Bundle Up with the 6 Best Sherpa Jacket Brands! (2021)


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Best Sherpa Jacket Looks (2021)

Everyone knows a sherpa jacket when they see them. That classic denim jacket accented with the unmistakably white, plush, and super soft sheep’s wool lining and collar? Ugh, perfect!

Bet I fooled you. 

Because the word “sherpa” is associated with Nepalese mountain climbers and by extension the region’s cold weather warriors including wolves, jackals, and foxes, most people automatically assume that sherpa jackets are the same thing as shearling jackets, made with a form of treated sheep’s wool.

However, “sherpa” is actually just an industrial garment term that represents the polyester mimicry of shearling. Made with polyester linings, deep piles, and ridged naps (to imitate the textured traits of authentic sheep’s wool), sherpa jackets actually offer key advantages – specifically lower-maintenance and no animal cruelty concerns – compared to its organic cousins. 

If you want a polyester and hassle-free alternative to leather or shearling, keep reading for our 6 favorite sherpa jacket brands! 





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Best Sherpa Jackets (2021)

From the fuzzy to the furry and the buttons to the zips, we have this season’s best sherpa jackets for women outlined below! 


The Best Sherpa Jackets for Women 

  • Cutest Sherpa Jacket: J. Crew
  • Best Sherpa Trucker Jacket: Levi’s 
  • Best Sherpa Lined Jacket: Toad&Co
  • Best Sherpa Jacket with Hood: UGG
  • Best Long Sherpa Jacket: Madewell







The Best Sherpa Jacket Looks! 


Cutest Sherpa Jacket: J. Crew


Straddling the border between light and midweight warmth, this Polartec sherpa fleece from J. Crew offers a simple but sharp aesthetic that makes it stand out from other less inventively-styled sherpa jackets. 

Another thing I love about this J. Crew sherpa jacket is that the fleece is double-lined, which makes the jacket lighter in weight without sacrificing any warmth! 

J. Crew Polartec Jacket with Patch Pockets

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Best Sherpa Trucker Jacket: Levi’s


No one knows the true answer, but a popular origin story for the sherpa coat’s popularity is the classic trucker jacket – revered by highwaymen as a rare balance of durability and comfort. 

Levi’s resurrects the rustic classic here with the interestingly named “Ex-Boyfriend” sherpa jacket that features an oversized slouchy fit, a removable collar, and hopefully no lingering ex-boyfriend scents! 

Levi’s Ex-Boyfriend AO Sherpa Trucker

Sold on Zappos

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Best Sherpa Lined Jacket: Toad&Co


Regular polyester has a few high-performance attributes, which make it an ideal fabric for hanging out in.

With that said, this Toad&Co sherpa jacket pullover is specifically designed to slot right alongside your typical athleisure outfits. The secret is a moisture-wicking fabric blend that is at least 20% sourced from recycled (read: lighter and more breathable) materials! 

Toad&Co Telluride Sherpa Pullover

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Best Sherpa Jacket with Hood: UGG


While one of the original sherpa jacket’s telltale giveaways was a famously wide polyester-lined collar, almost no subsequent variations or editions of the sherpa jacket have bothered incorporating a hood. 

Until now! 

UGG blends classic sherpa jacket design with modern functionality embedded throughout the jacket’s hood, multiple snap-flap pockets, and full-zip closure. 

UGG Kadence Jacket

Sold on Zappos

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Best Long Sherpa Jacket: Madewell


Also offering a refreshing twist on the sherpa jacket classic is Madewell, which uses this long coat to feature a two-tone theme in both color and fabric.

The white body of the coat is classic sherpa material while the black sleeves are authentic wool. 

Madewell Camden Sherpa Coat with Wool Sleeves

Sold on Zappos

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