Lilysilk Review: Testing the Brand’s Cashmere + Silk!


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These days, I kind of wear the same clothes on repeat.

Some might call that boring, ha, but I know what I like and what styles flatter my body type so I just buy variations of the same thing.

And at least this way I get solid cost per wear out of anything I buy and it’s also much easier to get dressed with a ‘uniform’. And I’ll just add or change my accessories (mostly jewelry) to prevent outfits from feeling stale.

The one thing I’m hyper fixated on is fabrics.

I find that when you wash and re-wear the same things over and over, good quality fabric is a must. I look for clothes made from natural fabrics (wool, cashmere, silk, cotton) and simple, classic designs. 

So when I heard about the brand Lilysilk, and their focus on silk and cashmere clothing, I was intrigued!





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Lilysilk Review

Lilysilk’s main focus is silk clothing, but they’ve expanded over time to also create silk accessories, silk bedding and cashmere.

All of their silk comes from Mulberry silk while their cashmere is Mongolian cashmere – both the most premium materials in their respective categories.

I ordered two tops to try out, and was impressed with their quick shipping and nice packaging!

What really surprised me though is their focus on sustainable production methods.








Lilysilk exclusively sources their silk from Mulberry trees, which require less water to grow and maintain compared to cotton.

The trees are free from pesticides and the brand offers un-dyed natural silk, free from colorants, so it won’t irritate those with sensitive skin.

The brand aims to produce only as many items as they sell, with dead stock then repurposed to create small accessories like silk eye masks and scrunchies. 





You can even customize your order – tailoring skirts to the length you need or adding embroidery.

So if you’re petite or tall, you can order pants and skirts in your preferred length!

Sometimes I’m skeptical about buying overseas products but in this case, it also means the ability to fulfill orders on demand and add tailoring, which is pretty neat.





Shipping and Delivery

When my order arrived, both tops were really nicely packaged.

I’ve ordered expensive jewelry in the past that came thrown haphazardly together in a cardboard box, so price point isn’t always the best determination of a company’s commitment to quality and detail.

In Lilysilk’s case, I was really impressed.

The tops came neatly folded in origami style envelopes that were entirely made from recycled materials to prevent creating new waste. Overall, I thought Lilysilk had a very conscientious approach to fashion.





Lilysilk Silk Tops

Wearing size s in Dark Grey



I wear a lot of basic cashmere tops all year round. 

So when I saw this short sleeve silk top, I knew it’d be up my alley.

It’s made from 100% grade 6a mulberry silk and is super light and soft. I liked the simple shape and vertical ribbing, which adds just a bit of extra detail and interest.

It has short sleeves, a very slinky but breathable fit, and round neck.

You can easily wear it to work with some trousers and a pointy heel, or on the weekend with jeans and sneakers. It’s simple and timeless enough to make a great base layer regardless of the rest of your outfit!

I also really liked the dark grey color – kind of an in between grey and purple.

Short Sleeve Silk Tee

Sold on Lilysilk





Lilysilk Cashmere

Wearing size s in Camel


I pretty much only wear wool and cashmere in the winter.

It’s so much warmer than any other fabric and I tend to run cold, so I need all the warmth I can get!

This simple crewneck caught my eye. It has a very simple, timeless design with a round neck, relaxed fit and ribbing on the hem and cuffs.

I chose the camel color, even though I usually don’t wear brown, and it feels just as soft as it looked on the website! The fabric is made entirely from super soft baby cashmere and it’s a gorgeous light but cozy material.

You could also wear this to work, dress it up with a silk skirt or throw it around your shoulders over a white tank for the spring.

Super versatile!

Baby Cashmere Crewneck Sweater

Sold on Lilysilk





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