Amazon The Drop REVIEW + Best Clothing Staples (the Truth about Amazon Influencer Collaborations!)


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Amazon The Drop

If you’re on Instagram, chances are you’ve seen a number of Influencer collections, designed and released in partnership with Amazon.

The Amazon Influencer collaborations are part of Amazon’s latest fashion venture called The Drop and I’m sure you have questions.

Today’s post covers everything you need to now about Amazon The Drop!


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What is The Drop?

Amazon launched The Drop in summer 2019.

This in house clothing line is a little different from what you might have seen before. The Drop is a more ‘fashion forward’ line with two components:

  • made-to-demand Influencer collections that last for just 30 hours
  • a Staples line of trendy fashion pieces that you shop permanently

You gotta hand it to Amazon – when they focus on a vertical, they go all out!





The Drop Influencer Collaborations

Amazon works with influencers to design capsule collections inspired by the influencer’s audience and personal style. 

It’s a limited edition shopping experience modeled on Supreme’s best selling ‘drop’ model: release new collaborations with little notice and limited time to shop.

Each Amazon Drop collection is only available for 30 hours.

Once the time is over, you can no longer order the influencer’s collection (unless items are returned). The initial 30 hour ‘drop’ is to allow Amazon to collect sales orders.

Then, each item actually goes into production. One thing to note is the time between ordering a piece of clothing and receiving it will take 2-3 weeks, unlike the usual ‘2-day Amazon Prime order and receive’ experience. 

While the Drop capsules are fast fashion events, they’re also ‘sustainable’ in that each item of clothing is made to order based on actual sales demand. Limited quantities of fabric are ordered upfront to help reduce waste and maintain an aura of limited exclusivity.





The Drop Staples

The second aspect of The Drop is the Staples line.

Alongside the influencer collaborations, Amazon has a selection of fashionable wardrobe basics – think jeans, simple shoes and classic tops.

Items in The Drop Staples are available all the time and meant to function as fashionable ‘staples’ that will compliment the influencer drops (and of course your existing wardrobe).

I found that The Drop Staples were originally just a limited collection, but as of Fall 2020, Amazon has released lots of really cute new styles every month or so – especially in the knitwear department.

You’ll find my favorites below!


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Best of Amazon The Drop – Review

Buying clothes on Amazon isn’t the easiest – you never quite know the quality to expect.

Since The Drop is an in-house Amazon brand, the styles, quality and sizing run pretty consistent. After personally trying a couple of items from The Drop, I’ve found lots to like.

Plus the brand is continually releasing new ‘on trend’ styles every couple weeks. I always put the best finds on my Amazon shop page here

Here are the best items from Amazon The Drop! 


Amazon The Drop Cozy Cardigan

in Dusty Purple, size xs


the Drop Cardigan Review

I love this cardigan. It’s so cozy and has a slightly fuzzy texture, which I didn’t expect!

I love the deep v neck and super soft ‘eyelash’ yarn. I can’t stress enough how incredibly soft and warm this is.

I bought this at the same time as I bought the lavender tank. I was hoping they would pair nicely together and they do! Both have deep v necks so they look great worn together and while they’re not designed as a set, both are in a very similar shade of soft lavender.

It looks great on its own (worn as a top), or layered over a cami. I like the pearlized buttons and slightly longer sleeves too.

This isn’t one of those scratchy knits that will leave you in hives. Can’t say enough good things!

Amazon the Drop Francine Cardigan

Shop on Amazon here (2 colors)

worn with cameo necklace, knit sweater tank, straight leg jeans and strappy sandals





Amazon The Drop Sweater Tank

in Dusty Purple, size xxs


the Drop Double V-Neck Tank Review

I love a sweater knit top and this v neck tank looks so much more expensive than the price tag.

It has two v necks, in front and in back, which is a nice subtle detail you don’t usually get with affordable clothing. The stitching is a tightly ribbed pattern and well stitched.

I sized down because I was worried it would be too low and too loose in the armholes, and the tank fits perfectly without any gaps. It looks great tucked into jeans or shorts and is pretty versatile!

Matching cardigan and knit tanks are very popular this year, and this Drop knit tank is a really cute affordable option.

Amazon the Drop Claire Double V Neck Sweater Tank Top

Shop on Amazon here (4 colors)

worn with chunky necklace, globe pendant and white jeans





Amazon The Drop Relaxed Linen Blazer

in Natural, size s

the Drop Blazer Review

I’ve been really into suit sets recently and this neutral relaxed blazer from Amazon’s The Drop collection is a really cute affordable option.

The blazer is slightly oversized, with two buttons, side pockets and a nice relaxed fit.

While it doesn’t feel entirely like linen, the fabric is really lightweight, flow-y and drapes nicely! 

It also looks really cute with the matching linen shorts.

Amazon the Drop Mary Loose Linen Blazer

Shop on Amazon here (2 colors)

worn with white bodysuit and paperbag shorts





Amazon The Drop Paperbag Shorts

in Natural, size s


the Drop High Waisted Shorts Review

I love paperbag trousers.

But with a short torso, high waisted paper bag pants usually make me look like a stilt walker at a circus. So when I saw these paperbag shorts, I added them to the cart hoping the shorter inseam might work.

These relaxed linen shorts are perfect. The fit is really nice – they’re on the looser side and long enough to cover the butt but still high waisted – perfect for someone past high school age ha.

The waist itself has elastic with a fabric belt, so it’s very comfortable to wear. Great shorts to wear to dinner when you want to be able to actually eat!

Plus there’s two really nice deep pockets in front, which is always handy. 

Amazon the Drop Alba High Waist Paperbag Linen Shorts

Shop on Amazon here (2 colors)

worn with linen blazer, white bodysuit and tie up espadrilles





Amazon The Drop Long Sleeve Turtleneck

in Black, size s

the Drop Turtleneck Review

I live in comfortable long sleeve tees once it gets cold.

This silky soft long sleeve tee makes the perfect layer to wear under sweaters and chunky knits once it hits winter. It’s also great to wear just on its own!

The black shirt is made from a slinky material that hugs the body and really feels like a ‘second skin’.

Amazon makes these long tees in a couple different styles. I went for the turtleneck version and unlike most turtlenecks (which I can’t stand), this one is comfortable enough to wear all day.

Overall, if you’re looking for a great affordable basic that’s flattering and comfortable to wear, this Drop staple is perfect!

Amazon the Drop Phoebe Fitted Long Sleeve Turtleneck

Shop on Amazon here (3 colors)

worn with snakeskin pants and black crossbody bag





Amazon the Drop Try On Haul (Video)





How Does The Drop Staples Work?

The Drop Staples are available on Amazon and can be shopped at any time here. Every season or so, the Staples releases on-trend items.

For example this summer they had a number of breezy comfortable house dresses and this fall they have a ton of cute matching knit loungewear sets.

But if you see something you like, I would get it sooner rather than later.

I don’t think The Drop produces large quantities because I’ve noticed popular things sell out very quickly. Then a couple months later when Amazon sees the demand, they’ll bring the styles back and produce more. 

For example, here are some of the most popular accessories:





How Do The Drop Influencer Collections Work?

The Drop Influencer Collections, on the other hand, are dropped throughout the year and for just 30 hours. Launches are always a surprise and happen every couple weeks or so.

The best way to stay up to date is to sign up for text alerts

I know – you’re probably thinking “give out my phone number to be spammed?!”

It’s up to you but you only get one text message, right in the first few minutes when a Drop collection is released. Thankfully, Amazon doesn’t abuse your phone number with any promotional texts leading up to launches!

When a Drop is live, the website has a countdown timer here to let you know how much time is left before the collection expires.

All the drops are sold world wide (wherever Amazon has locations) and Amazon has worked with influencers around the world so it’s not a US-centric collection. I think it’s fascinating to see what a wide distribution network the company has. 





Is the Drop on Amazon Prime?

Yes, if you have Amazon Prime, you get free shipping on any order.

If you’re not currently a prime member you can sign up for a free 30 day trial here, which includes free two day shipping. 

But don’t worry – anyone can shop The Drop. You don’t need Prime to access the Drop Staples or the Drop influencer collaborations. 





The Drop Staples vs. The Drop Influencer Collaborations

Personally, I’ve only shopped the Drop Staples

One reason is because I don’t like sales pressure tactics. I find that I often make impulse purchases that way that I later regret.

Also when Drop collections are really popular, Amazon will eventually re-make some of the items as Staples pieces if demand is high. I noticed that for the linen blazer, paperbag shorts and v neck sweater tank – all of which I have and like.

I’m willing to wait a couple months and I like seeing the reviews and try-on photos from other people before buying.

But if you want to support a particular influencer or see an item that you have to have, the Drop collections are for you. 





How Long does Shipping Take?

For The Drop Staples, shipping is straightforward – it’s the same shipping time as most items ordered on Amazon. So if you have Prime, you’d receive the item in 2 days.

For The Drop Influencer Collections, shipping is a little different.

While Amazon buys the fabric in advance, items are only cut and produced based on sales demand. So it takes a couple weeks for Amazon to actually produce all the orders and then ship them out to you.

Expect about a 2 to 3 week wait from the day you place your order. You’re only charged once the order ships, so if you see an Amazon credit card charge weeks later, that’s what it refers to (you haven’t been hacked!)





How is The Drop Sizing?

The Drop collection is available from XX Small to 3X.

Personally, I find that clothes on The Drop run slightly large, so you may want to size down especially if you are petite. Or if you prefer a looser fit, get your normal size. 


Have you tried anything from The Drop? I’d love to know which influencer collaborations you were most drawn to!


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