Ghirardelli Square

ghirardelli-chocolate-factory-peppermint-snowflake-photo-shershegoes.com2ghirardelli chocolate factory peppermint snowflake photo shershegoes.com3ghirardelli chocolate factory peppermint snowflake photo shershegoes.com4After exploring Fisherman’s Wharf, I took a stroll along the pier and eventually ran into Ghirardelli Square. The chocolate maker has a deliciously indulgent store and ice cream shop here, where I picked up some chocolate treats and tried their holiday peppermint flavored squares. My favorite was the ‘Dark Cabernet’ bar, which was intense dark chocolate flavored with blackberry and grape. I bought a couple bars to give away to friends and family but it was so good that I almost didn’t want to part with them!

Even if you’re not a chocolate lover, Ghirardelli Square has a number of cute boutiques and shops selling everything from olive oil and wine to children’s clothing and toys and worth a stroll.



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