Work from Home Style: The 7 Best Sweatpants for Women (2021)


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The Best Sweatpants for Women (2021)

Remember working from work? 

Nah, me neither. 

Working from home is the new normal, whether we like it or not. 

Sure, it can be lonely and monotonous, but boy are there some benefits, too. 

For starters? How about the fact that only your upper body and face is visible on Zoom? 

That's right! Literally no one has to know what pants you're wearing. Or if you're even wearing pants.

Just kidding, wear pants. Better safe than sorry. 

However, there's no reason you can't wear a cozy pair of women's sweatpants while you're working from home. They're cozy, chic, and could (potentially) even look like normal pants if someone briefly catches you taking a break from your interminably long marathon of pointless Zoom calls. 

To bring some casual flair to your WFH wardrobe, keep reading for our 7 favorite sweatpants for women! 



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The Best Sweatpants for Women (2021)

From lounge pants to joggers to yoga pants and everything in between, here are the 7 best sweatpants for women! 


Women's Sweatpants

  • Best Jogger Sweatpants: Helen Jon  
  • Best Straight Leg Sweatpants: Hanes
  • Best Fold Over Sweatpants: Beyond Yoga
  • Most Stylish Sweatpants: ALO Yoga
  • Best Classic Fleece Sweatpants: Nike
  • Softest Sweatpants: UGG





The Best Sweatpants for Women


Best Jogger Sweatpants: Helen Jon


On the other end of the spectrum, we have these delightfully bougie women's sweatpants from Helen Jon

Made entirely with cotton (except for some spandex in the waistline), this super comfortable candidate for the best women's sweatpants also features metal-tipped drawstrings, a flatteringly slim fit, and cute ribbed cuffs! 

Helen Jon Logan Joggers

Sold on Zappos

Check the latest reviews and see all color options here



Best Straight Leg Sweatpants: Hanes

Even though most sweatpants are cuffed, I quite like the straight leg look offered here by Hanes

Straight leg sweatpants tend to fit looser & more comfortably, and they also fit nicely over your shoes, which is perfect for quick walks when it's colder outside! 

Hanes EcoSmart Sweatpant

Sold on Hanes

Check the latest reviews and see all color options here



Best Fold Over Sweatpants: Beyond Yoga

You could do yoga in these Beyond Yoga women's sweatpants, sure, but honestly they are so soft all I find myself doing in them is lounging around…and loving it. 

The secret is that these fleece sweatpants are made from modal, a semi-synthetic fabric made from beech pulp that is over 3 times softer than cotton! 

Beyond Yoga Fleece Fold-Over Sweatpants

Sold on Zappos

Check the latest reviews and see all color options here



Most Stylish Sweatpants: ALO Yoga

ALO Yoga is one of my favorite new brands, offering products that I think are much more stylish than Lululemon at similar or even more attractive price points. 

I love these sweatpants in particular because the modal-cotton fabric blend makes them super soft on the side, while the moto-inspired look gives them a little edge on the outside! 

ALO Urban Moto Sweatpants

Sold on Zappos

Check the latest reviews and see all color options here



Best Classic Fleece Sweatpants: Nike 

You can always count on Nike to deliver some of the best sweatpants for women. 

Featuring ribbed cuffs, a super soft cotton-polyester blend, and a semi-brushed fleece fabrication, these women's sweatpants are definitely ones worth checking out. 

Just do it! 

Nike NSW Essential Pants

Sold on Zappos

Check the latest reviews and see all color options here



Softest Sweatpants: UGG

Because who said the best women's sweatpants had to be plain or monochromatic? 

Featuring a relaxed fit, incredibly soft double-knit fleece, and a cute printed pattern to boot, these UGG sweatpants are surely some of the most colorful and comfortable out there! 

UGG Valentene Print

Sold on Zappos

Check the latest reviews and see all color options here



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