Best White Sneakers for Women 2021 – Minimalist & Easy to Style!



Best White Sneakers (2021)

White sneakers will never go out of style.

Spring, Summer, Winter, Fall… crisp white or well-worn, a pair of white sneakers work just as well with a sundress as with black jeans and a leather jacket. 

Here are our recommendations for the best classic white sneakers!





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The Best White Sneakers for Women (2021)

While a white sneaker may sound simple, there are so many different types! No matter your style, we’ve identified the best women’s white sneaker brands below!

Top White Sneaker Brands





Best Lace Up White Sneaker: Thousand Fell

If you are looking for a sleek, lace-up sneaker that adds a little touch of class beyond the typical white sneakers out there, check out this pair from Thousand Fell

From a purely aesthetic standpoint, I love both how clean these sneakers look and how well they pair the white and off-white coloring. 

And, from a modern perspective, these shoes are entirely woke, with a capital “W”. 

These Thousand Fell sneakers are PETA-approved as a vegan brand, feature at least 20% recycled materials, and even have an aloe vera-brushed mesh liner! 

Thousand Fell Lace Up

Sold on Zappos, Thousand Fell, and Madewell

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Best Sustainable White Sneaker for Women: Everlane


These are one of the few sustainable white sneakers on the market.

Stylish and comfortable right out of the box, the Everlane Court sneaker goes with everything, but still looks fresh and unique. 

The white sneakers are made from 100% leather uppers, partly recycled rubber soles and a completely recycled polyester lining. Plus, the company offsets production emissions for a 100% carbon neutral footprint. 

Now that’s chic!

Everlane Court Sneaker

Sold on Everlane

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Best Classic Women’s White Sneaker: Adidas


It doesn’t get more classic than Adidas. This is the white sneaker that every other white sneaker copied!

The original Stan Smiths were distinctive thanks to a green patch on the back but the updated all-white option is our favorite. Other than some perforated holes on the sides, these Adidas white sneakers have remained surprisingly true to their original silhouette! 

If you want a sleek, low profile white sneaker that goes with every outfit, in every season, get these.

Adidas Stan Smith Sneaker

Sold on Zappos, Nordstrom, and Amazon

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Best Slip On White Sneaker for Women: Steve Madden


Prefer a white shoe that’s a bit more effortless?

We love these slip on leather sneakers from Steve Madden. They’re crisp, clean and great with cutoff light wash jeans or shorts. Slip on sneakers are our go-to for days when we’ll be running around all day or (super) casual dates. 

These have a cute low platform to give you an extra height boost and come in a whole host of other colors. Best of all, they’re super comfortable right away and need very little breaking in! 

The heel is padded and rounded, to prevent blisters, but we do recommend no-show socks to keep your feet from sweating. They fit true to size, but will be slightly tight when you first wear them. Don’t worry – they stretch out to mold to your feet once you wear them!

Steve Madden White Slip On Sneaker

Sold on Zappos, Nordstrom, and Amazon 

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Best Low Profile White Sneaker for Women: Converse


There’s something effortlessly cool and nostalgic about low top Chuck Taylors. The silhouette is iconic, slightly rebellious and popular the world over.

Pair them with even the most girly dress and you’ll instantly elevate your outfit to something a little less sweet and more edgy. 

I like the low top Converse to make me look taller (I don’t think I could pull off the high tops!) and the canvas uppers make these white shoes incredibly easy to slip on and off.

My only caveat is that although these shoes are really cute, they definitely are not meant for all day walking. I’d opt for a more traditional, padded sneaker if you’re looking for a walking shoe.

For a budget white sneaker (these are just $50!) you can’t go wrong with iconic Converse shoes. 

Converse Classic White Sneaker

Sold on Zappos, Nordstrom, and Amazon

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Best Designer White Sneaker: Common Projects


Looking for a designer white sneaker?

It’s a toss-up between Golden Goose and Common Projects. If you aren’t super sportsy or edgy, and want that perfect white sneaker for every situation, go with Common Projects.

These white leather sneakers are the epitome of classic cool. Not only are they unisex, they’re all white for a truly minimalist look. They just have a tiny gold stamp on the heel identifying the style, the size, and the indisputable fact this is a bona fide luxury shoe! 

Common Projects are entirely sourced and sewn in Italy. At this price point, you’re getting a truly high quality white sneaker that will last for years.

Common Projects Original Achilles Sneaker

Sold on Nordstrom and Net A Porter

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Best Leather White Sneaker: M. Gemi


M. Gemi makes the perfect sophisticated lace up sneaker.

With clean lines, waxed laces and a minimalist profile, this is the kind of white sneaker that works with even the dressiest outfit. Pair it with a slip dress for an outdoor summer party or with blue jeans for Sunday morning bagel runs.

The sneakers come in a rainbow of colors but, naturally, we love the white option. All are super comfy, thanks to cushy rubber bottoms and soft leather uppers that mold to your feet with time. 

What makes them different? The craftsmanship! These sneakers are made from genuine leather and hand stitched to their soles in Italy. The result is a true-to-size, extra comfortable sneaker, good for all day walking and standing. 

M. Gemi The Palestra

Sold on M. Gemi

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How to Clean White Sneakers


Right Out of the Box

Spray your white sneakers with a stain and liquid repellent like this one before you wear them.

These are essential for creating a protective barrier around the fabric so potential dirt and puddles will roll off and be easier to remove.

Use this on any of your white shoes, but especially white sneakers like Converse, which are made from canvas!


Spot Clean

White sneakers require just a bit more maintenance than other shoes.

In a city like New York where I’m walking everywhere, I take a minute or two when I get home to check for any dirty stains. I’m not going to lie – it’s definitely tedious and not for everyone.





If you want white shoes to stay white, use a stiff brush like this one to gently wipe off any stains or scuffs the day they happen. The longer stains have a chance to sink into the fabric, the more risk they’ll permanently set.

Another great option?

Mr. Clean!

We use these magic erasers for scuffs on our walls, and they’re great at spot cleaning white shoes too. Or, if you don’t have any of these on hand, dip an old toothbrush into some vinegar and rub it on the stain. 





Washing Machine

I wouldn’t make a habit of doing this, but if your white shoes are fabric based (not leather or suede) and deeply dirty, you can put them in a washing machine.

To protect them, put your sneakers in a delicates wash bag and run them through a delicate cycle. Add in a little baking soda to the wash to get an extra white result.

The strength and spin of a washing machine drum can ruin shoes, so opt for this as a last resort. I also like to take the laces out and let them wash in the cycle separate from the shoes. That way the machine can clean the full length of lace.

After, let them dry indoors away from the sun. Stick in some old magazines or paper towels to help soak up moisture and allow them to dry faster. 





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