Bear Mattress Review: Is a BearHybrid Right for You?

Thank you to Bear Mattress for providing a BearHybrid mattress for our review. 

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A Bed in a Box?

The last time I bought a mattress was 7 years ago.

I remember walking into a mattress store, hopping onto one bed or another, and feeling pretty overwhelmed with all the selection. Mattress shopping is a bit like jean shopping – you know you want the perfect fit but it’s a bit of a pain to find!

What makes it more complicated is that mattresses all seem, well, the same.





On the outside, they all look like white rectangular squares. On the inside… well, you’re certainly not going to slice up your mattress to examine the interior cushion components, right?

Seven years ago, I did my best to compare specs and ended up buying a mattress online. Not only was the price better than in-store, I didn’t have to deal with insanely pushy salesmen!

So I suppose I’ve always been perfectly comfortable with buying something as personal as a mattress without necessarily trying it out. When we decided to purchase another mattress, I went straight online to check out the “bed in the box” mattresses that are all the rage nowadays.





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Bear Mattress

Bear Mattress was one that caught my eye. 

The brand markets their mattresses towards people who lead an active lifestyle, as their mattresses are made with a quilted Celliant fiber top and layers of cushy foam to cradle your body.


The Bear Hybrid

What I liked in particular was that Bear offers a Hybrid mattress!

If you’re not sure about a pure memory foam mattress, their luxurious BearHybrid combines foam with individually encased coils to support your spine as you sleep.

You can buy online easily and try it out in the comfort of your own home before committing. Bear offers a 100 night money back guarantee, which is much, much better than just that 5 minute plop and flop dance you do in stores.





bear mattress for active lifestyle


Bear Mattress Review

When the mattress arrived, it arrived tightly contained in a huge box.

We sprung for the King, and boy was this heavy to get up the stairs! Once we got it out of the box, it looked a little small compared to our bed frame. But, once you cut open the vacuum packed seal, it expands magically fast.

In less than 5 minutes the mattress had filled out and was ready to sleep on (but the company recommends letting it expand and adjust for a full 24 hours).





bear vs allswell foam mattress


Here’s what everything looked like once it was all set up! I would say the firmness is about mid way between soft and firm (say, a 5-6 out of a 10) and I really liked the plush pillow top.


The BearHybrid is great for:

  • back sleepers and side sleepers
  • those who like memory foam
  • active individuals
  • those who want a comfy, plush feel

If you’re a stomach sleeper, like the firmness of a coil mattress or frequently sit on the edge of your mattress, this may not be the product for you.





Bear Mattress is currently having a major Labor day sale, where you can get up to $200 off your purchase here.


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