20 Serious White Elephant Gift Ideas that Everyone Will Want!


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The Best White Elephant Gifts

Don’t be the person that brings the gift no one wants. We’ve got you covered for all the White Elephant exchanges this holiday season – whether it’s your office colleagues, book club friends or drinking buddies!

Here are the best white elephant gifts that will be subject to multiple steals! As a bonus, most everything listed below, whether funny, useful or serious, is under $30.


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What Are White Elephant Gifts?

Whether you call it – Yankee Swap, Dirty Santa or White Elephant – the general gist is the same. Everyone brings a wrapped gift and draws a number.

The gifts are piled together and each guest chooses a gift in order of their number. The first person chooses from the pile, but each next person can choose to either ‘steal’ an opened gift or choose a new wrapped present. The game keeps going until the last person goes! If your gift is stolen, you can either choose another wrapped gift or steal someone else’s present.

White Elephant parties are fun, but only if you end up with the right mix of gifts – some funny, some cool and some useful. The point is to get some friendly competition going!




Best White Elephant Gifts Under $25

Whether you’re hunting for cool, quirky or cheeky, here are our top picks for white elephant gifts between between $20 – $25.


1. Mixology Dice

Take your pre games to the next level with these fun Mixology Dice!

Made from great quality birch wood, each of the dice in this mixology set will provide endless inspiration for hand crafted cocktails. The included instruction booklet shows you how to roll the dice for traditional drinks, ingredient ratios and mixing tips.

Have fun! With 8 dice (spirit, sugar, liquor, citrus, fruit, herb , spice and bitters), you can craft over 1.5 million drink combinations!

Shop Mixology Dice Set


2. If You Love Me You’ll Let Me Sleep Pillow Cover

Adorable and funny, these pillow covers make a statement! There are 6 designs to choose from but our favorite is the pillow cover that says “If you really love me… you’ll let me sleep!”

Shop Funny Pillow Cover



3. Siracha Keychain

We all have that one friend who douses their food in siracha and carries their own hot sauce.

Well, now there’s the perfect gift for them! This set of 2 siracha minis are totally portable wherever you go and best of all, they’re refillable.

Shop Siracha Keychain


4. Stumbling Blocks Game

This modern twist on the classic Jenga game will have everyone in a good mood for the holidays.

Build up a tower, gather everyone around to grab a block… and hope the structure doesn’t fall! As a plus, there are fun drinking prompts with instructions to dial up the game a notch as well as 4 shot glasses.

Shop Stumbling Blocks Game


5. Wine Away Stain Remover

This stain remover is pure magic in a bottle.

Not only does it work on both fresh and dried wine stains, it can clear out coffee, blood, ink, fruit punch, sauces, even pet accidents! The stain remover is tiny enough to stick in a purse and is free from bleach and harsh phosphates.

Shop Wine Away Stain Remover




Serious White Elephant Gift Ideas

While we always appreciate a funny white elephant gift, sometimes you don’t quite know the humor level of the crowd. Maybe it’s an office party.. maybe it’s family members.. if you don’t know who the recipient will be, sometimes you need a serious white elephant gift that will actually get used or be appreciated.

Here are classy and useful white elephant gifts everyone will fight for! And hey, we won’t judge if you steal your own gift for yourself :)


6. Cocktail Shaker Bar Set 

We bet people will be stealing this cocktail set left and right.

With a stainless steel shaker, jigger and bar spoon, this cocktail set looks sleek and elegant. It’s perfect for beginner and experienced bartenders and we especially love how the shaker has a built-in strainer, something you usually only find in much more expensive bar sets!

Shop Cocktail Set


7. Personalized Visa Gift Card

Gift cards are a universally loved gift. But, avoid the ordinary and opt for a personalized visa gift cardGiftCards.com lets you choose from either a huge spread of pre-designed options or personalized options, where you create a card with your own photo!

Some ideas: a group photo of the whole gang? a photo of the office? or, a photo of you to remind the recipient who the great gift giver was :) The customization goes even further, as you can choose the text you want on the card and include a cute card with the gift.

For our white elephant exchange, we chose this festive ornament design and wrote “Enjoy, It’s On Me!” Whoever winds up with this gift is guaranteed to use it, since who doesn’t want money??

Shop Personalized Visa Gift Card



8. Stainless Steel Straws

We’re obsessed with stainless steel straws lately. Not only are they better for the environment than plastic straws, they instantly class up a mason jar drink!

This drinking straw set makes the perfect white elephant gift – it’s useful, comes with both straight and curved straws and inexpensive!

We also like this 8 piece reusable utensil set that comes with its own case!

Shop Stainless Steel Straws


9. Personalized Water Bottle

Another useful white elephant gift idea: an insulated mug.

Tervis makes completely customize-able cups, making it a great gift for office colleagues, sports team buddies or people whose tastes you don’t know all that well.

Upload a cute group photo (maybe one taken at the last group activity?) and create a personalized tumbler, coffee mug, water bottle – or even wine glass and beer mug!

Best of all, Tervis cups are insulated, so they keep hot drinks hot for 8 hours and cold drinks cold for 24 hours. And let’s face it, hydration tastes better when its a thoughtful creation.

Shop Insulated Personalized Water Bottle



10. Disposable Camera

Why not get a fun, useful gift that can be used during the holiday party?

Vintage fuji film cameras are easy to use, fun for the entire group and work perfectly indoors and outdoors.

Shop Disposable Camera





Funny White Elephant Gifts

If you want to get a laugh, here are some hilarious white elephant gifts the whole group will die for:


11. How to Poo at Work

This is a hilarious gift idea for your work holiday party.

This essential How to Poo at Work guide will help you navigate potentially awkward situations like…

  • the boss in the next stall
  • clogging the toilet
  • no toilet paper
  • a colleague following you into the bathroom

Even better? it’s “flush” with useful diagrams to prevent your career from “going down the toilet”!

Shop How to Poo at Work


12. Swear Word Coloring Book

Adult coloring books are somehow all the rage these days.

Grab this unique white elephant gift idea to help your friends blow off some steam. This swear word coloring book for adults comes complete with high quality paper stock, imaginative designs and glitter pens to help you relax after a long, hard day.

Shop Swear Word Coloring Book



13. Bathroom Guest Book

Want a quirky white elephant gift idea? Well this Bathroom Guestbook is guaranteed to get a laugh.

It turns a routine bathroom break into a chance to unleash their deepest thoughts – whether they want to journal, doodle or comment on the bathroom decor!

Shop Bathroom Guest Book


14. Funny Reminder Door Mat

For that forgetful friend of yours who’s always late, this funny door mat makes the perfect holiday gift! It’s hilarious and we bet after laying this down, they’ll never leave without their keys, wallet or phone!

Shop Funny Reminder Door Mat




15. Poo Pourri Potty Potion

Ok, we couldn’t resist one last potty joke gift idea.

We’ve received this as a gag gift before and can personally say that it’s not only funny but essential. Bring a Poo Pourri bottle to your next White Elephant party so that your friends and family can become a master of doo disguise.

As they say – smelling is believing!

Shop Poo Pourri Potty Potion




Useful White Elephant Gifts

Don’t waste money on a gift people will throw away – get them something affordable and useful that they’ll love! Here are our suggestions for practical, great white elephant gifts.


16. Portable Speaker

It’s surprisingly harder than you’d think to find a great bluetooth speaker that doesn’t break the bank.

This portable speaker makes the perfect white elephant gift. Smooth, intuitive to touch and amazing sound quality, it’s a miracle that it’s under $30!

Shop Portable Bluetooth Speaker


17. Ice Roller

Now this ice roller is the gift no one knew they needed. But, they’ll thank you once they’ve tried it!

Ice rollers are the hottest beauty gadgets of 2019. Not only do they massage your face to shrink pores, calm skin and relieve fatigue, they can also alleviate facial redness and prevent wrinkles! All the women in your white elephant gift exchange will be fighting each other to grab this gift.

Shop Ice Roller



18. Fancy Candle

Every White Elephant gift exchange has at least one nice, expensive gift and this Diptyque candle is totally it.

It smells like a classic Christmas tree, from the warmth of the bark to the freshness of the leaves! If you want a classic, good White Elephant gift, a candle is it!

Shop Christmas Tree Candle


19. Microwave Popcorn Popper

Foodies will love this air popper.

In just 2 and a half minutes, this fun red popcorn maker will turn regular kernels into fluffy, light, delicious movie quality popcorn… at home! It’s extremely easy to use: just add popcorn, oil, salt and your favorite seasonings and stick it in the microwave!

Best of all, you can eat directly out of the cute red popper – no need to wash extra popcorn bowls!

Shop Microwave Popcorn Popper



Let us know the best gift you’ve snagged from a White Elephant party in the comments! 


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