Wrap It Up: The 5 Best Wrap Coats of 2021!


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Wrap Coats

My ability to function during the winter decreases in perfect proportion with the temperature. 

After all, there is only so much I can expect to accomplish when the weather is so bitterly cold I barely think about anything except how soon I won’t be cold anymore! 

I feel like most people are probably like this, right? 

So why are typical winter coats always a byzantine contraption of buckles, zippers, buttons, latches, and literally God knows what else? Some brands apparently don’t realize your hands freeze during winter – I don’t have time to snap, zip, loop, and tighten a million different things. 

This is why wrap coats are literally the most essential, ingenious, and comfortable piece of women’s fashion that has ever existed or ever will. 

Wrap coats are beautiful in their simplicity – the only closing or fastening mechanism is a built-in sash belt. 

If you’re thinking “Wait, isn’t that basically just the winter coat version of a bathrobe, then?” then the answer is yes. 

Yes, it is. 

If you want to move on from the hassle of traditional winter coats and never look back, keep reading for the best wrap coats for women! 





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Best Wrap Coats (2021)

From timeless brands to modern cuts and colors, here are the best wrap coats of the season! 


The Best Wrap Coats for Women 







The Best Wrap Coats for Women


Best Overall Wrap Coat: Cole Haan  


Cole Haan gets our vote for the best overall wrap coat thanks to its fresh color.

It’s called “petroleum” lol, but is really more like a sleek forest green.

Plus the flattering cut and fabric blend strikes the right note between coziness and affordability, as it provides both the warmth of wool and the durability of polyester! 

Cole Haan Slick Wool Wrap Coat

Sold on Zappos

Check the latest reviews and see all color options here





Best Wool Wrap Coat: Ralph Lauren


Made with imported wool, the Ralph Lauren enhances the traditional wrap coat’s low-maintenance and bathrobe-style comfort with elegant notched lapels and spacious welted pockets! 

Ralph Lauren Maxi Belted Wrap Coat

Sold on Zappos

Check the latest reviews and see all color options here





Best Cashmere Wrap Coat: Eileen Fisher



Eileen Fisher takes sophistication to new heights with this imported wool wrap coat featuring a shawl collar made from 100% cashmere.  

Note that this wrap coat doesn’t feature a sash belt closure, so be mindful and avoid wearing when the weather is especially cold!  

Eileen Fisher Double Face Coat

Sold on Zappos

Check the latest reviews and see all color options here





Best Camel Wrap Coat: Paige



Chic Los Angeles label Paige pays homage to the classic camel coat with its Greylin, a wrap coat that works perfectly for women of any size thanks to its adjustable cuffs, fold-over lapel, and extra long sash belt! 

Paige Greylin Coat 

Sold on Zappos

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Best Shawl Collar Wrap Coat: Mackage



Mackage brings haute couture to wrap coats with this gem that offers ultra-modern twists including a shawl collar, elaborately asymmetrical closure, leather-trimmed hand pockets. 

This wrap coat for women also features a perfectly balanced blend of wool (for breathability and warmth), nylon (for durability), and cashmere (for being a bougie queen)! 

Mackage Mai 

Sold on Zappos

Check the latest reviews and see all color options here





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