The 6 Best Bikini Brands to Rock this Summer! (2021)


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The Best Bikini Brands (2021)

Let's take a “deep dive” into the world of bikini brands, shall we? 

See what I did there? 

Okay, I'll stop. 

All terrible puns aside, navigating the vast ocean of swimsuits can be daunting for even the most fashion-forward lady out there. 

Wouldn't things be simpler if you could hone in on your favorite swimsuit brands, rather than evaluating your swimwear wardrobe bikini by bikini

You know, find a swim label that has a price point and style that you like, and then go HAM on everything they have? 

It's not like most swimsuits have the brand printed all over them, so other people won't even know that you're wearing everything from the same designer! 

If this idea sounds appealing to you, keep reading for our 6 favorite bikini brands we discovered for this summer! 



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The Best Bikini Brands (2021)

Need help navigating the murky swimsuit waters? Don't worry, so did we! Check out our favorite bikini brands and more in our 2021 swimwear deep dive!


Top Bikini Brands





The Best Bikini Brands 2021


Best Classic Bikini Brand: L*Space

Finding brands that specialize in swim and resort wear is more difficult than it sounds…

…which is exactly why L*Space has always been one of my go-to brands every time I need to add a new bikini to my swimwear collection!

Offering simple and classic bikinis with just enough modern flair to stay current, L*Space is definitely one of the more solid – and reasonably priced – bikini brands out there today! 


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Best Barely There Bikini Brand: Vitamin A

We've written about barely there bikinis before, the latest swimwear trend capturing the summer fashion world – and plenty of Vitamin D rays – by storm! 

Vitamin A is one of my favorite barely there bikini brands to help minimize tan lines and maximize turned heads! 

Vitamin A

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Most Flattering Bikini Brand for All Ages: Helen Jon

It's pretty hard to find the Goldilocks of bikini brands right? 

Veer too far in one direction, and it seems like you're trying to look 18 all over again. Veer to far in the other direction, and well-intentioned people are asking you how many kids you have! 

Helen Jon strikes that perfect middle ground with a bikini lineup that is perfect for people of all ages! 

Helen Jon

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Most Comfortable Bikini Brand: BECCA by Rebecca Virtue

Because bikinis cover so little, whether or not they're actually, you know, comfortable is often criminally overlooked, in my opinion. 

Most bikinis from BECCA by Rebecca Virtue feature a unique nylon-spandex fabric and stretchable elastic waist that provide all day comfort for all day fun in the sun! 

BECCA by Rebecca Virtue

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