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Everlane Denim

We’re just over a week in. How is everyone’s social distancing going?

I was pretty freaked out for the first couple days, but have been feeling a little bit better this weekend as things have settled. I still watch the news… but turned off alerts and try to just check it once a day, at the end of the day. 

The one thing we’re all unsure about is just how long this ‘work from home’ and recession will last. So given all the future uncertainty, shopping is probably not what I should be doing – unless it’s for groceries.

But I guess retailers are feeling the pinch too because I’ve gotten emails from every brand I’ve ever shopped with about how they’re handling Covid-19. One email in particular caught my eye…





Everlane announced a one week sale on their hit denim.

All their best selling styles are just $50 until end of today! So if you need some retail therapy, today’s post is a review of my favorite Everlane jeans.


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Everlane Jeans Review

Good denim is notoriously hard to find.

Everlane differentiates its jeans with transparent pricing and more responsible factories. Their signature denim is thick and substantial, but has enough stretch to mold to your body over time. But how’s the fit?

I tried a number of Everlane’s most popular jeans – here is a review of every style I’ve tried. 


Everlane Super Straight Jean Review


Wearing Washed Black, Ankle

If you’ve been looking for the perfect pair of ‘mom jeans’, these are it.

Everlane’s super straight jean feature a high rise waist and extra straight leg. The denim is thick and soft, with a 98% cotton 2% elastane blend. They don’t really stretch but I like the stiffer denim look and feel.

In terms of shape, this is the only pair of straight leg jeans that I’ve tried (and I’ve tried many) that look flattering! Personally I like these a lot more than the 90s style jean or the Everlane cheeky. They’re much more flattering on the leg while still remaining tight and fitted in the waist and bum. 

I recommend taking your normal size.

Shop Super Straight Jean (4 colors, 2 lengths)


Everlane 90’s Cheeky Straight Jean


Wearing Washed Black, Regular

The 90s Cheeky Straight came back in stock so I decided to try them out.

I’ve given the Cheeky Jean a shot a while ago and they didn’t suit me – I think that style is better for curvier figures. Side note: why are all the Everlane style names so similar?!

So when I saw these on the website, I was’t sure if they’d be a miss.. or if they’d be similar to the high rise straight. It turns out… they’re SO similar to the super straight jean that when I first tried them on, I had to double check to make sure I didn’t order the wrong item!

These fit like a glove. They’re slightly more fitted in the hips, waist and crotch and fall to a slim, straight leg. While they feel a little tighter on (aka slightly crotchy) I like the fit of these even better than the straight jean!

Shop 90s Cheeky Straight Jean (5 colors, 2 lengths)





Everlane Wide Leg Modern Flare Jean


in Light Blue Wash

Anyone who knows me knows I’m usually wearing skinny jeans.

So in an effort to try something I new, I picked up these Everlane flares and was pleasantly surprised! They’re a more modern twist on the iconic 70s jean, with a high 11″ rise and subtle flare leg. 

I love the light blue color and the soft denim has just a hint of stretch, making them very comfortable to wear. They have a pretty high waist and I ended up buying the exact look off the model haha – the t shirt body suit is also fab.

I do wish these were an inch or two longer. I’d pick up your regular size for a glove like fit, or go one size up for breathing room.

Shop Modern Flare Jean (3 colors)


Everlane Wide Leg Jean


in Medium Indigo, Regular

I loved Everlane’s wide leg crop pant so when the jean version came out, I figured I’d give them a try.

Both the rise and leg are a bit exaggerated compared to the pants – higher waist, wider leg. Because of that, I wasn’t initially sure how to style them.. 

But overall the quality of Everlane’s wide leg jeans is fantastic – rigid but soft denim, with a thick weight and a hint of stretch. I opted for the regular length, but they also come in an ankle version. 

Shop Wide Leg Jean (2 colors, 2 lengths)





Everlane Straight Leg Crop



in Bone, regular length, size 2

I love these white jeans. They denim is thick but soft and stretchy so they’re comfortable enough to wear for long periods of time – even sitting down all day in an office or traveling on planes.

They’re also not see through (as long as you wear nude underwear with white clothing). It’s a huge pet peeve of mine when you can see pocket linings or anything else with thin white pants!

I also think the Straight Leg jeans would be flattering on any body type, because the denim is so forgiving and stretchy. Finally I like the crop length, although you could choose the Tall if you want a full length pair.

These are my go-to pants in the summer and I’ve had them for a couple years now – they hold up great!

Shop Straight Leg Jeans (8 colors, 3 lengths)


Everlane Lightweight Straight Leg Crop



in Light Khaki, size 0 (fits loose, size down)

These khaki crop pants have really grown on me!

They’re essentially the same cut as the Bone jeans I mentioned above, but because of the different fabric, they feel completely different.

These pants are made from a thin, breathable khaki so they’re very summer appropriate. Even though I sized down, they still feel very loose on the waistband so this is a more relaxed style.

I used to think khakis were for moms and dads but I’m kind of liking these crop pants with loafers and muscle t shirts!

Shop Lightweight Straight Leg Jeans (6 colors)





Everlane Jeans


Are Everlane jeans good?

All of their denim styles are on the affordable side, at around ~$80, but made from premium Japanese denim.

So for the price, I think Everlane jeans are a great buy!


Are Everlane jeans comfortable?

Everlane denim tends to be thick and stiff. 

I’d say the comfort factor is similar to jeans from stores like Zara or Mango, but the fabric is higher quality. It’s on par with the fit and feel of vintage Levis or Madewell jeans. 

Personally I actually like stiffer, thicker denim and all of my jeans are from high street stores, because I think they’re more flattering on the body.

Thicker denim won’t show every crease, lump or bulge and tends to hold their shape better over time.

But, if you like designer denim, that tends to be thinner and softer, you might not like these. The tradeoff with thick denim is that while is might look better on, it never feels quite as comfortable to wear!


How much do Everlane jeans stretch?

I find that the waist and butt area of Everlane jeans tends to stay nice and tight.

The legs do bag out a bit with repeated wear, but anytime I feel like they’ve stretched out I give them a wash. I air dry jeans and find that the shape goes back to normal.


Do Everlane pants run small?

Everlane pants seem to vary a lot in terms of fit and sizing, and the jeans are no exception. I’ve found that even the same style will have variations in fit and sizing, depending on the wash.

The nice thing is there are tons of reviews on each product page from other people who list their height and measurements, so that helps with ordering!





Best of Everlane





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