The Best Travel Umbrella – Shield Your Vacation from Rain, Wind & Sun

Best Travel Umbrella - lightweight compact umbrella reviews

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The Best Travel Umbrellas


Umbrellas are basically like health insurance – you hate the hassle of getting it and carrying it around, but if the time does come, boy are you glad you’re prepared!

Nowhere is this sentiment more applicable than on vacation, where itineraries often call for extended time outdoors. Or, you may be traveling in unfamiliar surroundings, where the best place to take cover isn’t immediately obvious.

Finding a normal umbrella that can open properly and withstand a mild storm without snapping into a million pieces is difficult enough, but travel umbrellas demand more certainties.

Is the umbrella foldable or compact?

How much will it weigh down my backpack?




The Best Travel Umbrellas for Rain, Wind, Sun, Beach
The Best Travel Umbrellas for Rain, Wind, Sun, Beach


Finding the best small travel umbrella can be tricky, especially when different umbrellas can work well for different vacations. We set out to find the top travel umbrellas on the market, and these are the 6 that made the cut!


Best Umbrellas for Travel 2019



Keep reading to find our favorite travel umbrellas… so you won’t have to resort to makeshift banana leaf umbrellas like this guy.



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1. EEZ-Y Folding Golf Umbrella


Best Travel Umbrella EEZ Y Folding Umbrella Windproof

Though most famous for its umbrellas, EEZ-Y also sells very popular Bluetooth remotes, selfie sticks, and tripods.

Long story short: these guys know how to make durable, fashionable, and affordable travel products.

Their Folding Golf Umbrella comes in 8 colors and features an intelligent double-canopied construction with vents that allow wind to pass through but aren’t porous enough for water molecules to pass.

Translation: the vents will keep you dry while preventing massive wind gusts from collecting and bending the umbrella backward!

The EEZ-Y travel umbrella is large at 58 inches but folds to a smaller-than-you-would-expect 23 inches. Its large size makes it ideal for travelers who want to squeeze an extra body under the large canopy or anticipate rain in settings like outdoor concerts or sporting events where little movement is required.

It’s also a great choice for those traveling to hot, tropical regions who want to shield themselves from the sun. EEZ-Y makes the same umbrella in large (62” canopy) and small (37”), but only the medium and small are foldable.

In short, we love the EEZ-Y umbrella for travel due to its flexibility for many different travel situations.

EEZ-Y Folding Golf Umbrella

At 23″ inches this large folding umbrella makes a great travel umbrella for the sun

Available on Amazon | See all color options here


2. Crown Coast Travel Umbrella



Best Travel Umbrella Crown Coast Black Travel Umbrella

If you travel often on the coast or anywhere the elements can be unforgiving, this is the best travel umbrella for you. The Crown Coast travel umbrella has been proven to withstand gusts up to an incredible 65 miles per hour. That’s faster than most vehicle speed limits, folks!

What’s the secret? The Crown Coast umbrella has a 10-rib structure that provides flex when faced with harsh winds, which provides a “bent but unbroken”’ type of protection against the umbrella flipping inside out.

This compares very favorably to typical travel umbrellas, where even an 8-rib structure is considered higher than average.

The Crown Coast has plenty of other favorable attributes besides its top-shelf wind protection. Collapsing to 11.3 inches, weighing less than 15 ounces, and operational with one-button, the Crown Coast is the best mini travel umbrella on the market and offers a triple threat of convenience, durability and compactness.

Plus, it comes in 20 colors, so you can style, profile, and match as you please no matter the weather!

Crown Coast Travel Umbrella

perhaps the best mini travel umbrella at only 11 inches when folded

Available on Amazon | See all color options here


3. Repel Windproof Travel Umbrella


Best Travel Umbrella - Repel Windproof Travel Umbrella

Ronald Reagan was nicknamed “The Teflon President” for numerous scandals’ inability to mar his unflappable popularity.

New York law enforcement and media referred to erstwhile Gambino family boss John Gotti as “The Teflon Don” because charges against him never could seem to stick.

So, when you hear that popular umbrella and backpack brand Repel has a travel umbrella with Teflon coating, you know that this product protects against something far more common (and, in fact, more dangerous) than political imbroglios or indictments: rain.

All kidding aside, the Repel travel umbrella truly checks all the boxes. It’s extremely compact and lightweight as it measures just 11.5 inches in its umbrella sleeve and weighs less than a pound.

As with all Repel products, there’s also a lifetime warranty that fully replaces the product in the unlikely event it gets damaged or broken, no questions asked.

Also, Teflon is one of the fastest-drying waterproofing materials, meaning you’ll never have to wait long to get back on the go! What do you think?

Does this make the cut for best travel umbrella?

Repel Windproof Travel Umbrella

heading somewhere windy? the teflon strong coating makes this 11 inch umbrella perfect for travel

Available on Amazon | See all color options here





4. Rainlax UV Protection Umbrella


Best Travel Umbrella Rainlax Inverted Umbrella

It’s easy to think that travel umbrellas need only be waterproof, durable, and packable, and, while those are definitely the key requirements, the Rainlax folding travel umbrella proves that travel umbrellas can benefit immensely from a few expertly-designed bells and whistles.

One of the most harmonious of these is the double layer technology, whereby the inner layer essentially acts as a mop that absorbs any moisture permeation from the outermost layer.

This allows users to store the umbrella anywhere without worrying about a mess, a huge time-saver when you’re running around from place to place on vacation!

Another ingenious design is the Rainlax’s electroplated steel shaft and hands-free C-shaped handle.

This enables the umbrella to be perfectly balanced on your wrist, allowing you to finagle with a cell phone, camera, or map all while staying completely dry and protected!

With 19 designs including creative and spunky prints, the Rainlax is also one of the travel umbrellas best blending form and function!

Rainlax Reverse Folding Umbrella

This travel umbrella is really well made, dries quickly and expertly balanced. Plus it comes in 19 colors!

Available on Amazon | See all color options here


5. StormProof “Unbreakable” Travel Umbrella


Best Travel Umbrella Stormproof Umbreakable

When a travel umbrella so boldly markets itself as “Unbreakable”, you know its going to put its money where its mouth is.

And true to its namesake, this German-engineered and tested travel umbrella from StormProof demonstrates incredible durability characteristics.

The secret is using a cage of fiberglass rather than aluminum ribs to support the umbrella’s canopy. The results?

How about a canopy that can withstand gusts over 70 miles per hour and a canopy made from fabric that makes it dry super quickly?

The only drawback about the StormProof travel umbrella is that it only comes in black, which I personally try to avoid because it’s bland and also easily confused with other umbrellas.

However, at 11.4 inches folded, less than 13 ounces, and cheaper than $20, the StormProof travel umbrella also has one of the most unbreakable values around!

Stormproof Unbreakable Travel Umbrella

Living up to its name, this is the travel umbrella to take for windy destinations.

Available on Amazon | See all color options here


6. Lewis N. Clark Compact Travel Umbrella


Best Travel Umbrella Lewis and Clark Compact

The Lewis N. Clark Umbrella is the definitely the bread and butter of travel umbrellas – it’s got just enough to give you everything you need.

It folds to an incredibly compact 11 inches, has a canopy constructed with lightweight and mildew resistant polyester, has a storage sleeve with a nifty carry loop that can hook to your backpack or suitcase, and even comes in four bright and funky colors!

What more can you ask for?

With a 38 inch canopy the Lewis N. Clark is the best compact travel umbrella due to its small size, and is a perfect choice for kids, as a backup umbrella, or for over-packers tight on space!

Plus at ~$10, the Lewis N. Clark travel umbrella is cheaper than one-and-a-half drinks at Starbucks, and is sure to last you a lot longer!

Lewis N. Clark Compact & Lightweight Travel Umbrella

This is my pick for all-around best travel umbrella. It's light, comes in lots of colors and doesn't take up much space!

Available on Amazon | See all color options here





Do you have a favorite umbrella, that’s held up to the rigors of travel? Let us know in the comments!


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