Here’s Your Essential Business Trip Packing List

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Business Trip Packing List

A business trip packing list doesn’t have to be complicated.

I stick to conservative classics and sharp suiting for any kind of work related travel, conference or client meeting. I always remember to pack a good blazer, a comfortable flat shoe, a pair of comfortable heels and some casual basics.

And of course, these all go in a carry on suitcase!





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Best Work Wear Brands

If you’re on a budget, Ann Taylor, Club Monaco and Banana Republic routinely have sales and are a great place to shop for well made work clothes that are conservative enough for the office while still be flattering.

If you want high quality and don’t mind paying for a great dress that will last you years, I love M.M. LaFleur and Theory. Both make the most incredible fitted, slimming dresses that are chic and comfortable.

Other good quality work wear brands to check out: Tory Burch, Vince, Max Mara and Nordstrom. I usually pay more for suits and coats since a good quality one will last you years.

And then I’ll save by buying more inexpensive blouses, skirts and trousers which get worn more often and break down faster.





What to Pack For a Business Trip for Women


Business Trip Packing Checklist





Work Blazer


I have both the Theory Gabe Suit and the Theory Lanai suit and love both of them.

The Lanai blazer is “open cut” without any buttons but the blazer never flaps about and looks sharp yet distinctive. Every time I wear it, I get a nice comment from a stranger so it is definitely worth the money!

Fabric wise, they usually come in lots of different colors and textures. I get the most wear out of my dark grey one.

For those on a tighter budget, check out Ann Taylor, Banana Republic and J.Crew for solid suit options. 

Work Blazers

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I love a sleek pantsuit, and swear by Theory’s blazer and pant sets.

The quality is fantastic and they typically make one style of fabric into a ton of different suit styles – oversized blazers, cropped blazers, buttoned blazers, open blazers, etc.

They do the same for the pants. So they have straight leg, boot cut, slim cropped pants and a variety of inseam lengths too.

I have different bottoms in the same suit fabric so I can mix and match and get more wear out of each item. 

Work Trousers

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Blouses & Button Downs


Personally, I think blouses are much more flattering than button down shirts for women.

The worst is when a button accidentally pops open, or if there are gaps in between the buttons. Avoid all that with a feminine, clean blouse – I stick to neutral shades like white, beige, light blue, light pink, etc.

Work Blouses & Button Downs

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I also recommend bringing a thicker cardigan for the plane or air conditioned conference rooms. A thinner cardigan can fit under a blazer or a thicker, structured cardigan can replace a suit jacket.

Work Cardigans

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Dresses are my favorite thing to wear for work since they fit the “conservative corporate office environment, but are much the most comfortable to wear on long days.

I also find it easier shopping for dresses, then finding trousers that will fit! 

Work Dresses

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Work Shoes


I recommend packing comfortable flats for the plane and heels.

If you can fit it, I would bring a low heel that can last you all day (something around 2-3 inches) and a taller heel for that ‘power look’ when you have a client meeting.

My go to flats for work are by Ferragamo – classic, comfortable and a staple for conservative office environments. I like the Varina flat for everyday wear and the Vara pump for a modest, walkable heel.

Both styles come in every color under the rainbow so you can opt for a neutral black, navy or nude.. or get a seasonal color like blush pink velvet.

They’re slightly pricier than basic flats but each pair I’ve bought has lasted for years. For other comfortable heels, check out J. Crew, Ann Taylor, Banana Republic and Sam Edelman.

Work Shoes

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I have a separate toiletry pouch to hold my travel makeup and for business trips, will usually include a light foundation, a lipstick and basic eye makeup.

I also make sure to bring spare contacts and glasses for potential late night meetings when your eyes may dry out.

For perfume, I fill a small travel atomizer with my favorite scent so that I have something travel friendly. Stick to clean, light scents that won’t potentially offend anyone.

My favorite crisp, fresh scents are Tiffany, Guess 1981 and Odin. I love YSL’s Parsienne and Chloe Love Story but I avoid these for business trips because they’re stronger and muskier!

Work Makeup

Browse work makeup on Zappos







A great tote bag that can hold a manila folder for papers is essential. Also pack a small notebook, extra pens and business cards. I usually also pack a small cross body or clutch bag for dinners.

Mansur Gavriel makes gorgeous, affordable large shoulder totes. For higher end designers, I swear by the Prada saffiano tote and Fendi 2Jours bags for statement work bags.

Work Handbags

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I like to bring simple, high quality pearl earrings for business trips. If you don’t mind things on your wrists, a watch and bracelet are great jewelry options – I love David Yurman if you’re looking to splurge.

Missoma also sells very timeless jewelry. They’re more affordable and range in quality from demi fine to fine necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings.

I also try to clean up my nails before a multi-day business trip and swear by neutral tones. Deborah Lippmann has the best undressed nail polish set to cover a wide range of barely there shades.

Work Jewelry

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Travel Bags, Organizers & Electronics



For work trips, especially as a junior member of the team, you absolutely want to go carry-on only.

The first time you fly with a boss can be a little nerve wracking as you’ll likely be spending significant extended time together and you don’t yet know their travel likes and dislikes.

Most senior people in the corporate world don’t want to wait for their bags and will not like having to wait to get to the hotel room for you to wait for your bag at the carousel. 

If you can easily fit your items in a portable leather duffel bag, that’s a great thing to bring. Otherwise, bring a sleek and nondescript rolling carry-on.

I particularly recommend Tumi or Samsonite for work carry-on luggage since they have very sleek and understated black options. Calpak luggage is especially light weight, has a glossy shine and comes with built-in GPS and charging ports. 

Read this review post for all my favorite carry on luggage.

Work Suitcases

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Packing Cubes


I like to group clothing by color or function and pack each group of items snugly in their own packing cube.

These are a lifesaver for keeping your suitcase organized in your hotel room and are my number 1 secret to maximize space and function in just a carry on suitcase. I typically reserve one packing cube for all my worn clothes to separate the dirty stuff from my fresh clothes!

Amazon has their own inexpensive 4 piece packing cube set and several travel blogger friends swear by this set from eBags.

Personally I use a set from CalPak which I love. They’re machine washable for easy cleaning and if you have CalPak luggage – they’re perfectly sized for their carry on luggage pieces!

Packing Cubes

Browse packing cubes on Zappos







If I know I’m going somewhere tropical, I prefer to pack my own hair products since my hair tends to dry out from the sun and chlorine.

I currently like these for shampoo and conditioner.


Browse toiletries on Zappos







This is something I usually leave at home, especially if I’m going to a conference or meeting clients since it adds lots of weight and doesn’t typically get used.

I use a 15″ ASUS laptop and protect it with a laptop case.

Laptop Bags

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Portable Charger


I currently use an iPhone and a portable charger comes in handy to keep it fully charged at all times – especially when you’re on the go. This charger is small and sleek with enough life to fully charge an iPhone 2x.

Travel power strips are so handy because they allow you to charge up all your devices with one outlet. This cute power strip has multiple AC outlets, a USB charger and a cute zippered carrying case.

Portable Chargers

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Shop Work Wear





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