The 8 Best Women’s Loafers to Perfect Casual Chic! (2020)


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Best Women's Loafers 

If a magic genie raided my closet and told me I could only have 3 types of shoes for the rest of my life, the first thing I would do is cry and wish for this horrifying fashion nightmare to end. 

If it turned out I wasn't dreaming, I would quickly pull myself together and tell the genie I would keep high heels (duh), winter boots (he's not making me leave New York, right?), and loafers. 

Yes, you read that right. Loafers. That is how indispensable I believe the best women's loafers are to any modern wardrobe. 

The secret sauce is essentially rooted in sheer versatility, as women's loafers create a spectrum that ranges from the effortlessly casual to the extravagantly luxurious. 

To learn how this shoe can instantly elevate your entire fashion game, keep reading for 8 of the best women's loafers we've tried so far!



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The Best Loafers for Women!

Check out our top picks for the best women's loafers!


The Best Women's Loafers for Any Occasion!





Top Designer Women's Loafers


Best Affordable Women's Loafers: Sam Edelman

The Sam Edelman loafers offer exactly what you would expect from a brand known for simple, elegant designs. 

The rounded toe and mini-block heel create a slimming and toning effect that will make your entire body and outfit look amazing! 

And, while many women's loafers wear down easily, the Sam Edelman shoes feature durable, high-quality elements including a synthetic outsole, full grain leather fabric, an almond toe, and – as a bonus – a color palette that's incredibly bright and fresh!

Sam Edelman Loafer

Sold on Zappos, Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, Shopbop & Amazon

Check the latest reviews and see all color options here



Best Penny Loafers: J. Crew

While I love the bright colors showcased above, every shoe closet demands at least one pair of brown women's loafers. 

Compatible with basically any outfit, these women's loafers from J. Crew also feature authentic leather, a flattering round toe silhouette, and an easy slip-on design!

J. Crew Ryan Penny Loafers

Sold on Zappos & Amazon

Check the latest reviews and see all color options here



Best Black Women's Loafers: Clarks

For a classic staple like the black women's loafer, I would always lean toward picking a shoe whose design reflects that classic simplicity and tradition. 

The Clarks loafers are almost eagerly simple, featuring little more than a simple fabric lining, soft leather upper, and classic penny strap. 

There may be no bells and whistles, but it's exactly this simplicity – and how compatible they are with any outfit type – that makes me love these Clarks loafers so much! 

Clarks Juliet Coast Loafer

Sold on Zappos, Nordstrom, Macy's & Amazon

Check the latest reviews and see all color options here



Most Comfortable Women's Loafers: UGG

One common drawback of women's loafers is typically a super rigid fit that can easily cause blisters, foot aches, and general discomfort. 

Luckily, you can avoid these pitfalls without losing the style of the best women's loafers. UGG knows a thing or too about comfortable shoes.

Their take on the loafer – a high-grip rubber outsole, trademark molded footbed, and sleek suede fabric – lets you experience classic UGG comfort all year long!

UGG Loafer

Sold on Zappos, UGG, Nordstrom & Amazon

Check the latest reviews and see all color options here



Best Pointed Toe Loafers: Sperry

Since leather and loafers are a match made in fashion heaven, I truly believe no other pair can beat the Sperry loafers' casual yet chic vibe. 

At first glance, the classic nubuck leather, vintage penny slots, and mini-block heel may strike you as elements of a polished yet unremarkable loafer. 

 However, the Sperry loafers include some sophisticated and modern touches including a waterproof rubber outsole, memory foam footbed, and crocodile-embossed leather! 

Sperry Seaport Penny Croc

Sold on Zappos, Sperry, Nordstrom, Macy's & Amazon

Check the latest reviews and see all color options here



Best Designer Loafers: Tory Burch

Ultimately the best women's loafers are so great because they are simple yet stylish shoes that complement pretty much any outfit. 

Get too complacent with this convenience, however, and you can easily find yourself with a closet full of loafers that all basically look the same. 

They say variety is the spice of life anyway, and what better represents that attitude than these loafers from Tory Burch?

The exaggerated chain, honeycomb patterning, and bold two-tone color scheme all provide daring style that won't be easily found anywhere else! 

Tory Burch Jessa Loafer

Sold on Zappos, Bloomingdales, Tory Burch, Nordstrom, Shopbop & Amazon

Check the latest reviews and see all color options here



Best Dress Loafers for Work: Salvatore Ferragamo

Known as the gold standard for the best loafers, Salvatore Ferragamo has outdone even this lofty reputation with its latest model. 

These loafers feature reversible gancio hardware that can roll between gold and silver for a customized, sophisticated, and priceless look. 

Featuring premium Italian leather everywhere from the lining to the fabric to the outsole, Ferragamo spares no expense (and neither will you!) creating the Rolls-Royce of women's loafers! 

Salvatore Ferragamo Rolo Loafer

Sold on Zappos, Net a Porter, Nordstrom & Farfetch

Check the latest reviews and see all color options here



Best Black and White Loafer: Kate Spade

When most women's loafers are either monochromatic or block-colored, something like these patterned loafers from Kate Spade are guaranteed to turn heads. 

Featuring the legendary houndstooth pattern overlaid on upper's leather fabric, Kate Spade offers the rare opportunity to get both a spunky pattern and a high-quality designer loafer! 

Kate Spade New York Rowan

Sold on Zappos, Kate Spade, Nordstrom, Macy's & Amazon

Check the latest reviews and see all color options here



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