The Best Christmas Gifts for Parents (Who Deserve the Best!)


The Best Christmas Gifts for Parents

When your parents already have everything, it can be hard to think of a great gift idea. 

We’ve got you covered. 

Whether you want something luxurious, something practical or something both mom and dad will love, we’ve curated the perfect list of Christmas gifts!

Keep reading for great gift ideas for your parents!





Christmas Gifts for Parents Who Have Everything

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Experiences & Activities

Nothing brings the family closer together than fun activities and once in a lifetime experiences. Here are some perfect gift ideas for parents to enjoy together!



Your parents will love this hydroponic, DIY grow kit that will enable them to garden year round – even in the smallest of spaces.

Each garden comes with a seed kit (choose from fresh herbs, vegetables or salad greens) and instructions to easily and quickly grow a smart counter top garden.

In under 30 days, we had fresh basil for pesto, fresh mint for mojitos and thyme for pot roast. (You can read our Aerogarden review here!)

Whether your parents already enjoy gardening or are hoping to make a healthier choice towards organic, non-GMO foods, this is the perfect gift.

Available: Aerogarden, Williams Sonoma, Macys, Crate & Barrel and Amazon





Lightweight Luggage Set

The gift your parents want most? For you to fly out and see them.

But if for whatever reason you can’t, new luggage is the best substitute gift. This ultra lightweight set from Delsey is incredibly durable and the carry on weighs just 4.8 pounds.

As your parents get older, they’ll be grateful for this sleek hard side set that won’t strain their back.

Available Amazon





Winc Wine Club

Gift your parents a rotating subscription of top wines. Each quarter, Winc Wine Club delivers personalized wines depending on their palate and preferences!

Shop Wine Subscription





Matching Fit Bits

Give your parents the greatest gift: their health back.

Matching his and hers fitbit watches will enable them to track their steps and ensure they’re staying active every day! 

Shop Fit Bit Watches






Gift a DNA test to your parents and you’ll find that your family’s faraway origins might bring you closer together! Both 23 and Me and Ancestry DNA are popular.

Curious about the difference?

23andMe is focused on your genetic DNA. The fun test shows the traits that make you unique, from everything to freckles to your ability to match a musical pitch. It’s great for aging parents and relatives too, as it can help you understand how your genetics can influence the chances of developing certain health conditions.

Ancestry DNA is more focused on your family tree and has more precise ethnicity estimates. It’s Ancestry Subscription is invaluable to find long lost family members, and has millions of family tree records across 1,000 regions.

Shop 23andMe Health & Ancestry Kits







Useful Gifts for Parents

The best gifts are the ones they actually use. Here are our favorite gift ideas to save your parents time, money and generally make their lives easier.


Personalized Gift Card


Do your parents already have everything they could possibly need?

Get them a Visa Gift Card that’s redeemable anywhere… but still has a personal touch! You can use your favorite family photo and write a personalized message on the card. 

Or, offers Happy Cards, multi-store gift cards that have flexibility with where they’re spent. So you can pre load the value you’re comfortable spending and know the card will be appreciated and used! 

There are Happy cards for dining, the spa, beauty stores, student favorites, bridal shops, etc. See the full list here.

Shop Personalized Gift Cards





Robot Vacuum

Make their lives easier with a robot vacuum.

Ever since we got one, we can’t imagine life without it! You can read our in-depth review of the Roborock here and the Roomba here, but any robot vacuum that can mop, zone and clean all on it’s own is both a time saver and the best home hack!

Your parents will thank you.

Shop Robot Vacuum





Temperature Controlled Smart Mug

Whether they have young kids or grown grandchildren, mornings are hectic for everyone.

Get your parents this inexpensive, nifty smart cup that can perfectly control the temperature of their favorite beverage. They’ll think you and thank you every morning!

Shop Smart Mug





Smart Thermostat

Do you know what contributes more to your energy bill – more than appliances + electronics? Thermostats! Get your parents this Smart Thermostat that’s both tech forward and useful. 

On average, it saves households 10-12% on their heating bills and 15% on their cooling bills. Best of all it features a thin, sleek design and bright display so your parents can easily get the hang of it. In just two years, the investment pays for itself!

Shop Smart Thermostat





Outdoor Camera

Your parents made sure you were safe as a kid… so it’s time to return the favor.

Make your parents home ultra secure with these indoor and outdoor security cameras.

As a bonus, these Blink cameras pair with Alexa and your phone so your parents can always monitor things at home, even when they’re away! 

Shop Home Security Camera





Home Smart Device

samsung smarthub smart home

Smart homes are all the rage and this nifty SmartThings hub helps connect all your different smart devices to make them work together intelligently!

You can sync up lights, speakers, locks, thermostats, sensors – you name it!

Upgrade your parents’ home to the modern century by having the SmartThings hub tell it what to do when your parents are asleep, awake, away and back home.

Shop Samsung SmartThings Hub





Tile Tracker

Do your parents forget where they place their everyday essentials?

Get them these Tile Bluetooth trackers, which can stick on, clip on or attach to anything like house keys, wallets, even a coffee mug!

Tile trackers have a 400 foot range and can be synced to Alexa, Siri or Google Assistant.

Shop Tile Find Anything







Thoughtful Gifts for Parents

Show your parents you truly care by getting them something personalized. Or monogrammed!


Family Mug Shots

family mug shots

This one’s a bit of a funny gift idea for your parents. These family ‘mug shots’ are personalized with your family name and artwork for each member of the family!

You can personalize skin tone, hair, clothing color and add your parents’ names to one side, while the other side of the mugs can be personalized with the year and last name.

They’re made of ceramic and are such a cute and practical gift that we bet no one else will be gifting their parents! Wrap them as is, or fill them up with hot cocoa mix for a fun DIY gift idea.

Best of all, these personalized gifts are dishwasher and microwave safe!

Shop Family Mug Shot





Matching Family Pajamas

holiday family pajamas

We always love a good pair of holiday pajamas.

Why not get the entire family in on some color coordinated fun with a set of matching family pajamas?

You can buy everything from red & white striped jammies to unisex holiday plaids, or even some Christmas cartoon characters if you wish!

Best of all, if you’re shopping last minute, Amazon has tons of cute family pajama sets that arrive with 1 to 2 day free shipping for Prime members.

Grab a pair for everyone and snap a cute family photo on Christmas Eve with the tree!

Shop Holiday Family Pajamas





Custom House Print

custom house portrait art

Are your parents older and recently retired?

These custom art pieces could be a great gift idea for them if they’ve just downsized to a smaller home.

Or, if they’re new parents who have just moved to a bigger house for their growing family, why not celebrate their new home?

You can pick from 17 different frames, customize the print color, add borders and even text. Plus the process is easy – just upload a photo of the house and the resident artist takes care of everything else!

They’ll sketch a drawing for you, you get to approve the proofs until the print is perfect, and they customize away!

This Christmas gift idea is truly one of a kind and we bet your parents will not only appreciate the gesture and thought, but hang it up because they love the final print!

Shop Custom Family Art Print





Family Cookbook

Make sure the family recipes are recorded for posterity in this heirloom family cookbook.

You can fill in ingredients, instructions, ratings and family notes to make a one-of-a-kind thoughtful gift!

There’s enough room for 80 recipes, family photos and space for family members to review their favorites!

Shop Customized Family Cookbook





Passion Journal

Whatever your parents’ hobby is, this Moleskine journal will get them excited and on track. Gift them each this passion journal so they can plan and track their progress!

Moleskin journals have designs for every hobby, including: cooking & recipes, books & reading, traveling, gardening, wedding planning, wine, fitness – you name it!

Shop Passion Journal





Custom Photo Calendar

Upload your family photos and create this custom calendar for the new year.

This is the perfect, unique gift any parent would love! Add photos from your annual family trip, pictures of the siblings, or holiday snapshots of the grand kids! This customized calendar is both practical and heartwarming.

Shop Custom Family Calendar





Echo Show

Think of the Amazon Echo Show as an Alexa… with a screen!

With this handy device, your parents can video chat with you or the grandkids whenever they like. It also lets them check the weather and traffic, watch TV shows or the news and listen to music or cook with step-by-step recipe instructions!

Lots of smart home gadgets pair with Amazon Echo devices, so your parents can also “upgrade” to a smart home without much work.

For example, echo devices can be synced with outdoor security systems, with robot vacuums, smart lightbulbs, etc.

Some people like having multiple echos throughout the house so that they can listen to music as they clean up.

Basically, the Amazon Echo is like the perfect child, so your parents will finally stop nagging you and embrace this nifty gadget.

Shop Echo Show





My Life Story So Far

A couple years ago, C’s grandmother recorded her life story which the family printed into a custom book, along with some black and white photographs of the entire extended family.

She had lived through World War II, moved countries three times and eventually settled in the US. The book was one of a kind.

Prompt your parents and grandparents to do something similar with this Life Story Book.

The journal has nine sections with thought provoking prompts, to inspire your family to record their life experiences, relationships and wisdom.

This is guaranteed to be a family keepsake!

Shop Customized Life Story Book







Luxury Gifts for Parents

When your parents already have everything, it’s the small touches that count. Here are some luxurious gift ideas your parents will appreciate – but that don’t necessarily cost a fortune!


Neck & Back Massager

Gift your parents this shiatsu back and neck massager for some well deserved rest and relaxation. The small device feels so real, they’ll feel like they’re in a spa!

Not only is this massager on Oprah’s list, it’s therapist approved. With one gift, your parents will forget all those times you were a pain in their backside… :)

Shop Neck & Back Massager





Ettitude Luxury Bedding


Good quality, soft sheets make all the difference for a good night’s sleep. This Christmas, get your parents a set of luxurious bedding!

I’m a huge fan of Ettitude’s bamboo sheets

They’re sustainably made from 100% bamboo and feel as smooth as silk! I especially like how cool and comfortable they feel against your skin.

The signature sheet set comes in 11 colors and is great for anyone with sensitive skin, as it’s free from harmful chemicals and hypoallergenic.

Best of all, Ettitude offers free US delivery over $50 and a 30 night sleep trial!

Shop Luxury Bedding


We also got the Allswell Bed Basics bundle, which has truly taken our mattress to luxury hotel status.

The extra plush mattress pad, thick down comforter and pillows are so good that when my parents came to visit, they didn’t want to get out of bed!





Super Plush Robe

Parents of any age, but especially new parents, deserve some comfort. Gift them this cozy spa set.

It includes the softest waffle cotton robe and slippers so they can relax in style. Make them breakfast on Christmas morning and they’ll thank you for the most memorable gift they’ve had in years!

Shop Spa Bundle






nespresso christmas gift

If your parents (especially dad) are anything like mine, not much happens until they have their cup of joe. Enter the Nespresso.

Not only does it create barista grade coffee, it uses simple (recyclable!) pods so all they have to do is touch a button and out pops the perfect espresso. The machines take just 15 seconds to heat up too, so your parents don’t have to wait long. 

Best of all, Nespresso machines are beautifully designed, so chances are they’ll stash another gadget and make room on their kitchen counters for your gift.

While all the Nespresso models can make the perfect cup, the luxury models have some nice additional options to make lattes, capuccino and frothed milk. We haven’t stopped using our Nespresso since we got it!

Shop Nespresso Machine





Eco Friendly Tumblers & Mugs

I don’t know a single mom or dad who isn’t obsessed with Yeti.

Get them this his and hers insulated tumbler, or a tumbler and ice cooler set so their drinks will stay ice cold all day long. These Yeti mugs come in a rainbow of colors, so you can gift them their perfect shade!

Another option?

Gift one of these customizable Tervis tumblers where you can insert a family photo or anything you like. All of Tervis’ cups and mugs are double walled, so they keep drinks cold or hot for double the length of time.

Shop Eco Friendly Mug





Instant Pot

instant pot gift for parents

The Instant Pot has been all the rage for the last couple years and it’s showing no signs of slowing down!

This best selling multi cooker is just what every parent needs – whether you want a gift for your retired parents who hate to cook now that the kids have moved out, or you need a gift for new parents struggling to juggle career, kids and everything else.

It can steam, slow cook, saute, make yogurt, expertly prepare rice – you name it. You can even stack sides and the main course inside the Instant Pot to cook an entire meal in one contraption, meaning just 1 thing to wash!

Everyone who has one raves about them, so if your parents are still doing without, buy them the InstaPot this holiday season!

Shop Instant Pot





Monogrammed Throw

Every house needs a cozy throw blanket. Gift your parents this tartan and monogram it with their names!

Shop Monogram Throw Blanket





His & Hers Cozy Slippers

Cozy slippers for mom and dad so comfortable, their feet will feel like they’re walking on clouds!

In particular, we love the cozy sheepskin of UGG slippers and they make stylish loafer, moccasin and slipper options for men and women.

Shop Cozy Slippers





Drink Carbonator

This sleek device can carbonate water in seconds. Not only is it eco-friendly and less expensive than buying sparkling water, it looks so sleek and stylish!

If your parents love their sodas and flavored waters, they’ll appreciate this carbonator gadget.

Available William Sonoma & Amazon





Pizza Oven

Gift this luxurious pizza oven to parents who already have everything. The portable oven can make tasty wood fired pizzas in minutes!

Shop Pizza Oven






fossil smartwatch

This gorgeous smartwatch not only tells the time but keeps your parents up to date with the latest! With notifications for text, email, calendar events and social media updates, it’s perfect for the busy parent on the go.

It also has Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity and the Explorist is compatible with both iPhone and Android phones, making it practical for every parent.

Want to play music? It can do that!

Want to make payments almost anywhere? It’s got Google Pay so even if your parents forget their wallet, they’re ok!

And best of all, the Fossil smartwatch is swim proof, has heart rate tracking and activity tracking – perfect for parents who enjoy working out.

Shop Fossil Smartwatch





Digital Photo Frame

digital photo frame

One gift idea older parents always love? Photos.

Get them this fun digital photo frame to display all their favorite snapshots and holiday moments. It makes the perfect affordable yet sentimental gift that everyone from young parents to retired parents with grandchildren will love.

Best of all – it’s EASY to set up. You just plug in your USB stick or SD/SDHC card of your favorite clips, plug it into the digital frame and voila!

Watch all your photos and videos play in front of you. This particular frame has motion sensor so it automatically turns on when you enter the room and turns off when you leave!

Or, you can use the remote control that comes with it.

Finally, it’s a multi functional gift! The digital frame has a clock and calendar function as well as stereo speakers to play sound.

Shop Digital Photo Frame





Outdoor Fire Pit

Family get togethers will feel a lot cozier this summer with this outdoor fire pit. It’s easy to assemble, looks great and can even be used to make smores!

Shop Outdoor Fire Pit





Wine Fridge Cooler

Do mom and dad love a glass of wine before bed? Then gift them this sleek wine fridge so they can chill their favorite bottles in style.

Shop Wine Coolers





Ice Cream Maker

We gifted our parents this ice cream & sorbet maker a couple years ago and it’s gotten tons of use.

Not only is it a healthier way to make your favorite dessert, your parents can let their creative juices flowing and try out flavors like… matcha, dark chocolate cherry or any combination they can think of!

Shop Ice Cream Maker





The Most Comfortable Sneakers

Allbirds sneakers are incredible.

Made from fine New Zealand merino wool, they’re temperature regulating and moisture wicking for the most amazing all day comfort.

Now mom and dad can look as hip as Gen Z!

Shop Allbirds Sneakers





Lenovo Yogapad

lenovo yoga 730

Update your parents’ tech with a chic, multi-mode laptop / tablet. The Yoga 730 weighs a featherlight 2.47 pounds but packs power and speed in its 8th generation Intel Core i7 processor.

Whether your parents still share 1 email address or are saavy social media mavens, every parent will love the blazing fast connectivity, high definition resolution and immersive sound that this laptop offers.

Fun additional features include Cortana, a voice activated digital assistant and Windows Hello, a super secure security system to protect payments and passwords.

Shop Lenovo Yoga 13″





Leather Catchall Tray


Do one or more of your parents constantly misplace their keys or wallet?

Then get them this luxurious leather catchall tray – perfect for spare change, jewelry or odds & ends. 

Shop Leather Catchall Tray





Cozy Throw Blanket


A cozy fleece throw is never unappreciated.

If your parents like to curl up and watch TV, or simply are getting older and need an extra layer, they’ll love this luxurious cable knit throw

Shop Cable Knit Home Throw





Camping Tent


Do your parents like to travel, or just enjoy the outdoors?

Get them this dome style tent so they can glamp in style.

Whether it’s just the backyard or a multi-day hiking getaway, the Homestead Super Dome is tall enough to stand in, can fit a queen sized mattress and has a giant mesh roof that’s perfect for stargazing.

With the pandemic looking like it won’t end anytime soon, road trips will be in vogue for a while so they’ll love this gift

Shop The North Face Tent





What gifts have you gotten your parents for Christmas before that they loved?


Shop Christmas Gifts for Parents





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