The Best UGG Style Boots: 12 Cute & Cozy UGG Alternatives!



Best UGG Lookalike Shoes (2021)

Some shoe brands have such an unmistakable look that you don’t even need branding to spot them from a mile away. 

Any Birkenstock, Tory Burch, or Chanel shoe is immediately recognizable thanks to the brand’s consistent and timeless look. 

Lately, I would put UGG in that category, too. Having recently expanded from its classic short boot lineup to chukkas, waterproof boots, and even bathrobes, UGG is quickly becoming an instantly recognizable footwear titan. 

That doesn’t mean you can’t get UGG style without breaking the bank, though.

Keep reading for our favorite UGG lookalike shoes below! 





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The Best UGG Lookalike Shoes!

There are a couple brands in particular that focus on the right blend of inspiration and unique style. Below, we’ve chosen our favorite UGG lookalike shoes to rock this season!


UGG Lookalike Shoes for Women 

  • UGG Classic Short Lookalike: Skechers
  • UGG Diara Chukka Boot Lookalike: Toms
  • UGG Coquette Slipper Lookalike: Minnetonka
  • UGG Aveline Waterproof Boot Lookalike: La Canadienne
  • UGG Adirondack Waterproof Boot Lookalke: Sorel
  • UGG Quincy Shearling Boot Lookalike: Marc Fisher







The Best UGG Lookalikes!


UGG Classic Short Lookalike



UGG Boot vs. Look for Less

The Classic Short is the quintessential UGG boot, so it’s only fitting that this lookalike comes from Skechers, a quintessential casual footwear brand. 

Can you even tell which is which?!

Featuring the exact same seam pattern as the UGG boots along with comfortable suede and 3M water resistance, the Skechers boots will have all your friends saying “Hey, nice UGGs!”. 

Skechers Shearling Boot

Sold on Zappos & Amazon

Check the latest reviews and see all color options here





UGG Diara Chukka Boot Lookalike



UGG Chukka Boots vs. Look for Less

Toms says these lace-up chukka boots are inspired by the Rose Avenue murals in Venice, California, but let’s be real. 

They are definitely inspired by the super popular UGG Chukka boot

Featuring suede fabric, natural canvas, faux shearling, and the Toms commitment to donating shoes to needy children, these UGG lookalike boots are a can’t-miss! 

Toms Chukka Boot

Sold on Zappos, Nordstrom & Amazon

Check the latest reviews and see all color options here





UGG Coquette Slipper Lookalike



UGG Slipper vs Alternative

For me, UGG really started making moves when they launched the Coquette, a ridiculously soft and comfortable slip-on shoe. 

While the UGG inspired Minnetonka slippers feature some slight differences (definitely more of a pull-on than slip-on slipper), the affordable option is so cute and similar, who cares?

The Minntonka slip on shoes feature a ridiculously plush sheepskin lining along with a durable rubber outsole that’s perfect for quick outdoor errands! 

Minnetonka Sheepskin Ankle Boot

Sold on Zappos & Amazon

Check the latest reviews and see all color options here





UGG Aveline Waterproof Boot Lookalike



UGG Waterproof Boots vs. Alternative

The original Aveline waterproof boot is known for striking that balance between fashionable and strong winter performance. 

This UGG lookalike from La Canadienne perfectly straddles that fine line, featuring a cushioned footbed and waterproof suede for performance alongside a super chic lace-up back and shearling lining. 

La Canadienne is known for their high quality waterproof shoes so this might just be one instance where the lookalike outshines the original!

La Canadienne Heidi

Sold on Zappos, Walmart & Amazon

Check the latest reviews and see all color options here





UGG Adirondack Waterproof Boot Lookalike: Sorel



UGG Winter Boots vs. Alternative

These UGG lookalike boots from Sorel are basically the Inception of winter boot save vs. splurge options, in that the Sorel boots are UGG-inspired, and the UGG boots are clearly inspired by the classic L.L. Bean boots. 

Either way, these Sorel boots are designed specifically for the heavy rain and snow.

Coming with a waterproof nubuck upper, seam-sealed waterproof rubber outsole, and 200 grams of insulation, these boots will protect you in the coldest and wettest of conditions! 

I swear by Sorels ever since wearing their snow boots throughout my trip to Norway – they’re so incredibly warm and the soles have great traction!

Sorel Cheyanne II

Sold on Zappos, Sorel, Nordstrom, Backcountry & Amazon

Check the latest reviews and see all color options here





UGG Quincy Shearling Boot Lookalike: Marc Fisher



UGG Shearling Boot vs. Look for Less

UGG pioneered sheepskin lined winter shoes, but these days shearling boots (with the decoration on the outside) are en vogue!

So thankfully there are tons of classic winter boot options featuring shearling, leather and laces. Of all the options, these Marc Fisher are the most luxurious! 

Featuring suede calfskin leather, plush shearling, and a reinforced rubber round toe, the Marc Fisher hiking boots are the cutest UGG lookalike boots I’ve found that can still withstand the beating of a harsh winter! 

Marc Fisher LTD Izzie

Sold on Zappos, Marc Fisher, Nordstrom, Bloomingdales & Amazon

Check the latest reviews and see all color options here





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