylic inside the sock, which leads to extra comfort and creates warm pouches of air that heat up your little piggies! 

NY Golden Fashion Heated Sox

Sold on Amazon

Check the latest reviews and see all color options here





Best All-Around Heated Socks: Hot Chillys


While some battery heated socks can be admittedly bulky, these Hot Chillys socks employ a different, more natural form of technology. 

The secret is hollow fibers embedded with permanent oxide materials that use the body’s natural infrared energy to produce consistent heat. 

Do I understand an actual word of what this means, scientifically? No!!!

Do I trust the technology, having tried on these cozy socks first hand? Yes!!!

Hot Chillys Elite Heat Low Volume Sock

Sold on Zappos & Amazon

Check the latest reviews and see all color options here





Best Merino Wool Heated Socks: Columbia



Wool is an incredible winter weather fabric, but especially for feet. 

As we all know, feet tend to sweat. Following this perspiration, it’s scientifically been proven that feet then begin to smell. 

To avoid such problems, check out these heated socks from Columbia, which are made with merino wool that’s both breathable and naturally anti-microbial! 

Columbia Omni-Heat Ski Sock

Sold on Zappos, Columbia & Amazon

Check the latest reviews and see all color options here





Best Battery Heated Socks: Teetown


Unless the flaming toes, wires, and battery packs pictured above weren’t obvious enough, these socks from Teetown are our first pick for the best battery heated socks. 

These socks come with rechargeable battery packs that can provide heat for 6-10 hours at a Fahrenheit temperature range of 120-160 degrees! 

Essentially, the lithium powered batteries heat the sock’s front instep to create a heated blanket effect right at the toes – life changing if you suffer from poor circulation!

Teetown Rechargeable Electric Socks

Sold on Amazon

Check the latest reviews and see all color options here





Best Heated Socks for Skiing: Rabbitroom


Another battery heated socks option, this time from skiing outfitter Rabbitroom

These are even more technologically advanced.

You can adjust the sock toes to 3 different heat levels, up to a maximum temperature of 125 degrees Fahrenheit! 

Then a side pocket at the sock’s top doubles as a storage area for the provided battery. Adjustable and convenient!

Rabbitroom Heated Electric Socks

Sold on Amazon

Check the latest reviews and see all color options here





Best Heated Sock Footwarmers: HotHands


Hey, maybe you are old school. 

Or maybe you are just fed up with the high prices that some heated socks brands charge. 

Regardless, the timeless brand HotHands is here to save the day. These insole foot warmers are super cost-effective and just as easy to use. 

Simply remove the warmers from the packaging, shake them, and apply to the soles of your feet. Wait 15-30 minutes for long term extended warmth along the entire foot bed! 

HotHands Insole Foot Warmers

Sold on Amazon

Check the latest reviews and see all color options here





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