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Makeup Storage

I’m not someone who wears all that much makeup… and yet somehow I have piles of the stuff.

For a while, it was all over my dresser, stacked on shelves in a cramped hallway and stuffed in bags in my closet. So finally, holed up in my tiny apartment, I figured it was time to do a makeup clean out and store it neatly. 

Here’s my current makeup storage set up and some suggestions on how to organize your makeup when you live in a small space.





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Makeup Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

I have very few closets since I live in an old building.

I thought about storing the makeup in clear containers a la The Container Store on open shelving but decided that probably would look just as disorganized out in the open. 

So instead, I decided to take up one of my dresser drawers as a makeup counter and neatly hide everything out of sight.

First I took inventory of what I had, threw out anything expired, and narrowed down my makeup to the stuff I actually use. I grouped everything by category and then started browsing makeup storage options.

Here’s what I bought:





Bamboo Storage Boxes

I found these inexpensive bamboo boxes and bought a couple sets.

I think they were originally designed to hold kitchen utensils, but they do a great job for makeup too! The boxes are also sold individually here if you want to measure and fit your space dimensions more precisely.

I liked the look of bamboo boxes over clear acrylic as they match the wood interior of my dresser drawers. The nice thing about these sets is they’re stackable too!

So if you have extra deep dresser drawers, you can double up a layer and slide the boxes around as you need.


Lipstick Organizer

The only thing I couldn’t fit in the drawer? All my lipsticks. 

So I picked up this clear lipstick tray to bring some peace and order to my lipstick and lipgloss collection. I like how the rows are tiered, stadium style, so you can still see all the lipsticks in the back.

I had to do quite a bit of purging to make everything fit in the 40 slots, but it now looks so much better! 

Here’s the end result…






From left to right, starting from the bottom row 

  • clean brushes
  • used brushes
  • primers + CC creams
  • foundations + powder
  • highlighters
  • blush
  • bronzers
  • mascara
  • eyeliners
  • concealers

I had a little extra space on the top left side, so that’s where I put all my makeup setting sprays and brush cleaners, which wouldn’t have fit in the boxes anyway.

While it’s not quite on the level of a professional organizer, it’s much neater than what it originally looked like! 

In the future, if I want to buy something new, I’ll stick to the “one in, one out” method so that I keep the stuff to a minimum!






DIY Makeup Organizer Ideas

I’m sure your home is laid out differently, so my solution might not work for you. But there’s lots of great makeup organizers out there to tame even the most complicated beauty routine.

Here are some genius makeup storage and organizer containers for all price points – some are even great DIY options!



Stackable Makeup Organizer

The Container Store makes the best customizeable makeup storage because you can fully customize it.

But for more affordable options, Amazon has you covered. Check out:


Vertical Palette Organizer

If you have lots of makeup palettes, this clear divided tray is so handy. 

Available on Amazon






Lazy Susan

If you have lots of tall skincare items, liquid brush cleaners or makeup brushes, this divided Lazy Susan is a nice catch all! The bins are adjustable too, so you can customize it for your makeup collection.

Available on Amazon


Lazy Susan with Dividable Drawers

This sleek lazy susan is a more simple option if you have shorter closet shelves. You can divide your stuff into the three bins or take out them out to fit more!

Available on The Container Store






Makeup Case

Do you have backups of your favorite makeup and skincare products, juuust in case they go out of stock?

Grab this heavy duty makeup box that can store a ton. It’s travel sized, with adjustable dividers to neatly store all your favorites.

Available on Amazon


Brush Holder

You could get these clear brush holder containers to neatly organize your brush set and separate clean from dirty brushes.

Or you can DIY your own by cleaning out old candles and food jars. I reuse a lot of the condiment jars and kombucha bottles whenever they’re made of glass.

Available on Amazon






Eyeliner Organizer

This small eyeliner organizer can neatly display 26 eyeliners or lip pencils so you can see everything you have! 

Available on Amazon


Clear Drawer Insert Trays

This clear tray organizer can keep all your makeup neatly organized by section. With 12 adjustable dividers, you can organize any drawer in your home!

Available on Amazon






Clear Plastic Organizers

This is the clear plastic version of the bamboo trays I used!

Available on Amazon


Compact Organizer

Perfectly sized to fit 8 compacts (highlighter, blush, eyeshadow, etc) in a sleek design!

Available on Amazon






Rolling Cart

With this efficient 10 drawer rolling cart, you can turn any space into a getting ready station! 

Available on Amazon


Nail Polish Riser

If you love doing your nails and have a sizeable polish collection, this compact caddy is perfect! It can store up to 40 nail polishes.

Available on Amazon






Wall Mounted Nail Polish Riser

This extra large nail polish organizer is designed to be wall mounted and can hold a whopping 102 battles of polish.

Available on Amazon


Acrylic Tray with Mirror Base

If you have a couple items you reach for on a daily basis, like perfumes or everyday makeup, this clear tray keeps them neatly organized on your counter top! Plus, the base is mirrored to add a touch of glamour.

Available on The Container Store






Mirrored Makeup Organizers

These versatile mix and match mirrored makeup organizers help you store everything neatly but also beautifully.

Available on Pottery Barn


Lay and Go Cosmetic Bag

Frequent travelers like having a separate set of their makeup and skincare favorites and this flat cosmetic bag is the perfect quick solution. 

It lays flat so you can see all your makeup at once and then neatly compresses into a small bag for storage.

Available on Amazon






Wall Mounted Organizer

If you don’t have much counter space, this wall mounted organizer is a stylish, resourceful alternative. You can store anything from bottles to makeup to even hairdryers. There’s also a rod option to hang towels or jewelry underneath.

Available on Pottery Barn


Clear Risers

Use these clear risers to double the storage capacity of a tall shelf.

Available on Amazon






Behind the Door Vanity 

This slim tall cabinet door is the perfect storage solution for small underutilized spaces. It can hold toiletries, makeup, anything you need with adjustable shelves.

Available on Amazon


Clear Over the Door Hanger

This two pack pantry organizer can easily be used to hold extra makeup and skincare. With 15 clear pockets and an easy to install design – it hangs right over a regular door rod, you can be neatly organized in no time.

Available on Amazon






Over the Door Organizer

Want deeper, roomier shelves? Grab this over the door organizer instead, which has four shelf like pockets.

Available on Amazon


Sliding Cabinet Basket Organizer

This sliding cabinet basket is great at organizing an overflow of products. Use it on tall shelves, or underneath the bathroom sink! 

Available on Amazon






Sliding Drawer Tower

This slim cabinet can hold a lot of makeup. Plus the pivoting bins hold so much more than you think!

Available on The Container Store


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