BDI Standing Desks: Are They Worth It? (Review)


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A Modern Standing Desk for the Home Office

I’ve finally set up my home office!

A month or two in quarantine, I knew something had to change. After days on end in the same tiny shoebox eating, sleeping and working, I found myself going stir crazy.

It was so hard to stay productive and using the dining table as a office desk just wasn’t cutting it.

I had seen tons of fancy ‘home office reveals’ on social media with high tech sit/stand desks and it got me thinking – are standing desks really worth the money?





I sent out a quick poll on Instagram stories and the responses were mixed, which didn’t help ha. It seemed split exactly 50/50 – half of you swore by them, and half of you used them as a regular office desk.

Sit/stand desks are an investment, but I figured anything that could add a bit of movement to my day would be worth it.

I ultimately chose the BDI Stance 6650, a modern looking standing desk with a contemporary finish. It’s been a couple months of using the desk non stop, so I figured it was time to share how it’s held up!

Here’s my review of the BDI standing desk – from set up to daily usage.





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BDI Office Furniture

BDI is a luxury furniture supplier for offices, but they also have a line of Stance and Sequel sit/stand desks that are great for small home offices.

Their desks are available in a range of sizes and since I have a small apartment, I went with the smallest option: the 48″ x 24″ Stance 6650, and the Task office chair, an ergonomic leather chair with a headrest.






At the time of my order, New York City had temporarily halted in-home deliveries, so the desk was shipped to me unassembled.

I think white glove furniture delivery is traditionally an option though, if you prefer to have help with assembly and placement.

The desk arrived in two large, heavy boxes and the chair in a third. Assembling the standing desk took me just under 2 hours. (I filmed the set up process, so that probably took up extra time than it would have normally.)





The instructions were relatively straightforward and easy enough to follow that I could do everything myself, except for the last step.

At one point you have to lift and flip the desk upright and even though it’s a small desk, it weighs a ton! So I recommend having a second strong person around just to help lift and move the desk.  

Assembling the chair on the other hand, was slightly more difficult.

For the life of me, I couldn’t figure out how to put the chair wheels on. Thankfully BDI’s customer service phone line was very helpful.

We traded emails back and forth and after sensing my frustration, they even recorded a video to illustrate the last step.







BDI Stance 6650

Height adjustable desks might seem like a fad, but to us, there seems to be an obvious health benefit to switching between sitting and standing.

We opted for the BDI Stance 6650, a sleek and modern black standing desk.

The Stance desk is available in 3 sizes, to suit any size of office space. Since we’re working with a small apartment, we opted for the smallest 48″ x 24″ option, which fits perfectly.







Build and Materials

The first thing we noticed about the Stance desk is that it’s incredibly heavy duty.

The black surface is a satin etched, tempered glass. While it might temporarily smudge from fingerprints or coffee mugs, a quick brush across the glass finish and any marks disappear!

Overall, we love the clean, streamlined look and after a couple months of use, there’s been virtually no wear and tear.

If you like modern, minimalist furniture, the BDI standing desks fit the bill.






Obviously, this is one instance where function matters just as much as looks. Here’s a look at some of the features with BDI’s electric desks.


Height Adjustable


The heart of any standing desk are the motorized legs

BDI’s website mentions all their height adjustable desks undergo stringent quality and design standards, with the leg lift mechanism undergoing an extensive 20,000 cycle test for durability.

While I like to keep my desk as clutter free as possible, if you have tons of equipment and gear – no worries. BDI standing desks are designed to carry as much as 220 pounds to support even the most heavy duty of home office operations.

Personally, I found the lift mechanism to be smooth and quick. There’s absolutely no delay or wobble with the lift (a common complaint on the cheap standing desk options) and at full height, the desk is still stabile. 





Programmable Keypad


If you like, the BDI keypad can save a couple different height settings. Maybe you share the desk with a partner or kids, you can each save your own preferred height.

There’s also the option to install the keypad on either the right or left side of the desk. I thought that was a nice touch!

And in yet another example of how seriously BDI takes it’s engineering, the key pad was rubbed over 90,000 times in testing to ensure that the numbers don’t wear off over time!







Cable Management System

My one pet peeve is cords everywhere, so I really wanted a standing desk that could magically hide everything away.

Underneath the sit/stand desk, there’s a ledge to manage all your wires and cables. They also include a slim pipe tube (in the same color as the desk) so you can route the main standing desk cable along the back of the desk legs and keep it out of sight!

(I haven’t decided if the current location will be my permanent WFH set up, so I have the cable visible for now)





Modesty Panel


BDI also offers a couple extra add on features.

One of these is the modesty panel, which shields the back of the desk and can hide extensive cables.

If you’re planning to put the desk against a wall, you may not need this, but it is a nice accessory to have and ‘finishes’ the desk. 

I went with a modesty panel in black, the same color as the desk, for an entirely sleek look.

But, BDI offers modesty panels in 2 different accent colors if you want a more fun look!





Storage Drawer


Also optional is a storage drawer.

For the Stance desk, you can attach an additional flip down, pull out drawer to store a keyboard and mouse, or perhaps your phone and notepad.

The storage drawer is lined with a non slip material, which is a thoughtful design touch that prevents the contents inside from sloshing and sliding all over the place.

If you like ending the day with a completely clean desk, get the storage drawer to tuck your laptop and mouse away!





BDI Standing Desk Review

Overall, I love the BDI standing desk! 

It’s sleek, modern looking and the perfect size for any home office. The most important feature, the height adjustability, is smooth and well made, and the desk has improved not only my productivity but my posture!

If you haven’t jumped on the sit/stand office trend, what are you waiting for? 

You can check out BDI’s full range of office furniture here.

To order, you can find BDI furniture on Amazon and Wayfair





Work from Home Office Setup

And finally, I found a couple desk accessories that help me make the most of my small home office.




Laptop Stand

This simple but sleek stand helps raise my laptop to eye level. No more hunching or stacking Restoration Hardware catalogs ha!

Available on Amazon

Read more reviews here



Large Desk Mat

While it’s not necessary, a pretty desk mat pulls everything together and also adds an extra layer of protection to my standing desks surface.

I found this affordable and gorgeous desk mat on Amazon.

It’s two toned, so you can switch up the look of your desk anytime, and it comes in nearly every color under the rainbow.

Plus, they have different sizes to fit any desk!

Available on Amazon

Read more reviews here







Logitech Keyboard & Mouse

Since I raised my laptop, I needed a separate keyboard.

Logitech makes the best ergonomic keyboards, so this keyboard / mouse combo was a no brainer. I also like that it has a separate number pad!

Available on Amazon

Read more reviews here



Eggtronic Power Bar

I was constantly moving phone chargers around the apartment, until I got this heavy duty power bank.

It can wirelessly and quickly charge up to 4 Apple devices – all simultaneously! So you can power your phone, airpods, apple watch and Mac all in one go.

I find it works really well as a home desk accessory, where you might not want to add yet another cable (and every outlet is already occupied).

Available on Amazon

Read more reviews here







Canon Printer

This cute, compact printer is great for home office spaces because it’s affordable and easy to setup. It connects wirelessly to your computer or phone, and can print both color or black & white.

Best of all, it can run on just one printer cartridge. A lot of printers will stop working if only one cartridge is out. Since I usually only need to print in greyscale, I thought this printer was a great value.

Available on Amazon, Walmart

Read more reviews here


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