Review: Is All Well with the Allswell Memory Foam Mattress?


Allswell Mattress Review


I see ads plastered around the subway weekly at this point, advertising ‘bed in a boxes’. So what made me consider Allswell?

Allswell is a design centric home brand, offering not only 2 different types of memory foam mattresses, but an array of stylish bedding as well. They’ve mastered the ‘bedroom aesthetic’ by inviting home designers to curate entire bedroom solutions (sheets, pillows, shams, accessories) that are Instagram ready from the get go.

It’s a nice all-in-one solution, especially if you’re moving to a new place and don’t want to wait months to settle in!



Allswell Luxe Classic vs. Allswell Luxe Firmer

Allswell currently offers 2 mattresses:


Both are 12 inches tall and come with a built-in topper made from quilted performance memory foam.

They’re heavenly soft to sink in to, without being so soft that you feel like you’re smothered or stuck, and are made from natural ingredients without chemical deodorizers, mercury, lead or formaldehyde. Allswell builds its mattresses to feel cool to the touch.

The firmer option, as the name suggests, offers a more medium-firm feel thanks to coils underneath the memory foam. Allswell generously offered us the Allswell Classic to try out.




Allswell on Sale

The best part about Allswell, when compared to competitor bed-in-the-box companies, is how attractive the price point is. Their Classic mattress starts at just $495 and comes with free shipping!

We went with a King (which Allswell calls a ‘supreme queen’) which retails for $1,035. The brand frequently has promotions and sales, so for example right now the Allswell King is just $745. That’s an insanely good deal!

But what’s the catch?




I can’t seem to find one.

Allswell was launched by Walmart in February 2018, so the heavyweight retailer likely helps them offer more, for less.

Each mattress comes with a 100 night free trial period – and even better- a 10 year warranty. Allswell also offers white glove delivery for $99 as well as optional removal of your existing mattress. If you do ask Allswell to remove your mattress, note that you waive your right to the free trial.

I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing. Mattress removal is no joke and in New York, you can’t just dump your mattress on the sidewalk. If a company can take yours away, then I would opt for that over the expense and hassle of doing it myself.




Our Mattress

We didn’t spring for white glove delivery, but maybe we should have! The compact delivery box weighed a ton and between the two of us, we couldn’t even lift it. In the end, we pushed, pulled and flipped it to haul the package up the stairs, ha.

It definitely helps to have 2 people to help set up.

After opening the box and unrolling the vacuum packed mattress on our bed frame, we found one last nice design surprise in the box. Allswell packs each delivery with a handy pouch containing a thank you card, some instructions, a pretty eye mask and a letter opener.

With the envelope-style letter opener, you don’t have to worry about accidentally slicing the mattress as you would with scissors. Once the plastic was cut open, it immediately started inflating.

I did notice a noticeable smell with the Allswell mattress, so I would recommend well ventilating the room. I believe the gas-like smell is due to the way the foam is made and how long it’s left in the package.

After a couple days, we didn’t notice the smell any longer.




Overall, the mattress was quite comfortable to sleep on, especially if you’re a back or side sleeper.

With the roomy nature of the Supreme Queen size, neither of us felt the other fidget or shift at all. In fact, we didn’t even notice when someone got out of bed!

Ultimately, Allswell is a fantastic bed in the box option if you want a luxe mattress at an affordable price. You can also take advantage of their curated Bedscapes for a stylishly designed bedroom, without the need for an interior designer!


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