The Perfect Winter Cocktail for Holiday Parties (Fancy, but Easy to Make!)

mulled wine

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The Best Winter Cocktail

A friend of mine was in town recently and we met up at Eataly to grab a drink. If you haven’t been to their Flatiron rooftop bar, it’s a great one to pop into throughout the year, as they do a great job decorating it for the seasons.

I ordered a cup of mulled wine and was pretty blown away! It was a freezing cold day and the warm, spiced white wine was like a cozy hug. Usually I love a cup of piping hot chocolate in the winter, but now I’m obsessed with mulled wine!

Luckily, mulled wine is the easiest drink to create at home. Today’s post is all about the recipe and how perfect it is to make for holiday get togethers.






How to Make Mulled Wine

The best thing about this recipe is that most if not all the ingredients are likely already in your pantry. Better yet, it’s perfect for groups and parties since you can easily whip up a large batch. No need to wear your arms out with a cocktail shaker! 



Dry Wine

You can use either red or white wine. One bottle serves 4, so if you’re planning a party use 2-3 bottles. I usually drink red but for mulled wine, white is perfect for me. Slowly simmered with cider and spices, it tastes delicious.


Apple Cider

If you have fall cider it’s a great complement to the wine but orange juice or simply water can be used.





Something Sweet

A touch of honey or sugar (to taste) helps balance out the spices. I make a batch of simple syrup every now and then for cocktails, so I typically add 1/2 cup of sweetener for every 1 bottle of wine. 



A handful of cloves, cinnamon and star anise are all that you need. Star anise is often used in Asian cooking so I had some on hand. It’s available in Asian markets as well as regular grocery stores.

If you have fancy Ceylon cinnamon, they’ll add a nice depth to the mulled wine and the cinnamon sticks are great as a garnish.



You can use any fruit you like. Traditionally, apples, oranges and cranberries work well. 





Other Add Ins

If you have guests who want an extra kick, feel free to add a splash of rum, brandy or cognac! Add this at the end though, after the mulled wine is done simmering.


Insulated Mugs

Since this is a drink best served hot, you’ll want to serve them in double walled mugs. I recommend Tervis’ clear, chic 16 oz mugs.

Not only do they hold a nice pour, they’re made from BPA free plastic and are insulated to keep your drinks warm or cold for as long as they take to enjoy!

So you can invite your friends and family over and everyone can chat away without you worrying about reheating the drinks. 





Insulated Tervis Cups

Did you know that Tervis was the first company to make insulated tumblers? They’ve been perfecting drink ware all the way back to 1940!

They sell all kinds of holiday cups, from beer mugs to wine glasses, water bottles, tumblers and thermoses. They also offer tons of customization options: you can add a name, photo, logo or design which would make a great gift for your guests.

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What I like best about Tervis is their commitment to high quality plastic drinkware that lasts longer. Should any product be deemed defective, Tervis upcycles them into new, usable materials to avoid contributing to waste.

And of course, Tervis replaces the tumbler with a new one!

With more and more people using reusable straws and cups, it’s great to see a brand that is equally passionate about the oceans and sustainability.

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Mulled Wine Recipe


  1. In large dutch oven or sauce pan, add wine, cider, sliced fruit and spices
  2. Bring to a low simmer for at least 15 minutes
  3. Add sweetener to taste, if desired
  4. Remove from heat and strain
  5. Add fresh fruit and cinnamon sticks for garnish
  6. Add a splash of rum, brandy or cognac, if desired


We always celebrate the holidays with my extended family. This year, it’s my turn to host! So you bet I’ll be making this easy and delicious mulled wine for the group of us :)

What’s your favorite winter cocktail?





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