Is Missoma Jewellery Worth the Price? (Gold Vermeil Jewelry Review)



Missoma London

Missoma is a direct to consumer jewelry brand based in London.

I think I first saw them on Instagram – they’ve become very popular over the last couple years, and have been seen on everyone from the Royal Family to popular British bloggers.

Missoma specializes in really statement-like jewelry – all of their most famous designs are simple, but eye catching and very easy to wear.

I kept noticing them because each piece of jewelry really stood out individually in photos, but also looked nice layered and stacked. I think it’s the kind of jewelry that would elevate even a very simple outfit, like a white tank top and jeans.

So I ordered a couple items from the brand to try out… and then I liked them so much I ordered a couple more when they did a Black Friday sale.

In total, I’ve had the jewelry for about 5 months now and wanted to give a quick review!




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Demi Fine Jewelry

Missoma’s jewelry is classified as Demi-Fine.

That means it’s in-between Fine Jewelry (jewelry made from gold, platinum and silver) and Costume Jewelry (which can made from anything, even plastic).

Usually demi-fine jewelry is made from gold, but instead of being solid gold, it’s a thin layer of gold plating over a base metal (typically brass or sterling silver).

So naturally, it won’t be an heirloom jewelry piece you can pass down to your children’s children, but the more affordable price point (compared to fine jewelry) reflects that.






Meghan Markle wearing Missoma’s bracelet and ring; Kate Middleton wearing Missoma hoops and chandelier earrings


Missoma Review

Over time, the gold plating on demi fine jewelry might rub off – especially if it’s just a thin layer of gold. How long demi fine jewelry lasts depends on how it’s made, how often you wear it and how well you take care of it. 

I’ve bought tons of costume jewelry in my lifetime, and I have a couple nice fine jewelry items that were given to me from my parents and family.

But demi fine is something I never really looked into and it seems all the Instagram famous brands these days are selling demi-fine pieces.

So I was curious: just how well made is Missoma’s jewelry and how long would it last?







Missoma Jewelry

At first glance, all of Missoma’s jewelry feels really nicely made. 

The necklaces and bracelets have a solid heavy weight to them, and the designs, while simple, look nicely crafted. Even the delicate chains look fine and dainty but feel well made and sturdy.

I believe Missoma manufactures all it’s jewelry in India under fair wage conditions.







18k Gold Vermeil

In person, the color of the jewelry really stands out.

Missoma’s pieces look very vibrantly gold toned and really stand out against your skin compared to my costume jewelry necklaces, which tend to be 8k to 14k carat.

It’s only been a couple months, but so far the jewelry looks just as good as the day I received it. I do make sure to take care of all my jewelry though – I don’t spray perfume on it directly, I don’t wear it overnight and I take it off to shower.

I also store it in the felt jewelry pouch when I’m not wearing it, which helps keep out light, air, dust and prevents scratches.

Here’s a look and mini review of each piece of Missoma jewelry that I purchased:





Missoma Necklaces


Chain Necklace


I’ve been wanting a simple gold chain for a while now and Missoma’s version is just the right balance of chunky and delicate.

I like the interlocking chain design (although the company has several types of chain necklaces available) and it looks great on its own, or stacked with other necklaces.

The chain is also pretty versatile.

You can clip charms on to the necklace for a completely different look, and you can stagger where you clip the chain, for a more choker style necklace or longer loop.

Missoma Axiom Necklace

Available on Missoma

See more photos of it layered and styled here.





Good Luck Charm Necklace


For something fun, I picked up this vintage-inspired necklace.

It has a delicate chain with little orbs on it, and a dangling charm of a hand crossing its fingers for luck. The necklace is dainty but bold and I like it stacked with something chunkier like the chain necklace.

The charm is also available as a clip on pendant, if you wanted to attach it directly to a chain necklace! I like how Missoma makes a lot of items in slightly different variations.

Missoma Good Luck Charm Necklace

Available on Missoma

See more photos of it layered and styled here.





Snake Chain Necklace


The key to stacking jewelry is mixing lighter, simpler necklaces with more bolder, statement pieces.

For something simple and delicate, I picked up this ‘snake’ necklace design. It’s essentially a four sided box chain design. It feels kind of slinky on, hence the snake name I guess!

I loved the design but ultimately didn’t keep this one as it was just a little too simple for my taste – but it’s very cute.

It also comes in a matching bracelet version!

Missoma Snake Necklace

Available on Missoma

See more photos of it layered and styled here.





Cameo Necklace


I bought the snake chain in a set, and it came with this carved cameo pendant.

It’s a bit different than your traditional carved Roman cameo since it’s made entirely from gold vermeil plated on sterling silver. The Roman face is a little difficult to see (especially from far away) but it has a nice bit of texture to it.

I really liked the thin gold vermeil chain. Its quite delicate looking and sparkles nicely as it catch the light.

If you like shorter delicate necklaces, this one is perfect!

Missoma Cameo Necklace

Available on Missoma

See more photos of it layered and styled here.





Missoma Earrings


Wishbone Earrings


I wanted to try out a pair of Missoma’s earrings, and these wishbone huggies immediately spoke to me. They’re double loops of pave diamonds and although they’re quite small, the stones catch the line and really sparkle behind your hair.

In general, I’m a big fan of huggies. I prefer stud earrings and these give the look of tiny hoops without actually being hoops.

Missoma Wishbone Earrings

Available on Missoma

See more photos of it layered and styled here.





Missoma Bracelets


Chain Bracelet


I liked the chain necklace and wore it so much…that a couple months later I bought the matching chain bracelet as well.

This is essentially the exact same chain as the necklace, just sized smaller to fit a wrist.

You can wear it on its own, clip on a pendant, or clip it onto the necklace for a much longer style of chain. I like how vibrantly gold the bracelet is and how the simple piece makes any outfit look a bit cooler. 

Missoma Axiom Bracelet

Available on Missoma

See more photos of it layered and styled here.





Missoma Pendants


Padlock Pendant


For something a little bolder, I picked up this padlock pendant.

It’s like a fun modern take on the classic locket. It’s very statement like, but pairs really nicely with any of Missoma’s chain necklaces. 

And of course, as a clip on pendant, you can attach it to any necklace you already have, or even a bracelet!

Missoma Padlock Pendant

Available on Missoma

See more photos of it layered and styled here.





Opalite Pendant


My favorite pendant though, is this little sphere.

It’s a small gold globe with a thin string of opals down the center. I like that it’s a sphere so it doesn’t lay completely flat. As you move, sometimes you’ll just see the gold ball and other times, the opals will catch the light and sparkle a bit.

I also think it looks very cute dangling on a bracelet!

Missoma Opalite Pendant

Available on Missoma

See more photos of it layered and styled here.







How Long Does It Take Missoma to Ship


Delivery to the US

Finally – shipping was pretty quick.

They offer free shipping from the UK (I’m in NYC) which I was pretty impressed by. The first order took place in late summer, and took maybe 7-10 days.

I placed another order on Black Friday, during the sale, and by then the shipping was significantly faster – maybe 5 days?







Missoma at Nordstorm

I recently realized Nordstrom carries Missoma! 

They have a selection of the brand’s most popular styles on their website here. It’s not the full Missoma jewelery line up, but it is nice to be able to order through a US retailer for a faster and easier checkout process.


Missoma Packaging

Each piece of jewelry comes with its own blue box and blue felt dust bag, to store the items when you’re not wearing them. Missoma also includes a small polishing cloth if you need one.





Missoma Collection

P.S. I filmed a complete Missoma review video on Youtube here, which includes an unboxing of how everything came packaged. 







My Only Critique…

The only thing to note is if you order one of the jewelry bundles.

Missoma offers a couple sets, where they bundle together some of the most popular necklaces and necklace / bracelet sets. You get a discount if you order one of these stacks, which is really nice!

But, both items will come in one felt bag and one box, not two. 







For example, I ordered the Axiom necklace and bracelet set as well as the snake and cameo necklace set.

Since the Axioms are both the same type of chain, it’s not a big deal to store them together.

But, I kind of wanted to store the snake necklace and cameo separately, as they’re different chain types and get a bit tangled when thrown together.

Overall, it’s not a big deal, especially since you get a discount for ordering the bundle versus ordering each item separately. I think I saved roughly $40-50 by ordering both items together.








Finally, Missoma has a great return policy.

They offer free 30 day return shipping, even for returns from the US back to the United Kingdom. I wasn’t expecting that considering it’s an international return!

Make sure to read the website’s return policy and terms & conditions before you place your own order, just in case anything has changed with Brexit.







How Often Does Missoma Have Sales?

Missoma seems to offer one mega sale a year around Black Friday, when they offer 25% off on the entire website.

Occasionally, you can snag a discount on Missoma via a blogger promo code. The discount is usually 20%, which is pretty good, but only on the blogger’s curated list of items.

Finally, it seems like at the end of the year, around January, Missoma will discount some of their older jewelry styles.

The 2021 sale is currently going on – you can check it out here.





Missoma Promo Code

Overall, I’m really happy with the quality and design of Missoma’s jewelry! You can browse their website here.


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