Fisherman’s Wharf

san francisco sf cable car seat wood bus photo (1)san francisco sf cable car seat wood bus photo (2)

Fisherman’s wharf was a great place to start a mini walking tour of some of San Francisco’s tourist spots. After taking the cable car and getting dropped off right at the start of Pier 39, I picked a clam chowder stall at random and got myself a giant bread bowl full of steaming clam chowder. There’s a convenient park bench sitting area and I headed there to chow down. But when I say convenient, I mean convenient for all the seagulls! Those were some aggressive birds and one particularly bold one hopped right on the table and flew at me in an attempt to haul away the bread bowl! I managed to fend him off and chow’ed down quickly.

Still I can’t complain – the seagulls in the background of the docked boats makes it look all the better. I took a walk on some of the back streets of the pier, where I found those cool worn antique looking doors before taking a westward stroll along Marina Bay all the way until I reached Ghirardelli Marketplace.



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