Where to Eat in Tokyo: “Udon” Want to Skip These!



It's been four years since I last visited Tokyo but I can still remember every bowl of ramen, every juicy cutlet of katsu and every delicious pastry I ate in Japan. Mhmm!

My usual travel style is to focus on the sights and the main tourist spots and food is generally third or fourth on my list of “must do's” – I leave that to whoever I travel with to plan ha. I previously covered all the great food places I ate at in my Japan series here, BUT I thought it was time to ask a tried and true local for the real lowdown on Tokyo's eating scene.

My cousin had a two year expat stint in Tokyo and is a serious foodie. Here is his guide for where to eat in Tokyo, Japan for classic Japanese foods like ramen, izakaya, yakitori and katus! If you love roasting your own meat, we've also included yakiniku places. We narrowed down the complete list of places to eat in Tokyo and chose the best 12 restaurants.


The Foodie's Guide for

Where to Eat in Tokyo




1 | Jangara Ramen | District: Omotesando | this is where you need to eat in Tokyo for classic pork bone broth ramen

2 | Afuri | District: Roppongi | this is a chain of Japanese ramen shops but the tsukemen dipping ramen is one of my favorites

3 | Gogyo | District: Nishiazabu | the burnt miso ramen here is really unique

4 | Ichiran | District: Roppongi or Omotesando | a little spicy, but popular enough that they opened an outlet in Hong Kong



Izakaya / Yakitori

5 | Hachibei | District: Roppongi | must tries: edamame skewer, grilled avocado, yaki onigiri grilled rice ball, tsukune chicken meatball

6 | Jomon | District: Roppongi




7 | Misuji | District: Akasaka | the most reasonably priced of the list

8 | Yoroniku highest priced, but ridiculously good

9 | Xex Omaemore teppanyaki but also good

10 | Jumbo Yakiniku | District: Shirokane | also delicious and reasonably priced





11 | Kintame | Address: Koto-ku, Tomioka 1-14-3 | a very traditional pickle place

12 | Tonki | District: Meguro | my favorite place to get fried pork katsu. Get the ‘rosu' cut, which is fattier than the lean ‘hire' cut


*Izakayas are informal Japanese gastropubs for after-work drinking.

**Yakitori are japanese skewers

***Yakiniku is Japanese grilled meat


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LavinaApril 24, 2017 - 9:39 am

Love the images! And I’m cracking up at the play of words here :)
I hope I get to Japan soon!

SherApril 25, 2017 - 11:53 am

Haha thanks Lavina!

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