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Bogner Ski Pants

I’ve been on the hunt for flattering, functional snow pants and bibs

Surprisingly, they’re hard to find! And… they’re not cheap.

So I set out to try ski and snowboard clothes from all sorts of brands.

I tried everything from affordable brands, to popular name brands and even designer ski fashion brands, to see if I could find the perfect pair. Did a cute affordable ski pant exist? Do designer ski pants hold up to actual skiing? 

I’m doing quick reviews and first impressions of every ski pant and bib that I try. All the reviews are here if you want to search by brand.

Today’s review is of Bogner’s zula ski pants for women.


Bogner Fire + Ice Zula Ski Pants

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Bogner Fire and Ice

Bogner is a European luxury ski wear brand.

Founded in Munich in 1932, Willy Bogner Sr created a company to import skis, ski equipment and Norwegian knit wear into Germany. The company became the official outfitter of the German Olympic team in 1936.

It wasn’t until his son Willy Bogner Jr and his wife Maria took over the company though that Bogner began to expand globally.

Maria designed several styles for the brand, including a stretchy stirrup pant. At the the time, there wasn’t much flattering ski clothing for women so movie stars like Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor began rocking the stirrup pant on the slopes. 

Willy Bogner Jr meanwhile, was a successful Olympic ski racer whose true passion lay in film making and photography. He retired from skiing to focus on the cinema, and was involved in several action films.

Most famously, Bogner Jr. coordinated ski action scenes for the 1969 Bond movie ‘On Her Majesty’s Secret Service’ and four other Bond films. Then in 1986 he produced ‘Fire and Ice’, which became one of the most successful sports movies of all time. 

Today, Bogner has a main luxury clothing line as well as Fire + Ice, a sportswear line.

The namesake line focuses on sweaters, shoes and luxury clothing while Fire + Ice was created to make performance and active wear.

I picked up a couple ski pants and bibs from the Fire + Ice collection and was really curious to see how they’d fit. 





Bogner Fire and Ice Zula

Bogner is a luxury ski wear brand with everything from ski jackets to ski pants, boots and gloves. 

They run about $500 and I was really curious if they would fit better than $200 snow pants. Would these designer ski pants be just for looks, or were they high quality enough to last all day on the slopes? 

I ended up trying several ski clothes from Bogner: the Borja (reviewed here), the Ivie (reviewed here) and the Zula.

Here’s my first impressions and initial review of the Zula ski pants.





Bogner Zula Ski Pants Review




Bogner’s Zula ski pants are a sleek, modern design.

They’re fleece lined for extra insulation and have a really streamlined look. In fact, they’re made to look like regular pants, with a stretchy belt and front button closure.

I thought the belt was a really cute feature (but note it’s just for looks – it doesn’t really adjust the waistband very much). You can also remove the belt if you don’t want it.

Fit wise, I thought the Zula ski pants looked great but fit slightly tight over my base layers. They bunched slightly in the legs, so I probably should have gone up one size. 

That way, they’d also feel more comfortable over my winter thermals underneath! 







The Zula’s are available in lots of different colors

All are triple layered to be wind-resistant and waterproof up to 5,000 mm. The ski pants manage to still feel lightweight, breathable and easy to move in. 

There’s also subtle seams throughout the pants, like a curved lift in the back and knee-pad like seams on the knees. I love how the lines elongate your legs and lift the butt! 

  • waterproof rating: 5,000 mm
  • breathability rating: 2,000 g/m²/24h






Bogner’s ski pants are designed to be slim fit and sleek. They almost look like comfy leggings, with the softshell material and nylon belt.

This pair of pants doesn’t have any pockets at all – which was a little disappointing.

I always wear a ski jacket with tons of pockets and store everything up top, but it would have been nice to have a pocket in the pants! 







The Zula ski pants have a boot cut design, with legs that expand to fit over your boots. 

Whereas the Borja’s had a subtle hidden zipper, the Zula’s are a little more splashy. The back zippers are raised on the pant and edged in black to contrast against the white material.

Under the pant legs, there are guards to block out snow and wetness as well as reinforced cuffs for durability.





Overall, I could see why Bogner’s ski pants are priced at a premium. The Borja 2 women’s ski pants are really sleek and flattering, but also great quality! 

If you have the budget for designer ski pants, I’d check these out. 

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I posted a couple try-on hauls of all the ski wear brands that I’ve tried. You can check them out on my Youtube channel here.

I also did a livestream on Amazon Live chatting all about dressing for the cold. 

I talk about winter fashion essentials, ski gear and cute (but affordable) ski clothes that you can shop on Amazon!

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