The 6 Best At Home Workouts to Try While WFH


At Home Workouts

If there’s one positive that’s come out of the crisis, it’s been my fitness level! 

I finally started working out and honestly, it’s been the highlight of my day. I started with short walks in the park, slowly stepped it up to light jogs and recently tried taking classes in the apartment. 

I don’t know who I’ve become… but it feels good!

If you’re at home and feeling a little stir crazy, here are six workouts I’ve tried and really liked: 





Best of all, most of these at home workouts don’t really require equipment.

But if you can, I do recommend a couple simple things – you can order them on Amazon inexpensively. The fitness equipment I have at home is:

I also recently got this Exogun muscle massage gun which I’m having a lot of fun with and helps with muscle recovery.

It has interchangeable ball heads and the vibration of the gun really gets deep into the tissues. I like the two pronged attachment and the flat attachment the best – they really break up the knots in my hamstrings and calf muscles. 

It also comes in a really nice compact case! There are six different speeds to the gun so you can adjust the pressure to how you like it.





Workouts At Home



Caro Daur

Workout Type: HIIT


Have you SEEN her abs?

She only has 3 workout videos on youtube so far but they’re my favorite. Well produced, difficult to do and over in as little as 7 to 14 minutes.


Nike Training Club

Workout Type: All


Nike organizes free fitness classes all over the world, and I used to go to their NYC evening events. Their app, the Nike Training Club (download it from the app store) has lots of great free workouts.

There’s also a premium membership option, with more curated programs from their Nike ambassadors. But, during the crisis they’ve waived the premium membership so give their programs a try!

I recommend Kirsty Godso for a challenge.






Megan Roup

Workout Type: Sculpting


If you like dance cardio, this is the program for you. The Sculpt Society has both an app and an online website with video classes you can watch at home.

And, she offers a daily live group workout so we can all workout together. I just did one this morning with some friends and it was a nice way to catch up and get a little movement in at the same time. 

I recommend the sculpt videos in particular, where you can really tone your arms with light weights and booty bands.


Alo Moves

Workout Type: Yoga & Pilates


I’ve realized over the years that stretching is just as important as working out. Alo Yoga makes some of my favorite leggings and they recently launched a fitness platform, Alo Moves.

The site has a huge variety of classes but their yoga and pilates videos in particular are fantastic. They’re currently offering a two week free trial! 







Workout Type: Boxing


Rumble is a popular boutique fitness class in the city, with studios all over the world.

Their exercises are typically a 50/50 combination of boxing on the bag and sculpting with free weights. With the Stay at Home order, Rumble has transitioned to offering workouts online!

Check their Instagram account for their weekly schedule. They typically offer a free IG Live class everyday. If you can’t catch it live, the videos are still available for 24 hours.

I highly recommend boxing. It’ll help you get out any frustration, anger or anxiety… trust me!



Workout Type: All


Aaptiv is a fitness app offering a ton of classes. They have the most diverse offering of classes out of this list.

No matter what you like – from yoga to weight lifting to coached runs, they have something! My runner friends like the guided runs in particular.

Aaptiv is also offering free workouts during the self distancing period. Check their Instagram or website for the weekly schedule!





More Free Workouts (for a limited time)

Lots of popular programs are offering extended free trials at the moment. Here are a couple others that I haven’t personally tried yet, but look great: 

Obé Fitness 30 day free trial

Tone It Up free until April 13, 2020

Tracy Anderson – 14 day free trial

Pure Barre – 7 day free trial


Have you tried any workouts? Let me know what you recommend!





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