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Best Laptop Bags

Trust me, I will always love my designer handbags.

But, when I got a job that required me to carry my laptop to and from work on a daily basis, I knew I needed a dedicated bag just for my computer!

I wanted something sleek and stylish in a neutral color that would shout polished and take me from a fresh college graduate all the way up the corporate ladder.

As I traveled more and more frequently for business trips and conferences, I realized how handy laptop bags truly were.

Today I’m sharing cute laptop bags that will keep your electronics protected while still making a style statement!





Laptop Bags for Women

Here are the brands that make the best laptop bags for women, combining style with function:


  • Best Designer Laptop Bag: Kate Spade
  • Best Affordable Laptop Bag: Mosiso
  • Best Sustainable Laptop Bag: Everlane
  • Best Messenger Laptop Bag: Tomtoc
  • Best Laptop Bag for Business Travel: Tumi
  • Best Laptop Backpack for Women: Lekesky
  • Best Laptop Tote Bag: Kroser
  • Best Minimalist Laptop Bag: EaseGave
  • Most Organizable Laptop Bag: Tanto
  • Most Stylish Laptop Bag for Women: Kamlui

Below are more in-depth reviews of each bag!






Stylish Laptop Bags

People used to display their style and personality using the conventional vehicles – bumper stickers, clothes, and – most importantly – handbags.

Now, however, everything we need is increasingly digital.

Phones, tablets, and computers have become important for my daily needs so I needed a handbag that was versatile enough to hold my laptop and my wallet, keys, and essentials!

Here are the best laptop bags for women!





Best Designer Laptop Bags

Kate Spade Laptop Bag

Kate Spade makes great laptop bags.

They’re always very classic looking and well made – with both nylon and leather varieties, and lots of compartments to keep your daily essentials tidy.

In particular, I love how chic this 2 toned beige and black laptop bag looks (it reminds me of Chanel at a fraction of the price!).

If you want, you can even personalize it with your initials.

If you need to bring your laptop to and from work or school, this would be the laptop bag I recommend. It can fit a 13″ laptop and charger in the main pocket while the front magnetic pocket is great for items you need to easily access (like your phone and wallet).

But if you have a larger laptop, Kate Spade makes a larger saffiano leather laptop bag, that can hold a 15″ laptop. Ultimately, Kate Spade makes sleek yet lightweight laptop bags that are great for ladies on the go!





Best Affordable Laptop Bag

Mosiso Laptop Bag with Shoulder Strap

The first thing I noticed when I checked out this quatrefoil laptop bag from Mosiso was its adorable design.

Both simple enough to not be obnoxious yet cute enough to stand out from the crowd, the Mosiso is easily among the cutest laptop bags!

Exceeding style expectations, the Mosiso bag also reveals itself as extremely practical. The Mosiso offers both briefcase-style handles and a shoulder strap so you can be hands free or carry it in hand like a woman on the go.

Finally, the outer surface is water-resistant (perfect for that jostling morning commute or in public spaces like coffee shops) and the 3 layers of shock-resistant foam will keep your laptop as snug as a bug in a rug! 

There are 2 size options and 5 colors to choose from.





Best ‘Doesn’t Look Like a Laptop’ Bag

Everlane Laptop Crossbody

everlane form bag

Don’t want a dedicated bag that screams “my expensive laptop is inside”?

The Everlane form bag is your answer.

The bag is made from a beautiful sleek Italian leather and has a minimalist look. It fits a 13″ laptop horizontally and depending on how much you stuff it, you have the flexibility of wearing it on your shoulder or cross body to distribute the weight.

I know, it doesn’t look big enough for a laptop.

But it’s deceptively roomy and larger than you think. The strap is adjustable too, so it fits ladies of all heights!

Personally, I always wear mine cross body because I like to be hands free. The only thing I wish were different were the closure – the bag has a magnetic close which is pretty, but I’d prefer a zipper. 

It also comes in 6 beautiful colors. I had such a hard time choosing but ultimately went with the rich brown cognac.

For Spring, they also released a smaller form bag (which probably can’t fit a laptop but looks like it could fit an iPad pro)!





Best Laptop Messenger Bag

Tomtoc Women’s Laptop Bag

For stylish laptop messenger bags blending the professionalism of work bags with enough style to bring anywhere, check out the original laptop shoulder bag from Tomtoc.

The sleek color, vibrant handle, and padded shoulder strap look great in any setting, but it’s really what the Tomtoc brings on the technical side that make it stand out.

Its patented CornerArmor padding officially guarantees to protect your laptop bag just like a vehicle airbag. When you can look great while having that peace of mind, what else could you want!





Best Laptop Bag for Business Travel

Tumi Designer Laptop Bag

Tumi is one of my favorite brands for travel gear and I swear by their luggage for business trips. This durable nylon laptop bag is no different!

It’s perfect for those of us who can be a bit messy, as the multiple pockets, padded laptop compartment and interior zip pockets keep everything extremely organized.

I love the bright blue color (which looks even better in person), but there’s also classic black if you want something less flashy.

The back sleeve slips right over my carry on when I’m traveling and there’s enough space to fit a 15″ laptop, charger, mouse, papers and whatever you need.

If you want a high quality designer laptop bag that will last you years and can transition easily from the office to travel, pick up this laptop carrier.

Tumi puts their products through the ringer during testing and quality control, so although it may seem like an expensive purchase, it will hold up nicely.





Best Laptop Backpack



Sometimes, in an over-zealous effort to adhere to “minimalist” aesthetics, some of the best laptop bags are just laptop slots…

and nothing else.

Remarkably, the ultra-lightweight (just 1.2 pounds!) Lekesky Laptop Backpack features a large laptop compartment (can fit laptops up to 15.6 inches), a nifty document divider for work materials and other important documents, and smaller side and interior pockets for umbrellas and pens / other smaller items. 

My favorite part about this stylish laptop bag is its PU leather construction. A synthetic material made to resemble (and actually very much does) look like real leather, PU leather is durable, scratch-resistant, and entirely waterproof! 





Best Laptop Tote Bag for Women

Kroser Laptop Tote Bag


Most tote bags – like the classic Longchamp – are, in 3 words, a hot mess

It’s normally like one interior zippered pocket for your ID and credit cards (and thank God for this!), and then…everything else

Fortunately, the Kroser Laptop Tote Bag is designed with the always-on-the-go businesswoman in mind!  Each side of the Kroser tote features a dedicated sleeve, which is perfect for travel that increasingly depends on having both a laptop and a tablet. 

The remaining space in the center console leaves plenty of room for a change of clothes or other items, and all your belongings are safely protected by this stylish laptop bag’s water-repellent and durable nylon fabric! 

Oh. Kroser also throws in an extra makeup bag for your all your beauty products. No big deal! 





Best Minimalist Laptop Bag for Women

EaseGave Laptop Tote Bag


One of the modern marvels of technology is that things can look sleek and luxurious while still actually having all the useful technology that makes a product advanced and worthwhile.

Take the EaseGave Laptop Tote Bag, for example. This stylish laptop bag looks similar to Celine handbags at a fraction of the cost. 

In reality, however, the EaseGave bag features enough space for a 15.6″ laptop, tablet, and plenty more, dual-rolled carry handles, an adjustable handle strap for comfort, and sturdy metal feet to protect your bag – and all its valuables! 





Best Womens Laptop Bag for Organization

Tanto USB Laptop Tote Bag



There’s being organized, and then there’s being full tilt OCD. 

The Tanto USB Laptop Tote Bag is completely catered to the latter. 

Aside from a Velcro-secured main compartment that can hold a 15″ laptop, the Tanto bag features a dizzying 19 other pockets designed to hold everything from your tablet to your iPhone to…..literally anything else. 

The Tanto bag also comes with a completely integrated USB interface, allowing you to use a power bank (not included) to keep all your items charging – even in between meetings or on the way to the airport! 





Most Fashionable Laptop Bag

Kamlui Laptop Bag


The Kamlui is probably my favorite of the stylish laptop bags, but it does have its limitations. 

Namely, it’s quite petite. Aside from a 15″ laptop, the Kamlui Laptop Bag has just enough extra space to accommodate a tablet, several small chargers, and a few (smaller) personal effects. 

However, I absolutely LOVE the style of this bag. The two-tone solid black and striped fabric design is timeless, and the cute gold-toned metal finishes add a classy touch! 

The Kamlui also features a sturdy leather strap that can attach to a larger carry-on luggage piece – perfect for quick and painless screening at the airport! 






The Best Laptop Bags for Work

These are our top picks for stylish laptop bags that will protect your laptop and easily transport it to and from the office. We’ve included both budget options and designer bags!



Shop Womens Laptop Bags





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