The 6 Best Women’s Leather Gloves (2021)


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The Best Women's Leather Gloves (2021)

Allow me to paint you a picture. 

You're about to go out with your girlfriends, or maybe you have a nice date planned with someone cute. 

You slip on your most chic winter boots, put on your gorgeous winter coat, and realize it's probably cold enough that you need some gloves. 

Sadly, all you have are the gloves your mom gave you in high school, or maybe a random pair of gloves from that one time you went skiing. 

Congratulations, now you look like you're 5 years old!  

The best way to make sure you give your winter outfit an elegant exclamation point is with a great pair of women's leather gloves.

Chic, timeless, and versatile,  leather gloves are definitely the best way to ensure you are looking stylish all winter long! 

Keep reading for our 6 favorite women's leather gloves! 



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The Best Women's Leather Gloves (2021)

Leather is a timeless fabric, and nothing punctuates a winter weather outfit with more class and elegance than a pair of gorgeous women's leather gloves!


Women's Leather Gloves

  • Best Lined Leather Gloves: Hestra  
  • Best Leather Tech Gloves: UGG
  • Best Lambskin Leather Gloves: Kate Spade
  • Best Leather Winter Gloves: Obermayer





The Best Leather Gloves for Women


Best Lined Leather Gloves: Hestra

Scandinavian-inspired, these Hestra gloves are the inanimate object reincarnation of the cheesy phrase “beautiful on the inside and out!”. 

Featuring genuine deerskin leather paired with Primaloft synthetic down lining, these gloves will keep you looking sophisticated on the outside while ensuring your hands are breathable and dry on the inside! 

Hestra Deerskin Primaloft

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Best Leather Tech Gloves: UGG


UGG has really elevated its fashion looks lately, and nowhere is this more apparent than in these gorgeous women's leather loves. 

Designed to emulate the traditional driving glove, this pair also features a gorgeous wool-polyester fabric cuff along with full tech compatibility throughout the palms and fingers! 

UGG Leather Gloves

Sold on Zappos

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Best Lambskin Leather Gloves: Kate Spade

Few labels are, in my opinion, as consistent and tasteful as Kate Spade.

That's why I wasn't surprised at all when I came across these leather gloves, which pair an intoxicatingly ornate pattern with genuine – and buttery soft – lamb leather! 

Kate Spade Pattern Quilted Gloves

Sold on Zappos

Check the latest reviews and see all color options here



Best Leather Winter Gloves: Obermayer 

I know what you're thinking. 

These are clearly SKI gloves, you moron! There's no way they are leather gloves! 

Well, actually, they are! 

Made with a blend of natural leather and synthetic fabrics, these ski gloves from Obermayer will help you retain the durability and comfort of leather.

In short, they're perfect whether you're on the slopes or simply walking around on the most bitter of winter nights! 

Obermayer Regulator Gloves

Sold on Zappos

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