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Toiletry Bags for Travel

The havoc that packing brings is both well-known and well-feared.

Deciding how 15 outfits can fit in a carry on suitcase meant for 3 days is so preoccupying I can’t even pause to ask the obvious – how the heck was I planning on wearing 15 outfits in 3 days, anyway?!

This stress is only magnified when packing toiletries. Choosing products that are both nice enough (but not too nice that losing them will make you miserable) and compliant with airport security is a chore enough, and that’s saying nothing of where to pack them!




best toiletry bags


The Best Toiletry Bags

Infrequent travelers may treat these as afterthoughts, but true nomads know the difference the best toiletry bag can make in reducing vacation headaches. Whether it’s avoiding disgusting spills or providing the organization you need to quickly stow and go, the best travel toiletry bags are truly your best travel friends.

Durability and functionality are the distinguishing traits of the best toiletry bag for travel, so we’ve lined up 7 great candidates for you right here!


best hanging toiletry bag


1. Bago Hanging Toiletry Bag


The hanging toiletry bag is a modern innovation that suits any lodging arrangement from the log cabin to the luxury hotel. Clearing valuable bathroom space by hanging, saving important suitcase space by lying flat, and proving more durable courtesy of its constructed frame, this product hits on all notes.

The hanging toiletry bag from bago offers an intelligently designed pocket arrangement (tall and skinny spaces for toothbrush and toothpaste, wide and deep spaces for oils and cleansers) along with detachable pouches for carrying important items separately. The bago fabric is completely waterproof, which also makes this a fantastic toiletry bag for backpacking!


Bago Waterproof Toiletry Bag

Sold on Amazon

See all 7 colors & read reviews here



2. Leather Toiletry Bag

The truth it, few people will see your travel bag. Probably just yourself and your main travel buddy or significant other, who having seen you in the bathroom enough by this point, wouldn’t necessarily be impressed with a glamorous toiletry bag.

But, for those of us who appreciate fine leather goods and sleek design, this luxurious toiletry bag is hard to pass up.

With a minimalist design and 4 beautiful colors to choose from, this toiletry case will add a glamorous touch to all your mini beauty and skincare items! It’s crafted from Argentinian pebbled leather with an interior pocket and removable pouch. You can even monogram it!

Leather Toiletry Bag

Sold on Cuyana

See all 4 colors here

black toiletry bag with hanging hook


3. NeatPack Toiletry Bag


Not long ago, the best hanging travel toiletry bag was simply a clothes hanger slapped on any ole’ toiletry bag. Well, today, hanging toiletry bags are known for their innovation, and nowhere is this more evident than the medium hanging toiletry bag from NeatPack, a model in practicality.

The NeatPack has a typical pocket arrangement but really starts to add value with its clear plastic pockets that are visible and fully compliant with the United States Transportation Security Administration (TSA) “3-1-1” rules regarding carry-on liquids. The NeatPack also has a reinforced bottom that holds bottles and jars upright, even while hanging!


NeatPack Toiletry Bag with Hanging Hook

Sold on Amazon

See all 6 colors & read reviews here



4. Peak Design Wash Bag


We’re big fans of Peak Design and their wash bag is one of the most well designed dopp kitts for travelers. Don’t be fooled by the modern, minimalist design – this toiletry bag packs a lot. 

A network of internal mesh pockets, internal zipper pouched and external magnetically sealed pocket keep everything organized and tidy. The accordion like structure means you can easily pack 2 weeks worth of toiletries and still have zip it shut in a relatively thin profile. 


Meanwhile, the smart design allows the Peak Design pouch to both sit upright, or hang, if counter space is scarce. Strong nylon fabric is tough, durable and even beads off water from wet bathrooms.

Things get a little dirty on the road? No worries, all the pockets turn inside out for easy cleaning.

Overall, the roomy Peak Design wash pouch is perfect for those who want to maintain the same beauty & grooming routine at home as they do on the road. With high quality materials and lots of organization, this is the perfect toiletry bag for overpackers!

Peak Design Toiletry Bag

Sold on Amazon and Peak Design

See all colors & read reviews here





Freegrace hanging toiletry bag


5. Hanging Toiletry Bag


Looking for the best carry on toiletry bag that’s modern without being unnecessarily complicated or expensive? Well, you’re not anymore, because found is the Freegrace bag, a simple bag that proudly broadcasts its best attribute as simply getting the job done.

This hanging toiletry bag has a similar design to the ProCase bag, although a slight difference is the sleeved pockets have narrower ribbons, making the Freegrace a brilliant makeshift cosmetics bag as well!


Freegrace Hanging Toiletry Bag

Sold on Amazon

See all 6 colors & read reviews here

best unisex toiletry bag


6. Leather Toiletry Case


For low-maintenance toiletry bag purveyors with a penchant for style, check out this genuine buffalo leather toiletry bag from komalC.

Handcrafted with real leather, YKK zippers, and a water-resistant lining, this candidate for the best leather toiletry bag offers a durability that can last decades.

While its pocket arrangement – two zippered side pockets and a main cavity – offer limited inventiveness, the komalC bag still provides ample space and makes for a perfect gift given its sleek design!


komalC Leather Toiletry Bag

Sold on Amazon

Read more reviews here

procase toiletry bag


7. ProCase Toiletry Bag


The best toiletry bag for travel is often the smallest, and few bags punch above their weight quite like the toiletry bag with hanging hook from ProCase. Measuring under 10 inches in all dimensions, the ProCase toiletry bag, resembling a large novel when closed, cleverly expands to reveal two sleeved pockets tailor-made for long items like razors or toothbrushes that flank a spacious central pouch for all your other goodies.

This ProCase design, paired with its durability, (the bag can withstand some elements thanks to its water-resistant nylon fabric) makes it a great choice for those wanting a small toiletry bag that’s still functional!


ProCase Small Toiletry Bag

Sold on Amazon

See all 3 colors & read reviews here

best mens leather toiletry bag


8. Leather Dopp Kit


You know the feeling when you spring for super nice shoes and are scared to wear them for months because you can’t stand the thought of scuffing your big, beautiful investment? That’s almost what the Vetelli leather toiletry bag feels like.

Modeled after the classic Dopp kit, the Vetelli features two large zippered compartments, two mesh compartments, a waterproof lining, and a complimentary set of silicon travel bottles that are TSA-compliant.

The Vetelli stamps its claim (literally) as the best leather toiletry bag with its classic logo embossed on the center!

Vetelli Leather Toiletry Bag for Men

Sold on Amazon

Read more reviews here



best Leather Toiletry Bag


9. Toiletry Bag for Men


Think of the AmeriLeather as the Ford Expedition of toiletry bags – large and in charge. Made from durable top grain cowhide leather, the best large toiletry bag on the market comes complete with a single, gigantic zippered compartment and a waterproof lining.

Given its size and durability, the AmeriLeather could easily be the only toiletry bag purchase you’ll need which, by the way, makes the premium price point a bit more palatable. Unlike a surprising amount of toiletry bags, the AmeriLeather also uses padding to reinforce the bottom, preventing unnecessary tears and adding years to its useful life!


AmeriLeather Classic Toiletry Bag

Sold on Amazon

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