The 10 Best Women’s Slippers to Slide through the Holidays!


Women's Slippers

Listen, folks.

There's a reason that animals hibernate for the winter. They're smarter than us.

With snow, torrential downpour and the dreaded, omnipresent “wintry mix” around every corner, there's literally no reason to be outside.

Just save all your sick days for December and January, curl up with a book, and cozy up with the 9 best women's slippers!



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Best Womens Slippers (2021)

When it comes to footwear, not much is more versatile than a great pair of black sneakers. Keep reading for our 6 favorite looks this season!


Best Slipper Brands

  • Most Affordable Slide Slipper: Amazon
  • Best Classic Slipper: Mahabis
  • Coziest Waterproof Slipper: UGG
  • Best Loafer Slipper: Old Friend
  • Best Microfiber Slipper: Dearfoams
  • Best Memory Foam Slippers: ULTRAIDEAS
  • Best Faux Fur House Slippers: Jessica Simpson
  • Best Slippers with Sole: Skechers
  • Best Fleece Lined Slippers: Fleece Cotton
  • Best Washable Slipper: oFoot
  • Best Indoor Outdoor Slipper: ZIZOR
  • Most Fashionable Slipper: RockDove



The Best Slippers for Women


Best Backless Slippers


Perfect for: cold walks on the beach as these flip-flop-esque women's slippers will still allow you to feel some sand in between your toes!

Available on Amazon in 6 colors


Best Moccasin Slippers


Perfect for: faking it 'til you make it at the Met Ball or some other classy event.

Come on, these candidates for the best slippers for women definitely look like a good imitation of fancier dress slippers.

Pro tip: if security gives you trouble, just say that these slippers are made out of velour, good sir, and you should scare him away easily!

Available on Amazon in 7 colors



Best Memory Foam Womens' Slippers


Perfect for: your wedding day, because there's no way these fleece-lined women's slippers could give you cold feet!

Available on Amazon in 5 colors


Comfy Faux Fur House Slipper


Firstly, yes, it's that Jessica Simpson.

Perfect for: environmentalists and animal-lovers, as these faux-fur slippers allow you to look great guilt-free!

Available on Amazon in 11 colors



Most Comfortable Women's Slipper


Perfect for: cable-knit sweaters, as the best women's slippers should always give you the opportunity to match – literally – from head to toe!

Available on in 14 colors on Amazon & Zappos


Best Indoor Slippers


Perfect for: quick trips outside, as the non-slip rubber sole will keep you dry and upright during quick trips to the bodega, drug store, or grocery store!

Available on Amazon in 4 colors



Best Memory Foam Slippers for Women


Perfect for: color-coordinating a lovely girls' night in!

Available on Amazon in 7 colors


Best Indoor and Outdoor Slippers


Perfect for: glamping, as these rubber-soled slipper with ankle-supports can both look stylish and handle the rugged outdoors!

Available on Amazon in 4 colors



Most Stylish Women's Slipper


Perfect for: the cabin, as these rustic, patterned women's slippers would go perfectly with a mug of hot chocolate and a beautiful view of your snow-capped surroundings! Who wouldn't love these Nordic style slippers?!

Available on Amazon in 4 colors


Comfortable Slippers


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