The Best Packing Cubes for Travel



Best Packing Cubes

  • Most Compressive Packing Cubes: Peak Design
  • Best Minimalist Packing Cubes: Bagail
  • Most Colorful Packing Cubes: Calpak
  • Best Lightweight Packing Cubes: Eagle Creek
  • Best Large Packing Cube Set: eBags
  • Best Budget Packing Cubes: Amazon
  • Best Packing Cubes for Business Travel: Tumi
  • Best Color Coded Packing Cubes: Dot & Dot
  • Best See Through Packing Cubes: Baggalini





Best Packing Cubes for Travel

Remember the good ole’ days, when a decent suitcase meant a non-collapsible handle and two wheels that could only move in one direction?

I don’t either, because those days were dark and full of terrors.

Today, suitcases feature everything from handles that lock in multiple positions and four wheels that move in all directions.

A similar renaissance has impacted how we pack what’s inside these travel bags, namely in the explosion of compression bags and packing cubes.

Packing cubes help maximize the amount of clothing you can pack, while ensuring everything stays neat, tidy and wrinkle free.

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Best Packing Cubes (2023)


Most Compressive Packing Cubes: Peak Design


Ever since we discovered travel brand Peak Design, we haven’t stopped using their stuff.

Their packing cubes are the most functional and well thought out of any brand we’ve tried. If you travel frequently, you’ll love these.

I mean, just look at how much can fit in one packing cube when unzipped! These compress down to half their size so you can pack way more in your carry on bag.

First, Peak Design packing cubes come in two sizes, small and medium. The system is built on “units”, where 2 smalls equal the size of 1 medium.






We like to use the small for socks and undies while our regular clothes go in the medium. For a carry on backpack, expect to fit 1 medium packing cube, 2 small packing cubes, a shoe bag and toiletry bag. Talk about an impressive use of limited space!

The packing cubes themselves are made from a lightweight, yet strong nylon that’s both abrasion resistant and compressible.






Two tabs with smooth zippers allow you to tear open the bag easily and quickly, so you never have to fumble to get your things.

A divider and back pocket lets you separate your clothes with clean clothes on one side and worn ones on the other.

The most impressive function?

The roomy interior and compression function!

You could throw in a bulky jacket into the fully expanded medium cube, then compress the bag down to its standard size! For over packers like us, these Peak Design cubes are fantastic!

We only wish they came in more colors…

Peak Design Packing Cubes

Sold on Amazon & Peak Design

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Best Minimalist Packing Cubes: Bagail


For an affordable packing set, check out Bagail.

They offer a 6 piece set for under $25 that can organize the contents of even the largest checked bag. Each bag is made from nylon, with various sizes so you can organize everything from toiletries and underwear, to bulkier jackets and sweaters.

You can even use some of the packing cubes as shoe organizers! 

Pro tip: roll your clothes and neatly layer inside to stuff as much as possible within each bag.

For the price, we think these are a great buy. Just remember to hand wash them as they’re a little more delicate and won’t stand up to washing machines.

Bagail Packing Cubes

Sold on Amazon

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Most Colorful Packing Cubes: Calpak


We’ve used Calpak luggage for years. They’re a great travel brand because they offer stylish suitcases and travel products, at a solid price point.

Their packing cubes are fantastic as well!

I have the 5 piece beige set and they’ve held up for 6 years – they’re only just starting to show some tears at the seams.

Calpak makes these in all sorts of fun colors and prints, and with 5 pieces you’ll have variety to organize all your things.

Calpak Packing Cubes

Sold on Calpak & Net A Porter

Read the latest reviews and see all color options here





Best Lightweight Packing Cubes: Eagle Creek


Eagle Creek was one of the first brands to make compression packing cubes.

Their best selling 2 pack is great for a couple reasons.

First, they’re ultra lightweight so you don’t have to worry about them adding bulky weight to your already limited suitcase. Second, they’re made from durable rip-stop nylon, which ensures one puncture doesn’t cause a tear throughout the entire bag.

Third, each cube also contains a mesh-lined section, which is great for breathability and quickly locating certain items!

They also are quite compressive, with an extra compression zip running around the length of the cube for extra consolidation.

Lastly, these are really versatile. Since they have a slim upright profile with a top handle, you can use these in both checked luggage (lying flat) and in a carry-on only backpack situation.

Best of all, Eagle Creek offers a lifetime warranty so you can trust that you’ll be getting quality packing cubes!

Eagle Creek Packing Cubes

Sold on Zappos, BackcountryAmazon

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Best Large Packing Cube Set: eBags

Best Travel Packing Cubes

Along with the Eagle Creek cube set featured above, the eBags Packing Cubes Set is considered the industry standard bearer – and with good reason.

Like Eagle Creek, the eBags 3 piece packing cube set comes with rectangular packing cubes that conveniently stack in your suitcase but also offer compressibility when there’s excess volume.

Some people believe the eBags’ nylon fabric looks and feels cheaper than that of Eagle Creek, but eBags customers appreciate the lighter weight and wider color selection.

Additionally, eBags offers one of the best packing cubes for travel due to its innovative spring-loaded frame, which preserves its upright and stackable shape – even when the cubes are less than full!

eBags Packing Cubes

Sold on eBags & Amazon

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Best Budget Packing Cubes: Amazon Basics

Best Travel Packing Cubes

The Amazon Basics 4 piece set isn’t flashy but, like seemingly everything from Amazon, it gets the job done at a bargain price.

All 4 packing cubes from Amazon’s private label have different capacities, ranging from 196 to 725 cubic inches.

The mesh tops, double-zippered design, and polyester construction are reminiscent of the best packing cubes for travel, but a few customers have questioned the long-term durability of the Amazon Basics set.

If you’re a travel junkie and see yourself using packing cubes often, it could be worth paying more for cubes with a longer performance history.

However, if you like packing cubes but only travel occasionally, the Amazon Basics set is plenty capable!

Amazon Basics Packing Cube Set

Sold on Amazon

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Best Packing Cubes for Business Travel: Tumi


If you travel for business, you need these Tumi packing cubes.

They come in several sizes but the large is perfect for storing folded dress shirts and keeping them neat and tidy during travel.

Plus, it has a built-in divider so you can pack different outfits on the top vs. the bottom and keep everything nicely organized. 

They’re quite sturdy, made from durable nylon, and the shiny opaque black color keeps your bag looking professional – just in case TSA decides to open up your luggage in front of your colleagues!

The Tumi packing cubes do have a see-through mesh top compartment though, so you can easily keep track of where all your things are. 

Best of all, these are really high quality!

If you’ve used cheap packing cubes in the past and experienced them breaking after a couple trips, you’ll be really satisfied with Tumi’s version.

Tumi Packing Cubes

Sold on Zappos, Tumi, Nordstrom, Bloomingdales & Amazon

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Best Color Coded Packing Cubes: Dot & Dot 

Best Travel Packing Cubes

This 4-piece packing cube set takes a slightly unorthodox design approach, so figuring out whether this set is for you depends on your typical travel preferences.

Like all the best packing cubes for travel, the Dot & Dot offers ultralight and durable nylon fabric, meshed sections for visibility and hassle-free airport security screens, and a sturdy rectangular construction to keep your clothes organized and wrinkle-free.

Whereas most sets will include different-sized cubes, the Dot & Dot set comes with 4 equally-sized cubes.

So it’s great for travelers who want to organize their bag by a color-coded system, or for families who want to organize clothes by child or family member. 

Dot & Dot Packing Cubes

Sold on Amazon

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Best See Through Packing Cubes: Baggallini


If you prefer to see directly into the contents of your stuff, for extra easy organization, try Baggallini’s packing cubes.

The travel brand makes clear, see-through organizers, so it’s perfect for those who over pack or are OCD about organization!

Each packing cube is made from heavy duty nylon, with mesh inserts for further organization.

They’re also available in various sizes and colors too, so you can find the perfect set for your trip!

Baggallini See Through Packing Cubes

Sold on Zappos & Amazon

Read the latest reviews and see all color options here





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