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Fushimi Inari Shrine

The vermilion tori tunnel gates of Fushimi Inari are one of the most frequently photographed sites of Kyoto and make for a hauntingly beautiful path of orange and black. Fushimi Inari shrine sits at the base of a mountain 223 meters above sea level, and the winding tori gates straddle a meandering upward path that takes approximately 2 to […]


Donating a Torii Gate at Fushimi Inari

Behind Fushimi Inari shrine’s main grounds lies the entrance to the torii gate covered hiking trail. Have you ever wondered what the bright orange gates symbolize? Inari, the Shinto god to whom the site is dedicated, is the patron of business as well as the god of rice. Traditionally worshiped by Japanese merchants and manufacturers, Inari has dozens […]