The 2020 Pinterest Playbook: The Best Pinterest Course for Bloggers

pinterest course

Pinterest Course 

Are you a creator stuck on the digital marketing hamster wheel?

Do you put so much time and effort into Photography and Video creation on platforms like Instagram and TikTok but get slow growing results?

Is your blog languishing with just a handful of visitors each day?

If you’re looking to grow your audience meaningfully and effectively without burning yourself out, you need to know about Pinterest.





Pinterest is a digital marketer’s secret weapon.


Because Pinterest takes content you have already created and puts it in front of the very audience you want to attract…if you know how to leverage the platform.

I have used Pinterest to drive hundreds of thousands of people to my website each month. They read my content, follow me on my social media profiles, opt in to my email list and shop my recommendations.





Here’s a look at my website traffic:


learn how you can also leverage Pinterest to grow your website to half a million visitors a month!




Pinterest Marketing Course 

And best of all, it’s one social media platform that won’t burn you out.

Why work so hard to create beautiful photos, painstakingly write helpful articles and pour creativity into videos that you hope people will see?

In many ways, Pinterest is the easiest social media platform to grow your audience and drive traffic to the one place you own – your website – without the need to post daily.

Now, I’m able to consistently grow my audience, scale my business and generate reliable, consistent, and DAILY passive revenue





Here’s a snapshot of my daily ad revenue:

Thanks to a steady stream of traffic, ad revenue is a source of passive income 

mediavine ad income report





This digital course is a round up of my best Pinterest secrets.

It’s a tactical blueprint that shows you how to design great Pins, decode the Pinterest algorithm, and track your performance.

These are the tried and tested methods I’ve used to grow my Pinterest account to over 5 million views per month – and they are the same methods you can use to do the same!



With the right framework, Pinterest can skyrocket your reach:


But of course, we don’t just want reach on Pinterest. We want traffic that converts and clicks through to our website.





How to Use Pinterest to Drive Website Traffic

Here are just a couple pins, showing link click throughs from Pinterest to my blog:


That’s over 3,500 clicks to my website from just a couple of pins! 


The Best Pinterest Course

In The Pinterest Playbook, I’ll teach you all the advanced strategies I use to re-purpose existing content into highly clickable pins, so you can see the same results.

Imagine the traffic and income you can generate!

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What’s in the course

You won’t find any fluff here – these are analytical strategies backed by data.

If you’re new to Pinterest, we’ll quickly run through how to get started on the platform and enable you to start on the right track from the beginning.

But the real value is for bloggers and content creators who have been grinding for a while and are tired of sifting through outdated, beginner tutorials.

We’ll show you advanced practices that make that small but critical difference between a couple views a month to hundreds or thousands per day.

Because Pinterest is one of the few platforms that isn’t dependent on follower count, the right road map can enable you to grow your website revenue from nothing to six figures or more!





The Pinterest Playlist

In this 100 page ebook, we’ll teach you:

  • The Pinterest basics, including why Pinterest is such an effective visual search engine
  • How to set up everything from a business account to a shop to Rich Pins
  • Everything we have learned about Pin design and visual formatting
  • How we decoded the Pinterest algorithm to accelerate our impressions and reach
  • How we track our performance and use Pinterest Analytics to refine our publishing strategy

If you’re willing to put in the work, let’s get started!


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