The Best Clear Purses (So You Can Actually Find Your Stuff)



Clear Purse

Nowadays it seems like everyone you know shares everything about themselves online. 

Engagements, skincare selfies… why not what’s in your handbag?

The clear purse accessory trend is one that took us a while to get on board with (our totes tend to resemble bottemless pits in all honesty) but we’re fully on board with the PVC trend now! Pare down your things to just the essentials, grab a cute clear bag and you’re all set! 

Here are the best clear purses so you can find your stuff and look stylish on the street.


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Best Clear Purses

Another reason to pick up a clear purse?

Concerts and stadiums are increasingly tightening their security measures. Most football games now require that your bag be completely clear.

  • Clear Tote Bags up to 12″ x 6″ x 12″
  • Clear Purse up to 4.5″ x 6.5″
  • Clear Ziploc Bag up to 1 Gallon

But don’t ruin your outfit with a gallon freezer bag. Instead, pick up one of these chic stadium bags to carry your essentials.

Below are our favorite clear bags that are all available on Amazon and under $35!




Clear Stadium Bag

This PVC clear tote bag is heavy duty enough to carry all your things.

Whether you need it for work, a football game or a golf tournament, the clear tote can fit everything you need for the afternoon – wallet, keys, makeup, snacks, a hat, water bottle, cell phone – even a small umbrella!

The tote has a zippered closure so nothing will spill out if you drop the bag down and the black shoulder straps are thick and sturdy.

Best of all, at 12″ wide and 12″ high, this clear tote meets even the most strict security regulations and is under $10

Clear Bag for Game Days

Available on Amazon

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Clear Plastic Purse

Want a clear purse that will actually look cute and match your outfit? 

This Chanel-esque plastic handbag is perfect. It comes in 4 different colors and has the classic shape of a clear designer bag… without the price tag. The turn lock closure was surprisingly secure and the PVC is nicely thick and durable, so you don’t feel like the bag will fall apart after one wear.

It should hold your phone, keys, a lipstick and small wallet. There’s even a thoughtful external pocket where you can stash tickets!

At under $40, we think the price is extremely reasonable for the quality. We tried other cheaper plastic purses but some came crushed, others were flimsy and some smelled of weird stiff chemicals. This bag was hands down the best – sturdy, well made and packaged nicely to keep its shape.

If you’re looking for a stylish stadium bag, this one is it! 

Clear Plastic Handbag

Available on Amazon

Check the latest reviews & color options here







Clear Gameday Purse

This clear vinyl bag is strong and heavy duty.

The thick plastic is waterproof, so everything inside stays dry, and the bottom stitches are double reinforced, so you can stuff all you want and not worry about the bag breaking down. You can pop in an ipad, sunscreen, water bottles, keys – really everything you need – and the tote zippers shut.

Even fully stuffed, we found the bag very practical to carry for long periods of time, as the shoulder straps are long enough that it’s comfortable. There’s an outside pocket that you could even use to personalize with your favorite team or company logo!

Grab this clear stadium bag if you’re a die hard football fan and will be headed to lots of NFL stadiums this season.

Clear Stadium Purse

Available on Amazon

Check the latest reviews & color options here



Clear Handbag for Work

Want to be hands free and are happy to carry just the essentials?

This clear crossbody bag is cute and colorful, with 7 different color options. It’s about medium size and can fit glasses, maybe a small makeup bag, card wallet, keys and phone. (Stick with the tote option if you want to bring larger items).

There’s a front pocket with a flap that you can store tickets or use as a quick access for keys. While this PVC bag felt slightly flimsier than others we’ve tried, it’s also significantly cheaper.

If you don’t think you need a plastic bag for long term use, then grab this inexpensive option – it still holds a ton and looks cute!

Clear Work Handbag

Available on Amazon

Check the latest reviews & color options here







Clear Tote Bag

For the practical packers and families with kids, you’ll no doubt want a giant tote to store everything you could possibly need for the day.

Well, then this clear tote is you! 

The zippered top keeps everything secure while the roomy size (13″ x 15″) can store everything from jackets to wipes to lunch! The bottom is thick enough to support your stuff and there’s a slim open pocket on the outside for any small knick knacks. 

The best part is you can dump anything in here and because it’s clear, you’ll be able to find it easily!

Clear Plastic Tote

Available on Amazon

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Clear Makeup Bag

Looking for a clear 5″ x 7″ toiletry bag?

This one is perfect!

With reinforced seams, a handy handle and roomy interior, it’s perfect for travel. Whether you want it for liquids, electronic cords, accessories or makeup this is the perfect clear case to breeze through TSA in style!

Clear Toiletry Bag

Available on Amazon

Check the latest reviews & color options here







Clear Cosmetic Bags

We’ve mentioned before how we swear by packing cubes to keep our travel clothes organized. 

This set of 3 clear pouches is basically the same thing, but for toiletries

It’s much sturdier than a ziploc bag and surprisingly has tons of room, so you can stuff it with your entire 10 step skincare regimen easily. Well made, strong zippers and 9 fun colors to choose from make these a bargain buy.

Clear Clutch Pouch

Available on Amazon

Check the latest reviews & color options here



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