The Best Housewarming Gifts on Amazon (Practical, Unique & Funny!)



Amazon Housewarming Gifts

Housewarming parties are fun, whether it’s a shared jungle house with 5 roommates, the first ‘adult’ apartment or the move out to the suburbs complete with a white picket fence, dog and baby on the way.

But no matter what housewarming you’re showing up to, showing up empty handed isn’t an option.

We love scouring the web for gift ideas – so here’s the ultimate housewarming gift guide! 




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Housewarming Gift Ideas

With housewarming gifts, you can go either practical or personal.

We think both are great, and picked some more creative options too! (no wine and flowers here, please) And, best of all, this housewarming gift guide is budget friendly.

These are functional, funny and useful gifts you can find all on Amazon – with 2 day free shipping of course!

P.S – if you don’t have Prime yet, grab a 30 day free trial here!





Useful Housewarming Gifts


Citrus Squeezer

Pots, dishes, microwaves… chances are they have all the kitchen essentials already. Grab this functional but rarely bought citrus squeezer to give as a gift instead! This sleek gorgeous squeezer also doubles as a work of art.

Or, why not this equally stunning tea kettle?

Shop Citrus Squeezer and Tea Kettle






Indoor Aerogarden

Whether they live out in the suburbs or in a tiny city condo, it often feels difficult to start growing a garden from scratch.

Gift an Aerogarden on your next housewarming and your hosts will love you (and maybe invite you back for dinner!) 

The in-home garden system barely takes up any space but allows you to grow herbs, veggies or flowers all year round. Who doesn’t want fresh local produce at any time?

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Aerogarden Frequently Asked Questions

which aerogarden model to buy

I also did a livestream on Amazon Live sharing my top tips for the Aerogarden!

I explained the difference between all the Aerogarden models, gave an update on my hot peppers and answered lots of FAQs! You can watch a recap of the video here.

Make sure to follow my Amazon shop page to join future livestreams!





Heirloom Vegetable Seeds

For something a little different, why not gift these heirloom vegetable seeds?

They’re the perfect project for a family with kids, or a young couple moving into their first home. Or, newly retired parents who you hope will pick up a hobby!

This inexpensive yet thoughtful housewarming gift includes 13 different vegetables, like dinosaur kale, snowball cauliflower and golden jubilee tomatoes.

All the seeds are organic and non GMO too!

Shop Heirloom Vegetable Seeds





Coffee Maker

This deluxe cold brew maker is perfect for coffee lovers.

Takeya is a well known Japanese brand famous for its sleek, well designed and high quality products.

Even the strictest coffee snob will adore this coffee maker!

Shop Cold Brew Coffee Maker






Electric Wine Opener

If they love wine, grab this electric wine bottle opener to simplify their lives.

The rechargeable bottle opener can open up to 30 bottles on a single charge! Plus it’s sleek and small so they won’t have to worry about storage.

Shop Electric Wine Opener






Fancy Wine Glasses

We could all use some sophisticated drinking glasses.

Whether they love cognac, whiskey or scotch, these are the perfect housewarming gift for the couple, family or single homeowner to enjoy!

Shop Fancy Wine Glasses





Guac Container

Avocados from Mexicooo!

Chances are they’re serving guacamole with chips at the housewarming party so if you grab this gift, it can be put to good use right away!

The nifty avocado container keeps guacamole fresher and prevents browning.

Shop Guac Container






Air Fryer

Do they love cooking?

Perhaps they’ll appreciate a fun cooking appliance in their new home.

Air fryers are all the rage these days, since they allow you to instantly fry up your favorite snacks in a healthier way (no drenching in oil here!)

Shop Air Fryer






First Home Key Chain

For a personalized housewarming gift, grab these cute ‘Our First Home’ key chains and the hosts are sure to appreciate your thoughtfulness.

It’s especially a great gift for newly wed couples moving into their first home together!

Shop First Home Keychain





Essential Oil Diffuser & Humidifier


Looking for a guaranteed hit at the housewarming party?

This diffuser is one of the best selling home items on Amazon, and functions as both an essential oil aromatherapy device and a humidifier.

It’s perfect for homeowners with pets or smokers, and is handy at protecting the house from dust or dry climates!

Shop Diffuser





Amazon Home Decor


Plant Stand

Every millennial loves indoor plants. Grab this sleek, modern and affordable planter for them to decorate the new house!

Do they really love plants? Check out more stylish plant stands here.

Shop Plant Stand






Match Striker

Women love candles and decorative items, so this elephant match striker combines two favorites for the best housewarming present. 

Shop Match Striker






Homesick Scented Candle

Have they moved to a new city? Remind them of home with this thoughtful housewarming present: a homesick scented candle.

Shop Home Scented Candle





Cozy Blankets

Add a touch of cozy to their bare new home with this hand woven throw blanket

Shop Blankets and Throws






Stylish Tea Kettle

The perfect ceramic that looks pretty in the kitchen and is also functional.

Shop Stylish Tea Kettle






Tea Sampler

Add this gorgeous tea sampler to their housewarming gift if they love tea!

Shop Tea Sampler





Gradient Puzzle

Do they have kids or love art? This gradient puzzle is a fun touch and once complete, makes for a statement piece of decor! 

Shop Gradient Puzzle






Tissue Box Cover

A house becomes a home with this cute tissue box cover.

Shop Tissue Box Cover






Animal Jewelry Holder

This stylish jewelry holder will display nicely in her beautiful new bedroom dresser!

Shop Jewelry Holder






Door Stopper

It’s the little things that make an impact. This door stopper would make the perfect housewarming gift for a couple with their first child.

Shop Animal Door Stopper






Funny & Unique Housewarming Gifts

Stumped on what to get someone who already has everything?

Why not a funny housewarming gift to get them to crack a smile. Here are some unique housewarming gift ideas that are guaranteed to get some laughs.


Drinking Buddy Wine Markers

These hilarious wine markers will ensure both laughs and the right drinks!

Shop Wine Markers






Fridge Odor Absorber and Microwave Cleaner

This cute set might not be needed quite yet in the new house, but it sure will come in handy in a few weeks!

One is for the fridge, the other the microwave. And chances are the home owners will be so grateful.

Shop Angry Mama Odor Absorber and Microwave Cleaner





Bathroom Guest Book

Drop this gift off in the bathroom during the housewarming party and wait until the hosts clean up for them to appreciate your gift. 

Shop Knock Knock Bathroom Guest Book






Novelty Doormat

Fun, stylish and durable – this cute door mat is the perfect housewarming present. 

Shop Novelty Door Mat






Funny Kitchen Dishtowels

Gift these funny kitchen towels to the new home buyer so they can get a laugh.

Shop Funny Dish Towels





Wine & Beverage Condom Stopper

Put on a smile on the new home owners with these condom bottle stoppers

A fun novelty gift, they shrink to seal up any opened bottle with a water tight seal and even better, are reusable! 

Shop Wine Stopper





Best Housewarming Decor on Amazon

wine condom stopper
set of 4 funny kitchen dish towels
whalecome bitches novelty doormat
knock knock bathroom guest book
angry mama microwave cleaner
angry mama fridge odor absorber
drinking buddy wine markers
leather dog door stopper
house shaped tissue box cover
elephant animal jewelry holder
tea forte sampler
gradient puzzle
japanese white tea kettle
rivet striped cozy blanket
homesick candle
jonathan adler match striker
rivet blue and gold plant stand
essential oil diffuser and humidifier
black + decker air fryer
guac container
wine savant diamond glasses
electric wine opener
japanese cold brew coffee maker
heirloom vegetable seeds
Aerogarden silver
alessi tea kettle
alessi citrus squeezer





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