The Best Pilates Classes in NYC



Pilates Studios in New York City

I’ve been on a pilates kick for the last couple years. It’s completely transformed my core while still being a fun, relatively relaxing workout.

I mostly try out different studios via Classpass.

The membership is a little pricey, but still much cheaper than booking classes at studios directly.

And, I like that it allows me to try all different studios around the city so I never get bored  










All my workout gear lately is from Nike.

Everything is super soft and comfy, while still being supportive and I love that they offer leggings in two inseams (regular and petite) and different rises (high waisted and mid rise).  

My favorite pair of leggings that I reach for every pilates workout are these. I have them in multiple colors – they’re super soft, gently supportive but not overly compressive.

And Nike always has a great range of sports bras! I have this ribbed one, this matching one and this lightly padded one.

And I just picked up this super cozy fleece now that it’s getting colder in the city.

And finally, workout shoes. Yes I’m head-to-toe in Nike these days, ha.

I’ve tried running shoes from all different brands but I always come back to Nike. They seem to fit my feet the best and never give me any blisters.

These running shoes nail the retro-but-futuristic vibe perfectly. And the chunky sole nails the balance between supportive but not overly dad-like.





Pilates Studios in New York City

Here are some of my favorite pilates studios in New York City!



One of the hardest, SLT has custom reformers and the workout is always super challenging. I also can’t understand the instructor half the time, lol.

But, my abs are burning the next day so worth it!





NoFar Method

What makes Nofar unique is they have both reformer and cadillac machines. Half the class is spent on each. Depending on the instructor and the day, I find that Nofar ranges from fairly easy to challenging. 

But it’s always a great workout and really nice to stretch.





SLT Tread

I like SLT Tread even more than the regular SLT classes, because it combines running with pilates. Half the class is spent on the reformers and the other half on the treadmill.

If you run regularly, you might not like this combo class, but as someone without regular access to the treadmill, I like it! Usually the running portion is sprints, which I’m also a big fan of.

There’s currently only one studio that offers SLT tread – the Madison Avenue location.

Also highly recommend these Nike running shoes – they’re so comfortable and have that retro look.





Club Pilates

Club Pilates is a contemporary studio. A good portion of the class is dedicated to traditional pilates moves on the reformer, but a portion also includes TRX style exercises! 


Natural Pilates

A great classic pilates class, Natural Pilates has a focus on the reformer. They have really affordable classes and they’re always a great workout.


Pilates on Ludlow

Pilates on Ludlow is more of a gentle pilates workout that’s great for beginners. The studio is small but clean and airy.





Body Evolutions

Another gentle pilates workout that’s good for beginners. I find they really emphasize proper form here, so it’s a great one to take if you primarily want to stretch and ensure good technique.

Body Evolutions has both traditional reformer classes and tower classes


Pilates Habitat

A bare bones studio that has both reformers and cadillacs. Pilates Habitat is a good studio if you’re a beginner, because they really focus on proper form and body alignment.





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