Travel Smart: The World’s Cheapest Hotel Deals by Month

Travel Smart: A Monthly Guide to the Best Global Hotel Deals


The Best Hotel Deals 

Both Domestic and International!

Spinning the globe, closing your eyes and picking a place on the map to jet set for the weekend is romantic but usually not practical.

I love, love, love to travel and have found that the best way to see the world affordably is the decidedly un-glamorous method of planning ahead

I scoured Booking Hotels to find the when to get the best hotel deals for each month of the year by accommodation and wanted to share it with all of you!





January Hotel Deals

best time to visit Los Angeles


Domestic: Los Angeles

The nightly average for 4 star hotels drops to the lowest in the entire year in January. Save 33% on hotels in the City of Angels and use your savings for a stroll down Rodeo Drive. Ok, well maybe not exactly there, but you know what I mean.

Check here for Los Angeles hotel deals.

best time to visit Melbourne


International: Melbourne

January is the perfect time to fly to Melbourne, as you’ll hit the city right in the lull between Christmas and the Australian Open. Average rooms run $150/night in peak season but guess what: in January they dip down to $112/night.

Check here for the latest prices on Melbourne hotels.





February Hotel Deals

best time to visit Honolulu for affordable hotel


Domestic: Honolulu

Can you believe that this beautifully romantic island is a steal for Valentine’s Day? Skip Honolulu in January and come instead in February, when hotel prices dip 40% and are at their rock bottom the first week of the month. While you’re there, pop over to Kauai!

Check here for the latest prices on Honolulu hotels.

best time to visit Hong Kong for affordable hotel


International: Hong Kong

I couldn’t believe it but 4 star hotels in Hong Kong are as low as $125 a night in February. This is the time of the year for Chinese New Year and Spring Lantern festival. What better way to visit than in the midst of new year celebrations – your wallet will thank you!

Check here for the latest prices on Hong Kong hotels.





March Hotel Deals

best time to visitgrand canyon for affordable hotel


Domestic: Flagstaff, Arizona

Flagstaff is the gateway to the Grand Canyon. Explore one of the most beautiful national parks in March, when you’ll have the sights to yourself and can hike it in relatively cool weather. The first week of March has hotels for under $100/night.

Check here for the latest prices on Arizona hotels.

best time to visit buenos aires for affordable hotel


International: Buenos Aires

Buenos, Buenos Buenos. I visited this delightful Latin American city in March my junior year of college. Now I know why! The land of good eats (steak and red wine) has four star accommodation for as low as $55/night in March.

Check here for the latest prices on Buenos Aires hotels.





April Hotel Deals

best time to visit chicago for affordable hotel


Domestic: Chicago

Chicago hotel prices dip in early spring once the frigid winter season has passed. Check out Chicago’s splashy waterfront along Lake Michigan or hit up some of the city’s best restaurants and museums. Hotel rates are up to 54% cheaper in April than the rest of the year.

Check here for the latest prices on Chicago hotels.

best time to visit copenhagen for affordable hotel


International: Copenhagen

Come to Copenhagen in April, one month before the tourist rush starts. Copenhagen has one of the most innovative dining scenes in the world and I can’t get enough of Danish interior design. You’ll save 38% on Copenhagen hotel rooms by visiting in April.

Check here for the latest prices on Copenhagen hotels.





May Hotel Deals

best time to visit Ft Lauderdale for affordable hotel


Domestic: Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Ft. Lauderdale is a quieter escape than Miami with better prices. Come to Miami in May to avoid both the rowdy spring break crowd and sticky humid weather.

Check here for the latest prices on Ft. Lauderdale hotels.

best time to visit London for affordable hotel


International: London

London is always pricey so why not explore when you can grab a deal? Come after May Day to grab the lowest hotel rates of the year, about $210 on average per night.

Check here for the latest prices on London hotels.





June Hotel Deals

best time to visit san new antonio for affordable hotel


Domestic: San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio is the hot new neighbor to Austin. Do the local river walk in June when 4 star hotels average just $150 a night. Don’t forget to check out the hot new dining scene or the multitude of new hotels popping up left and right. Oh and Austin is only an hour’s ride away – why not see both?

Check here for the latest prices on San Antonio hotels.

best time to visit Beijing for affordable hotel


International: Beijing

June is shoulder season in Beijing, before the mad tourist rush in August and fall. Visit in June to find four star hotels for under $80 a night! Walk along the Great Wall, visit the forbidden palace and have some Peking duck while you’re in town.

Check here for the latest prices on Beijing hotels.





July Hotel Deals

best time to visit Boston for affordable hotel


Domestic: Boston

Looking for a fun and affordable 4th of July getaway? Look no farther than quaint Boston. The city has a thriving fine dining scene where you can treat yourself to a reservation after saving $120/night on hotel stays!

Check here for the latest prices on Boston hotels.

best time to visit Sydney for affordable hotel


International: Sydney

July is actually wintertime in Sydney so you’ll save 44% on peak hotel season prices and save yourself from ultra hot days. Temperatures remain at a pleasant 60 degrees so you can sight-see in comfort. Or, visit Sydney in January to ring in New Years Eve with style.

Check here for the latest prices on Sydney hotels.






August Hotel Deals

best time to visit NYC for affordable hotel


Domestic: New York City

Locals clear out of NYC in August for one last jaunt to the Hamptons. Take advantage of my favorite city in the world and stay during the last week of the month for the steepest hotel discounts. Why not grab a coffee, check out Shakespeare in the Park, or visit one of the museums in town while you’re here?

Check here for the latest prices on New York City hotels.

best time to visit Berlin for affordable hotel


International: Berlin

Berlin is an affordable European getaway practically all year round but in August four star hotels dip to the $100/night mark. Thanks to its abundance of cool galleries, attractions and nightlife, you’ll be hard pressed to fit everything in on a quick jaunt to Berlin.

Check here for the latest prices on Berlin hotels.





September Hotel Deals

best time to visit Orlando for affordable hotel


Domestic: Orlando

Disneyland, Universal Studios and Harry Potter World suddenly become affordable once the school season starts. Plan a weekend getaway to Orlando with some girlfriends and save 40% a night on hotels. Shorter lines at all the major theme parks are just the icing on the cake!

Check here for the latest prices on Orlando hotels.

best time to visit Rome for affordable hotel


International: Rome

Rome was my favorite Italian city. Come visit in September, when the locals are back to work and the tourists have used up their vacation allotment and you’ll be rewarded with the city all to yourself. Rome hotels are around $131 a night in September. Go ahead, indulge in an extra gelato scoop!

Check here for the latest prices on Rome hotels.





October Hotel Deals

best time to visit san new orleans for affordable hotel


Domestic: New Orleans

Spook yourself out for Halloween with a voodoo visit to New Orleans. Hotel rates plummet to just over $200 / night – a 35% discount compared to the week of Mardi Gras. Looking for things to do in the French Quarter? Check out my previous posts on the city or read my NOLA Eats guide here.

Check here for the latest prices on New Orleans hotels.

best time to visit san cape town for affordable hotel


International: Cape Town

I visited Cape Town in September to coincide with a safari visit but if you come in October you’ll be rewarded with affordable hotels (under $80/night) and whale watching season! For a full guide on what to see, eat and do, check out my previous posts about Cape Town.

Check here for the latest prices on Cape Town hotels.





November Hotel Deals

best time to visit san francisco for affordable hotel


Domestic: San Francisco

The week before Thanksgiving is the cheapest for hotels in Golden Gate City. You’ll save a massive 50% and can still manage to catch the tail end of wine season if you book ahead! While in town, don’t forget to walk along Fisherman’s wharf, drive down twisty Lombard Street and check out the Ghirardelli factory.

Check here for the latest prices on San Francisco hotels.

best time to visit san rio de janiero for affordable hotel


International: Rio de Janiero

All visitors to Rio like to lay out on Copacabana Beach. Come in November when the temperature (and accommodation!) is just right. Be sure to take advantage of the breathtaking views and spot the Christ the Redeemer statue. Don’t wait to visit in December, since prices skyrocket 37% higher.

Check here for the latest prices on Rio de Janiero hotels.





December Hotel Deals

best time to visit las vegas for affordable hotel


Domestic: Las Vegas

Make a gamble in Vegas with all the savings you’ve earned yourself from cheaper accommodation and win it big! Luxury hotels are at an all time low in December at just under $85 per night on average. Or, visit nearby Reno for a fun weekend trip!

Check here for the latest prices on Las Vegas hotels.

best time to visit frankfurt for affordable hotel


International: Frankfurt

Christmas in Germany is a magical experience. The cities are all lit up and the holiday markets are insane. Frankfurt’s Christmas market is one of the country’s oldest and most beautiful! Visit in December for 56% on hotels.

Check here for the latest prices on Frankfurt hotels.





And there you have it! A month by month guide for the cheapest places to travel around the world. Where are you off to next?  


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    I love the breakdown of this list. Sorry to see that Washington State didn’t make the list. One of the best times to visit the San Juan Island is the off-season. Hotels are less expensive and have availability and it is just as beautiful.

    • Sher
      June 13, 2016 / 12:42 am

      ooh Lara, thanks for the tip! Locals always have the inside scoop :) I’ll have to check out washington in the off season!

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    Great tips! This is so useful for planning in the months ahead!

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    Great post and great tips, it does show that planning your trip can save you heaps of cash!

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  11. Carly
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    Cool post! I’m definitely gonna look into Cape Town for October, especially if the hotels are that much cheaper. I’d also love to do christmas markets in Germany! So yay for more travel ideas!

  12. Christine Maguire
    June 14, 2016 / 7:12 am

    What a great resource! It’s great to see there are cheaper times to travel to most destinations.

    • Sher
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      Thanks Christine! Planning isn’t always glamorous but it really pays off! :)

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