Coffee, Tea or Me? 6 Travel Mugs to Bring on Your Next Trip


my Stanley pour over coffee filter + travel mug! 


Best Travel Mugs

  • Best Coffee Travel Mug: Stanley
  • Best Tea Travel Mug: Thermos
  • Best French Press Travel Mug: Bodum
  • Best Stainless Steel Travel Mug: Camelbak
  • Best Dishwasher Safe Travel Mug: Contigo
  • Best Wide Mouth Travel Mug: Hydro Flask
  • Most Stylish Travel Mugs: Zojirushi
  • Best Travel Mug with Handle: Yeti





Best Mugs for Travel

I know, I know, I know.

You must be thinking, how many different types of travel mugs could there be?

All they should do is hold liquid and be easy to drink from, right? Well, as my good friend François would say,

Au contraire, mon frère!

Technology may not have solved all the world’s problems (like how to make 4 hours of sleep feel like 10!), but technology has done wonders to the world of travel mugs. 

Today’s mugs are more lightweight, insulated, and durable than ever.

Keep reading for our 8 favorite travel mugs to bring on your next trip!





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The Best Travel Mugs

Whether you’re a coffee addict needing the best insulated coffee travel mug, a traveler on the go wanting the best insulated travel mug, or an Instagram girl needing the best ceramic travel mug for aesthetics, we’ve got you covered!





Best Coffee Travel Mug: Stanley


Stanley is one of my favorite travel mug brands.

Not only are all their travel cups and mugs stylishly vintage looking, they really work! I love them so much I have a couple of their travel mugs in different sizes :)

There’s the classic 12 oz mug which is great for everyday use. I like that it’s small and compact, so it fits under practically any coffee machine.

(There’s nothing more annoying than needing to wash an extra cup just because your giant travel bottle is too tall.)

I also have their large, roomy admiral’s mug which has a wide bottom brim and can securely stay stable on moving trains, cars or boats!

And if you’re a coffee addict like me, and absolutely need a cup of jo the second you crave it, grab Stanley’s pour over filter! It lets you turn any regular cup or mug into coffee. Just add fresh coffee grounds and hot water!

I even have Stanley’s lunch box to easily pack together all my various tumblers and mugs. It makes it easy to throw together impromptu picnics on road trips!

Finally, Stanley’s mugs are very well insulated. They can keep cold drinks cold for 12 hours, hot drinks hot for 9 hours and iced drinks refreshingly cool for 40 hours!

Stanley Travel Mug

Sold on ZapposAmazon

See all color options and read more reviews here





Best Tea Travel Mug: Thermos

Best Travel Mug Thermos Stainless King Travel Tumbler

Let’s be honest, people – could I really have a list of the best insulated travel mugs without featuring the latest from Thermos, the O.G. of liquid insulation?

No, I could not. Thermos has the most impressive vacuum insulation technology available as the Stainless King can keep liquids hot for 7 hours or cold for an unbelievable 18 hours.

And tea lovers will be thrilled.

The Thermos King Travel Tumbler features a built-in tea hook that can easily function with most tea bags or loose leaf infusers!

If you’re a road tripper, the Thermos travel mug fits easily into automobile cup holders.

I have the Thermos holiday mug, which has the cutest red, black and yellow plaid print. It’s so festive for colder months.

Here’s a handy tip to maximize Thermos’ technology: pre-chill the mug in your fridge before using it to extend the life of cold drinks or fill it with hot water for 10 minutes, empty it and fill with your hot beverage for extra hot insulation.

Thermos Stainless King Travel Tumbler

Available on Amazon

See all color options and read more reviews here





Best French Press Travel Mug: Bodum

Best Travel Mug Bodum Travel Tea and Coffee Press Travel Mug

From a distance, the Bodum Insulated Travel Mug checks all the boxes of what you need from a modern travel coffee mug.

Its stainless steel and double-walled, vacuum-sealed construction means the Bodum is both durable and able to keep your beverage hot or cold for several hours. It’s also dishwasher safe and has a nifty silicone band for a no-slip grip.

But, take a closer look, and you’ll see that the Bodum travel mug has a built-in press and plunger so you can brew your own coffee and tea on the go!

Simply place coarse coffee or a tea bag in the reservoir, add hot water, and you’re all set!

You can have your very own french press on the go so I think of it as a 2-in-1 souped up travel coffee mug.

Finally, it’s stainless steel double wall design means hot drinks stay hot and cold drinks stay cold. Everyone makes fun of me for “grazing” food so I find this feature particularly handy so I can take my time and enjoy my drinks.

Bodum Tea & Coffee Insulated Travel Mug

Available on Amazon

See all color options and read more reviews here





Best Stainless Steel Travel Mug: Camelbak


When CamelBak – the brand that’s been keeping backpackers hydrated for nearly 30 years – comes out with a travel mug for coffee, you know it’s time to pay attention.

Fortunately, the CamelBak Vacuum Insulated Mug doesn’t disappoint.

This stainless steel travel mug is impact-resistant and comes with an easy-to-wash cap.

It also has an intuitive design that only requires one hand to open and close – perfect for the modern multi-tasker!

The 360 degree cap allows you to drink from any side of the bottle and the sweat-proof insulation means this travel mug stays dry and slip free.

It’s also dishwasher friendly which I like for easy cleaning.

Finally, the tight seal cap is really handy for messy travelers like myself who are always running on the go and want to prevent spills and clothing stains.

The best part?

The CamelBak is the perfect travel mug for coffee as its vacuum insulation has been tested to keep beverages cold for 24 hours and hot for 6 hours!

CamelBak Forge Vacuum-Insulated Travel Mug

Sold on ZapposAmazon

See all color options and read more reviews here





Best Dishwasher Safe Travel Mug: Contigo


The latest travel mug from Contigo includes all the hits – durable stainless steel construction, an impressive vacuum-insulated interior that keeps liquids hot for 5 hours and cold for 12 hours and a sleek design.

Where the Contigo differentiates itself is its patented AUTOSEAL technology which automatically reseals the lid between sips. No more leaks, spills, or fumbling with your travel mug in your car or on your trip.

The lid also opens up for easy cleaning – no more scrubbing endlessly to get gunk out of the cracks! And, it’s one of the few travel mugs on the market that’s fully dishwasher safe – both the cap and body.

So this is one travel mug that’s easy to use whether you’re permanently on the go or just want something for the morning commute.

Drop it, turn it upside down, toss it in your hand bag – the Contigo travel mug won’t spill or leak as long as you lock the top switch!

As if this wasn’t enough of a game changer, the Contigo travel cup comes in 16 cool colors to go along with its unbeatable price!

Contigo Insulated Travel Mug

Sold on Amazon

See all color options and read more reviews here





Best Wide Mouth Travel Mug: Hydro Flask


Hydro Flask makes great quality travel mugs that keep you hydrated for the entire day.

This roomy 32 oz mug has a flex cap with an easy carry handle, making it convenient to take on the go or clip to a travel backpack.

Best of all, the insulated water bottle has a wide mouth with a stainless steel collar and curved radius for easy drinking!

It comes in a ton of punchy fun colors that won’t fade or crack thanks to a color last powder. Plus the bottles are slip free and dishwasher safe.

You can even swap out the lids with other Hydro Flask options, like their straw lid or flip lid, and it’s easy to clean thanks to its 4 piece construction!

What’s not to love?

Hydro Flask Wide Mouth Travel Mug

Available on ZapposAmazon

See all color options and read more reviews here





Most Stylish Travel Mugs: Zojirushi


Zojirushi is a Japanese brand known for its kitchen gadgets and incredible quality. I have a bread maker from them that has 200 extra features I never knew I needed… and their travel mug is similarly impressive! 

Featuring an 18/8 stainless steel interior and a patented Slicksteel stainless steel finish, the Zojirushi Stainless Steel Travel Mug is durable, vacuum-sealed to ensure temperature preservation, and has an easy-to-grip yet dent-resistant finish.

It comes in 18 stunning colors and has a wide mouth design for easy access. Finally, it’s quite compact yet still holds an impressive 20 ounces of liquid!

This is the perfect travel mug for those who pack light and like to save on space without sacrificing function.

Talk about an engineering marvel, indeed.

Zojirushi Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Mug

Available on Amazon

See all color options and read more reviews here





Best Travel Mug with Handle: Yeti


When a company names its insulated coffee travel mug the ‘Rambler’, you can guess that their travel mug is as strong as an ox!

Befitting its namesake, the YETI Rambler is constructed entirely with 18/8 stainless steel, a higher grade of metal that keeps the Rambler more shatter-resistant and temperature-controlled than pretty much any other travel mug on the market.

It comes in 5 stunning colors, all with durable color coats that won’t fade, peel or crack so you can keep this travel mug as a permanent souvenir.

It’s also BPA free and kitchen friendly – so it’s rust resistant, dishwasher safe and puncture resistant.

Best of all the YETI Vacuum Insulated Tumbler has an easy grip handle for portability!

YETI Tumbler with Handle

Available on Amazon

See all color options and read more reviews here





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