Rolling Hard: The Best Hardside Luggage for Road Warriors

The Best Hardside Luggage


Hardside Luggage


There are three certainties in life: death, taxes, and your luggage taking an absolute beating. From the sidewalk to the car trunk to the airplane and back again, traveling will show your suitcases no mercy.

That’s why I’m still incredulous that I exclusively used soft-sided luggage for so many years. Don’t get me wrong, soft-sided luggage has its perks. Compared to its hard sided counterparts, soft-sided luggage is always less bulky and, because it can be made from nicer materials, far more fashionable.

Alas, all jetsetter neophytes quickly realize the folly of soft-sided luggage. What was once your stylish soft-sided luggage quickly becomes a maddening combination of torn fabric, loose threads, and warped shape.

Hardside luggage may not turn any heads with its style, but traveling with the confidence that your suitcase is protecting your belongings (and itself!), is all the style frequent travelers need.

If you want to start rolling hard, keep reading for our picks for the best hardside luggage!



The Best Hardside Luggage



1. AmazonBasics

While the hardside luggage from AmazonBasics won’t blow you away with modern technology or fancy bells and whistles, it deliverers all the hardside luggage essentials at an extremely tempting price point.

The AmazonBasics luggage is crafted with a polymer that’s thicker – and therefore more durable – than that used in average hardside luggage pieces, includes all the zippered pockets and dividers you’d expect from soft-side luggage, and also features 4 double spinner wheels and an expandable section that adds 15% more packing volume.

Again, there’s nothing fancy here, but the AmazonBasics undoubtedly offers the best hardside spinner luggage at this price point.


Available on Amazon here in 3 Sizes



2. Delsey Carry-On Spinner


Delsey is a high quality French luggage brand that offers a 10 year worldwide warranty. They stand behind their products and recently introduced their lightest hardside suitcase yet, at a miraculous 4.8 pounds! 

The carry on comes with a 100% polycarbonate shell that resists cracks and breaks. I especially like the metallic finish, which looks sleek, shiny and much more expensive than it actually costs! Inside, two packing bags for shoes and laundry are included, which is a nice touch.

Of all the carry on luggage pieces listed here, Delsey luggage has the best wheels for easy mobility. Other positives: the shell is expandable (rare for a hard case) and comes with a TSA approved lock.

I've been a huge fan of Delsey for so long that the brand generously gave me a discount code to share with you all! Enter SHERSHEGOES at checkout for an extra 25% off here.




3. American Tourister

Remember what I said about hardside luggage struggling to deliver style? Throw all that nonsense out the window!

The American Tourister Star Wars Spinner takes the notion that protecting your belongings starts with buying recognizable luggage to a hilarious extreme with this piece fashioned after the hilarious droid Multi BB8 from the most recent Star Wars trilogy.

Don’t be fooled into thinking this luggage is just a cute face, however, as the Star Wars Spinner 21″ has some of the best hardsided luggage reviews on Amazon!


Available on Amazon here in 6 prints



4. Rockland Luggage

Luggage is unreasonably expensive, which is exactly why this 2 piece expandable spinner set from Rockland Luggage – which offers a carry on hardside luggage piece along with a hardside checked luggage piece for a combined price less than that of many single pieces – is among the best hardside luggage sets on the market.

Featuring multi-directional spinner wheels, a telescope push button handle, and an expandable compartment in both the carry on and checked pieces, the Rockland Luggage set offers all the modern hardside luggage features at a phenomenal value.


Available on Amazon here in 42 (!) colors



5. Samsonite

Unlike the previous three pieces – which offer great value for standard performance – the Samsonite Winfield 2 is specifically designed for those looking to make a serious investment in the best rated hardside luggage.

Made from 100% polycarbonate (which is both more flexible and has a higher impact resistance than ABS, the other leading material used in hardside luggage), the Winfield 2 also features a side-mounted TSA lock, fully retractable handle, and multi-directional spinner wheels.

Finished with sleek-looking brushed anthracite (that may not sound sleek, but trust me, this piece looks great!), the Winfield 2 is easily the best Samsonite hardside luggage made to date!


Available on Amazon here in 7 sleek finishes





For those sold on hardside luggage and completely overhauling their luggage setup, take a hard (no pun intended!) look at the 3 piece hardside spinner trolley set from Hauptstadtkoffer.

This set features 3 glossy pieces made from an ABS and polycarbonate blend that each offer a step-adjustable telescopic handle, TSA lock, and 360-degree spinner wheels.

The Haupstadtkoffer set is among the best rated hardside spinner luggage for what it does on the go, but it’s equally as impressive for what it does at home, as the 3 pieces nest perfectly inside each other – a godsend when it comes to saving all-important closet space!


Available on Amazon here in 20 colored sets





Best Hardside Luggage 2019

To summarize, here’s a handy chart to compare each of the different luggage brands so you can easily identify which hardside suitcase is your favorite!





Which is your favorite hardside luggage? Let us know in the comments!


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