Dress Down This Summer with the 9 Best T-Shirt Dresses! (2021)



The Best T Shirt Dresses (2021)

As current fashion trends continue centering around a theme of “as casual as humanly possible while still looking chic,” the popularity of the T shirt dress has accordingly exploded. 

This is about the happiest any fashion trend has made me in SUCH a long time!! 

First of all, I hate wearing pants

Like, without going into too much detail, I wear pants about as infrequently as is humanly (or legally) possible. 

With that being said, sometimes even wearing a full-fledged summer dress is more work than I want (or need, frankly, for casual outings) to put into my spring and summer outfits. 

Mercifully, the T shirt dress evokes the effortlessly casual vibe of jeans and a t-shirt without, you guessed it, the hassle of pants!

I’m truly obsessed with the T-shirt dress wave, so I may have gone overboard with this post. 

Either way, keep reading for my 9 favorite T shirt dresses for this spring and summer!





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The Best T-Shirt Dress Styles (2021)

Who doesn’t want to dress down when they’re dressing up?

From white to black, to oversized and tie dye – here are our favorite T shirt dresses to rock that casual vibe all summer long!


Top T-Shirt Dress Brands







The Best T-Shirt Dresses


Best Oversized T Shirt Dress: Hanes


Although labeled as nightshirt, don’t be led astray by our first T shirt dress option from Hanes

Made entirely with super soft cotton, this especially oversized T shirt dress works equally well whether you’re going to bed or casually meeting a friend on a chill Sunday afternoon, for example! 

Hanes Wear Around Nightshirt

Sold on Hanes, Walmart, and Amazon

Check the latest reviews and see all color options here





Best Cotton T Shirt Dress: Everlane



At the risk of exposing too much New York bias, this cotton T shirt dress from Everlane is the perfect option for chill Brooklyn hipster vibes.

Inspired by vintage (see, I told you!) t-shirts, this cotton Everlane T-shirt dress includes a relaxed fit, set-in sleeves,  and a convenient front chest pocket. 

Everlane The Weekend Tee Dress

Sold on Everlane

Check the latest reviews and see all color options here





Best Black T Shirt Dress: Toad&Co


I’ve written a feature on Toad&Co in which I highlight how much I love this brand’s mission to create clothing that transitions seamlessly form the pristine outdoors to the bustling social scene. 

This black T shirt dress from Toad&Co perfectly achieves that brand vision thanks to its comfortable cotton fabric, moisture-wicking treatment, and inclusion of at least 20% recycled content during manufacturing!

Toad&Co Windmere II Short Sleeve Dress

Sold on Zappos, Walmart, Backcountry, and Amazon

Check the latest reviews and see all color options here





Best T Shirt Dress with Pockets: Arc’teryx


If you’re surprised to see Canadian outfitters Arc’teryx making T shirt dresses, I was too!

The highly respected outerwear brand has ventured into urban wear over the past few seasons, yielding us this adorable t-shirt dress with a relaxed fit, quick-drying fabric, and discreetly located zippered pockets!

Arc'teryx Contenta Shift Dress

Sold on Zappos, Arc'teryx, Backcountry, and Amazon

Check the latest reviews and see all color options here





Best Plus Size T Shirt Dress: Universal Standard


Roomy, flowing, casual, relaxed. 

It’s as if T shirt dresses were intentionally designed for the bigger beauties among us! 

My favorite plus size T shirt dress comes from Universal Standard and is highlighted by a flattering crew neckline, cute waist bow, and incredibly supple fabric made from a blend of modal and Peruvian cotton! 

Universal Standard Misa Jersey Dress

Sold on Zappos, Universal Standard, and Nordstrom

Check the latest reviews and see all color options here





Best Maxi T Shirt Dress: Michael Kors


After checking out some lovely yet casual T shirt dresses, let’s take a look at our first option that’s admittedly more dress than T-shirt. 

Coming from Michael Kors and made entirely with sleek polyester, this maxi T shirt dress also offers a short-sleeve crew neck, straight hemline, and subtle striped pattern!

Michael Kors Short Sleeve Crew Texture Dress

Sold on Zappos

Check the latest reviews and see all color options here





Best Midi T Shirt Dress: Daily Ritual


If you’re looking for a longer, spunkier option, check out this midi T shirt dress from Daily Ritual

The relaxed fit and high crewneck complement the effortless vibe of this T shirt dress, while the incredibly delicate viscose fabric (a semi-synthetic textile made from natural cellulose sources) creates a durable, comfortable feel! 

Daily Ritual Jersey T-Shirt Dress

Sold on Walmart and Amazon

Check the latest reviews and see all color options here





Best T Shirt Dress with Long Sleeves: PopYoung


Hey, if you’ve made it this far, odds are you like what you see from T shirt dresses…

…which is all the more reason to make sure you have a suitable T shirt dress when the weather gets cooler. 

The PopYoung T shirt dress is a solid cold weather option and includes a smooth rayon fabric to go along with a relaxed (but not loose!) fit!

PopYoung Long Sleeve T Shirt Dress

Sold on Amazon

Check the latest reviews and see all color options here





Best Tie Dye T Shirt Dress: Romwe


Tie dye has made one of the more unexpected fashion comebacks in recent memory, so why not kill two birds with one dress and pair this trend with the growing T shirt dress craze? 

What I love most about this tie dye T shirt dress from Romwe is its durable polyester, stretchy fabric, and relatively subdued (read: not blinding) tie dye patterning! 

Romwe Casual Tie Dye Tunic T-Shirt Dress

Sold on Amazon

Check the latest reviews and see all color options here






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