12 Must Have Summer Essentials from Everlane


Everlane Summer Outfits

It’s officially summer!

I can’t believe half the year has flown by so fast.. well, quarantine has dragged on slow as molasses but it’s scary to think another year is half over.

Or maybe it’s a good thing to be done with 2020?





In today’s post I wanted to share some new summer items I received from Everlane. These are a mix of comfy basics and classic items that would work all year round! 

As usual, I filmed a try on haul video which you can watch on YouTube, or keep scrolling to see outfit photos of each item. 



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Everlane Easy Blazer

in Cameo Pink, size 00



Easy Blazer Review

The fabric is 100% lyocell. I had no idea what that was, but google says it’s a version of rayon made sustainably from wood pulp.

The benefits of wearing lyocell? It’s like bamboo in that it’s breathable in heat but warm in the cold. I haven’t worn it in the intense humidity yet, but I imagine this would be the perfect jacket to throw on on a breezy day.

I like the oversized, drapey look too – so it’s definitely appropriately named! You can wear it on its own, or pick up the matching shorts! I do think it runs big, so I sized down.

Available on Everlane (3 colors)


Everlane Put Together Pleat Short

in Cameo Pink, size 0



Pleat Short Review

I’m usually not a fan of suit shorts, but I had to try these out to see what the full set would look like!

These are a really stylish pair of long shorts. They’re made from that same drape-y lyocell fabric and the cut kind of reminds me of an 80s power suit look. You know – loose, elegant, almost looks like a skirt when you stand still.

I think these are a great option for petites, because the long length and pleat detailing will make your legs look longer.

These would look good with just a basic white tee shirt or with the matching blazer!

Available on Everlane (2 colors)





Everlane Pima Micro Rib Open V Neck

in White, size xs



Pima Micro Rib Top Review

I ordered this on a whim, because of the v neck.

I wasn’t expecting to love it! T shirts and basic tops can be hard to buy online, because you don’t really know what they’ll feel like on.

Everlane’s pima micro line is fantastic, great quality at an affordable price.

The fabric is super soft and runs slightly sheer. It’s made from 95% cotton with a hit of spandex, so it really hugs the body nicely. If you like slim cut layering tops, pick up one of these!

I also like the wide v neck – in the winter, I’ll wear this under v neck sweaters. The only change I’d make is to remove the center seam down the back. A lot of Everlane tops have this and I wish they didn’t..

Available on Everlane (3 colors)



Everlane Pima Micro Rib Long Sleeve Crew

in Black, size xs



Everlane Pima Cotton Review

I liked the v neck so much, I picked up another Everlane pima cotton top in the crew neck option.

Again, I love the super soft, stretchy fabric. It has a slight ribbed texture which gives it a little extra when paired with just shorts or jeans!

The sleeves are a little long too, which makes it feel extra cozy. If you’re worried about the tops being too sheer, I’d suggest black or grey instead of the white!

Available on Everlane (3 colors)





Everlane ReCotton Cropped Pocket Tee

in Off White, size xs



Pocket Tee Review

Everlane has so many t shirt options!

I’ve tried two in the past (which you can see here), so I figured I would pick up another to test. This tee has a boxy cut and cropped length.

In fact, it’s extra boxy. When I first tried it on, I felt like a footballer with shoulder pads, because the shoulder seams are exaggerated to fall down your arms.

To be honest, I wasn’t sure I liked it enough to keep at first, but it’s grown on me. This is a great top to wear with bike shorts, leggings or skinny jeans because of the exaggerated cropped shape.

Now for the fabric: the ReCotton pocket tee is 100% cotton, partly recycled. It gives it this thicker, slubby texture!

If you’re looking for extra soft, paper-y thin tees, I suggest the crew instead.

Available on Everlane (6 colors)


Everlane Perform Bike Short

in Black, size small



Perform Bike Short Review

I was a huge fan of Everlane’s leggings (review here). So when they came out with a bike short, I had to try them!

These are made from the same performance fabric – a nylon elastane blend. For some reason they feel thicker to me than the full length leggings, but I believe they are the exact same fabric.

I find them very comfortable to wear, either lounging or for workouts. While these are pricier than bike shorts you could find elsewhere, the fabric is what makes these worth the quality. The Everlane bike shorts have sweat wicking properties and a hint of compression to suck you in.

I prefer the full length leggings, but if you’re a bike short gal then give these a go! 

Available on Everlane (2 colors)





Everlane Day Loafer Mule

in Deep Red



Day Loafer Review

I love a good loafer.

Are the gucci loafers still in? I never jumped on that trend, but the Everlane day loafer caught my eye for their similar look, high quality and much more affordable price point.

I like the classic shape and vibrant red color of these slip on shoes. They feel like a slipper, thanks to the cushioned insole.

The outer is 100% leather and buttery soft. This is one pair that won’t give you blisters! I recommend going up 1/2 a size as these run a bit small.

Available on Everlane (5 colors)


Everlane 100% Human Face Mask

in Assorted



100% Human Collection Review

Face masks are unfortunately, a 2020 necessity. 

I’ve been on the hunt for cute cloth masks for a while, until I stumbled on these Everlane masks!

These are part of the 100% Human collection and the little logo on the front makes the masks such a cute statement.

Even better, a portion of sales go towards the ACLU – Everlane has donated over half a million to date!

I particularly like how these fit. If you have a small face, these are a great option. They’re one size only, but the fabric is a cotton lycra that’s comfortable to wear with very stretchy ear loops. 

Just note: these aren’t medical grade masks. They’re a double layer of fabric, but something is better than nothing! 

Available on Everlane (3 colors)






Everlane Cheeky Straight Jean

in Washed Black, size 25, Regular



Cheeky Straight Jean Review

I’m obsessed with these mom jeans!

These are a bum hugging straight leg jean. I took them in my usual size and they fit snugly, but in a flattering way. I like the regular length and relaxed leg. 

These are incredibly similar to the super straight jean, which I reviewed in my Everlane Jean Guide. I actually think the leg style is probably the same..

The main difference is the fit around the waist and butt. These are high rise, with set together back pockets that ‘lift’ your bum. I like that there’s no patch logo on the back waistband.

If you like thick, stiffer jeans like I do, pick these up! They’re 98% cotton, premium Japanese denim.

Available on Everlane (5 colors, 2 lengths)


Everlane Super Straight Jean

in Washed Black, size 25, ankle



Super Straight Jean Review

I’ve had these jeans for a while, but since the Cheeky Straight and Super Straight are so similar, I figured I would do a comparison. Watch the video above to see how they look side by side… and see if you can spot a visual difference.

They’re almost identical, and a stranger definitely couldn’t tell the difference.

When you’re wearing them though, they do fit slightly different. If you prefer a more relaxed fit, opt for the Super Straight. They have a high rise which makes your legs look miles long and a simple straight shape for that ‘mom jean’ look.

While this is my 4th pair of black jeans, I have these in an ankle length so they’re somewhat different, ha!

Available on Everlane (4 colors, 2 lengths)





Everlane Linen Relaxed Shirt

in White, size 0



Everlane Linen Shirt Review

If you’re looking for a classic 100% linen shirt, you’ll like this option from Everlane.

It’s just soft enough, with a lived-in organic texture. I do find the white color to be just a touch see through, but it’s nothing too sheer.

Fit wise, I got my usual size but thought it was a little too tight in the shoulders. I recommend sizing up for a more relaxed look!

Available on Everlane (3 colors)


Everlane Linen Button Front Tank

in Black, size 0



Linen Tank Review

Nothing beats the comfort of linen in the humidity.

This linen tank is the perfect top to wear on sticky hot days. It’s cropped, with a loose slightly balloon fit that looks good with high rise shorts or a breezy skirt.

I like the tortoiseshell buttons on the front and the scoop neck is more flattering (imo) than the square neck linen tops. The straps are thick enough to hide a bra and I don’t have any issues with gaping in the arm holes. 

While this one looks pretty simple, sometimes a cool linen classic is just what you want.

Available on Everlane (1 color)





Everlane Selfie Tank

in Black, size xs



Everlane Selfie Review

This Selfie Tank is made from 95% cotton and features a delicately ribbed texture. It also comes in a t shirt version!

Everlane describes it as ‘inspired by 70s undershirts’ and it definitely has that slight vintage look and fit

If you like slim fit tops or want a cute, casual tank to pair with sweats, this is a great option. For me, the arm holes were cut a little too big but I think if you have a normal torso or larger chest, the fit would be great.

Available on Everlane (3 colors)


Everlane Summer Basics


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