10 Best Travel Wallets to Organize Your Vacation Essentials

The Best Travel Wallets Reviewed including passport holder, rfid, waterproof, leather, zip around, phone charging, etc from Smythson, Kate Spade, Cuyana and more


The Best Travel Wallets

I’ll be honest, I used to think of travel wallets and passport covers as a vanity accessory. And they are… except when you start to travel frequently, especially on business travel, a good travel wallet is a lifesaver.

After finding myself rummaging through my bag for my passport then my ticket then spare change for a coffee one too many times at the airport, I realized I needed a better organization system. I wanted a travel wallet that would be sturdy and compartmentalized enough to hold my travel credit cards, loose change, foreign currency as well as my passport and receipts. Bonus points for something stylish and durable!

Keep reading for my list of the ultimate travel wallets.

The Best Travel Wallets Reviewed including passport holder, rfid, waterproof, leather, zip around, phone charging, etc from Smythson, Kate Spade, Cuyana and more
The Best Travel Wallets Reviewed including passport holder, rfid, waterproof, leather, zip around, phone charging, etc from Smythson, Kate Spade, Cuyana and more


These are my 10 favorite travel wallets in no particular order. I’ve included a mix of designer and inexpensive wallets to suit different budgets and both mens travel wallets and womens travel wells.

Some have unique features like the ability to charge your phone, hold cords, block RFID and waterproof outers – but all have the most important feature – functionality!

For the most part, these are larger wallets designed to fit your passport in addition to currency and travel documents. I also looked for those with multiple zippers or folds to keep everything neatly organized. Let me know if you have a favorite to recommend and I’ll check it out!

Designer Travel Wallets


Smythson Travel Wallet

My hands down favorite is the Smythson Panama because it has almost manila-folder like organizational folds on the inside so you can easily section off boarding passes, travel documents and receipts in different divers without digging through scraps of paper. I’ll be using a Smythson travel wallet for Europe!

Smythson makes a button-folded travel wallet and also a zip-around travel wallet, depending on your preference. All Smythson wallets come in a rainbow of gorgeous, durable leather so you can go for classic black or something bright. The only downside is the price!


$$$$ | Buy from Nordstrom or Net A Porter.

See all color options here.



Michael Kors Jet Set Travel Continental Wallet

The Michael Kors jet set travel wallet was recommended to me by so many people and it’s easy to see why! There’s a couple different variations by both Michael Kors and Michael Michael Kors – some have a wristlet and some are a zip around – but all are continental wallets with accordion style pockets, tons of card slots and a gorgeous leather outer.

There’s tons of room on the inside and I can even stuff my iphone 6S plus inside, which is a huge plus in favor of the Michael Kors travel continental wallet. I especially love the durable saffiano leather, which only needs a spot clean to get off dust and spills. Overall, this is a classy and stylish travel wallet and I’ve found that both millennials and older women love Michael Kors so it’s a universal travel wallet.

$$ | Buy from Amazon, Zappos, Nordstrom, Macys or Shopbop

See all color options here.



Kate Spade Travel Wallet

This Kate Spade Travel Wallet was my first travel wallet and remains one of my favorites. It keeps everything neatly organized and is made of durable saffiano leather, with 17 interior pockets for cards, IDs etc.

The zip around also makes everything inside quite secure and you can stick in 2 passports if you’re traveling as a pair. Unzipped, it lays entirely flat so you can see everything at once. There’s also an exterior pocket outside the zipped section. Kate Spade produces this travel wallet pretty much every year and so there’s bound to be a color to suit your preference!


$$$ | Buy from Amazon or Nordstrom.

See all color options here.



Cuyana Travel Wallet

Cuyana makes luxurious, sleek and unbranded leather goods. I love their travel passport holders and travel wallets for the buttery smooth, pebbled leather. All Cuyana travel wallets are made with Italian leather and feature gold tone hardware and a snap closure. Cuyana nails it in the design department, offering monogramming and a range of gorgeous colors.

The wallet opens to show 3 sections, one for travel documents, a second zippered compartment and a final slot for your passport. I like the neat organization and this reminds me of the Smythson for a better price point. There are eight card slots in all.


$$$ | Buy from Cuyana

See all color options here



Ted Baker Travel Organizer Wallet


This Ted Baker organizer and travel wallet has a gorgeous floral motif, featuring interior snap tabs, slip pockets, four card slots and a pen holder. I particularly like how it fits my phone and has a tie to keep cords nicely tucked away and tangle free. Other benefits: a pen slot, a zip around closure for security and zippered pouch for loose change, vital travel documents, etc.

Overall Ted Baker offers a stylish travel organizer wallet perfect for women! The only negative is that this is faux leather and made of polyurethane, but that does lend it durability.


$$ | Buy from Nordstrom


Smythson Currency Case & Travel Document Pouch


Smythson is my pick for luxurious travel pouches. They offer this sleek travel document holder in a variety of colors and designs but my favorite is the happy yellow. There are four zippers to section different travel documents or currencies, making organization easy.

Smythson makes their currency pouches in a buttery soft, calfskin leather and manufactures in Spain.


$$$$ | Buy from Nordstrom or Net A Porter.

See all color options here.

Unique Travel Wallets


Hidden Travel Neck Wallet (Waterproof + RFID)

For those who like to carry things close to the vest, this travel neck wallet offers 7 pockets to stash your valuables. It’s just large enough to fit an oversized iPhone 6+, a whopping 4 passports (so good for the whole family) and things like gum, loose change, etc. 

The neck wallet is made of water resistant nylon and laced with RFID blocking material. The hidden wallet has an adjustable neck string and as long as you keep the items minimal, it’s quite comfortable to wear close to the body.


$ | Read additional reviews on Amazon

See all color options here



RFID Blocking Travel Passport Wallet & Travel Document Organizer

This is a hefty, all-in-one travel organizer with slots for everything you need. It comes in a huge range of colors and still manages to be light and compact! I find this one particularly handy for running through multiple countries and airports as it has a place for a pen to fill out customs forms and slots for SIM cards.

As someone who carries a lot of credit cards, I did wish there were more card holders but overall this is a fantastic travel document organizer! The best part is the saffiano leather blocks RFIDs to give you peace of mind.

$ | Read additional reviews on Amazon

See all color options here

The-Best-Travel-Document Organizer-Wallet-Review


Leather Travel Wallet

I’ve always loved the look of leather pouches and this travel organizer wallet immediately caught my eye, because it looks like something Indiana Jones would have carried! I’m partial to the purpleish red color but they also sell more traditional leather options like tan, black and brown. This travel document organizer wallet holds 2 passports, credit cards and ID slots and isn’t too big – it fits right in a large pants back pocket. 

I was pretty impressed with the quality of the leather, especially given the price, as it’s soft and rich to the touch with even stitching. The do claim it is manufactured in Europe. Overall, it’s quite a stylish option that looks more expensive than it is!

$ | Buy from Amazon

See all color options here



The Best Travel Wallets Reviewed including passport holder, rfid, waterproof, leather, zip around, phone charging, etc from Smythson, Kate Spade, Cuyana and more

Best Travel Wallet – Summary Comparison Chart

To summarize, here’s a handy chart to compare each of the different travel wallets and their benefits.

No.Travel WalletDimensionsFits Passport?Fits Phone?Price
1Phone Charging Wallet7.5 x 4.0 x 1YesNo$ – check it out on Amazon
2Ted Baker Travel Organizer10.8 x 7.8 x 1YesYes$$  – check it out on Amazon
3RFID Trifold Wallet7.5 x 4.9 x 1YesYes$  – check it out on Amazon
4Symthson Travel Wallet9.8 x 5.3 x 1YesNo$$$$  – check it out on here
5Kate Spade Travel Wallet8.8 x 5.5 x 1YesYes$$$  – check it out on Amazon
6Cuyana Travel Wallet8.3 x 5.5 x 1NoNo$$$  – check it out here
7Leather Passport Holder6.0 x 3.9 x 1YesYes$  – check it out on Amazon
8Kate Spade Passport Holder5.3 x 3.8 x .5YesNo$$  – check it out here
9Smythson Travel Pouch22 x 14 x 1YesYes$$$$ – check it out here
10Waterproof RFID Neck Pouch6.0 x 3.9 x .4YesNo$ – check it out on Amazon

All dimensions in inches and weight in pounds. Price Table: $ <50 dollars; $$ ~51-100 dollars; $$$ ~101-200 dollars; $$$$ ~200+


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The Best Travel Wallets Reviewed including passport holder, rfid, waterproof, leather, zip around, phone charging, etc from Smythson, Kate Spade, Cuyana and more

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