The 6 Best Travel Alarm Clocks to Give Your Vacation Peace of Mind!

The Best Travel Alarm Clock 2017


Best Alarm Clocks for Travel

I know what you must be thinking – if smartphones have rendered the watch obsolete, why haven’t they done the same with alarm clocks?

I might agree with you on normal alarm clocks, but the best travel alarm clocks always add security and peace of mind to your vacation. I always travel with an alarm clock for two main reasons.

First, you never know how often you’ll be able to charge your phone on vacation. When you’re out and about all day, the life of your phone battery is less reliable, so I always like to have my alarm clock as a back-up option.

Likewise, if my smartphone alarm clock messes up on a normal day, I might be a little late to work or get a late start on my to-do list. The vacation equivalent of being late to work is missing a tour or, worse, missing a flight! For worry-warts like me, you can never play it too safe.

Keep reading for the 6 best travel alarm clocks to give your next vacation peace of mind!




The Best Travel Alarm Clock
The Best Travel Alarm Clock


The Best Travel Alarm Clocks


Best Travel Alarm clock Homtime Multi function Alarm Clock


1. Homtime Multi-Function Alarm Clock


It’s hard to imagine a travel alarm clock having that many bells and whistles, but the Homtime Multi-Function Alarm Clock seems to have all of them.

It possesses four levels of LCD dimming, has both snooze and gradual wake-up functions, and can be charged via either USB cord or, should there be a power failure, backup support battery (told you the best travel alarm clocks put a premium on peace of mind!).

To top it all off, the Homtime travel alarm clock doubles as a charging port for Apple and Android devices!

Best Multi-Functional Alarm Clock

Available on Amazon

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Best Travel alarm Clock HITO Atomic Bedside Travel Alarm Clock


2. HITO Bedside Travel Alarm Clock


Using radio-controlled time and date updates, the HITO Atomic Travel Alarm Clock will always make sure you’re keeping time regardless of where your vacation takes you.

Plus, its jumbo digit display, snooze functionality, appealing amber LED backlight and automatic dimming make it both one of the best digital alarm clocks period and one of the best travel alarm clocks!

Best Digital Alarm Clock

Available on Amazon

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Best Travel alarm clock Marathon Travel Alarm Clock


3. Marathon Travel Alarm Clock

The alphabet soup model name on this Marathon product might make you think it’s an Intel core processor or something.

Well, it’s just one of the best alarm clocks but, to be completely frank, it’s probably more technologically impressive than a core processor (sorry, Intel!).

The Marathon’s unique audio engineering makes it a loud alarm clock, perfect for jet lagged travelers!

Plus, the Marathon has a built-in folding stand, can display in 5 different languages and, unlike many travel alarm clocks, comes batteries included – just pack and go!

Marathon Travel Alarm Clock

Available on Amazon

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Best Travel Alarm Clock Travelwey Analog Clock


4. Travelwey Analog Alarm Clock


Ever been just about to start counting your sheep only to realize your clock’s ticking second hand is slowly morphing into a ticking time bomb counting down to your eternal insomnia?

Fortunately, the Travelwey Analog Alarm Clock avoids this crisis with its silently sweeping second hand. Elsewhere, the Travelwey makes its name as among the best travel alarm clocks.

A true traveler’s alarm clock, the Travelwey is loud, made of durable plastic casing, and features a travel lock that prevents it from accidentally turning on and draining the battery!

Best Analog Alarm Clock

Available on Amazon

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5. Peakeep Ultra Small Travel Alarm Clock


At 2 ounces and with no dimension larger than 2.25 inches, the Peakeep Ultra Small Alarm Clock is supremely convenient, being small enough to fit in your pocket!

Don’t be fooled, though: the Peakeep travel alarm clock packs a punch – its manual backlit illuminated dial is visible from anywhere in the room, and its classic ascending four-beep alarm has just the right volume level.

It’s loud enough that you’ll be jarred awake, but not so loud that you’ll be compelled to throw it straight out your hotel window!

Ultra Small Travel Alarm Clock

Available on Amazon

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Best Travel alarm Clock Casio Travel Alarm Clock


6. Casio Travel Alarm Clock


One of the several ingenious moves the Casio TQ140 Travel Alarm Clock makes is illuminating only the hands and markers, which both saves energy and makes the actual time stand out that much more.

Add in its quartz analog timekeeping system, beep alarm and snooze functionality, battery-included delivery, and unbeatable price, and the Casio is one of the best travel alarm clocks full-stop.

It’s certainly one of the best values!

Best Cheap Travel Alarm Clock

Available on Amazon

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The Best Travel Alarm Clock – Summary Comparison Chart

To summarize, here’s a chart summarizing the best travel alarm clocks with a quick overview of their various features.


Brands Features Price
1. Homtime Alarm Clock LCD dimming, snooze, gradual alarm, thermostat Buy on Amazon
2. HITO Travel Clock automatic time updates, snooze, alarm status, date + temperature Buy on Amazon
3. Marathon Alarm Clock built in stand, alarm with snooze, temperature, calendar Buy on Amazon
4. Travelwey Clock travel lock, luminous light, alarm & snooze Buy on Amazon
5. Peakeep Small Travel Clock ultra compact, backlit display, easy top alarm switch Buy on Amazon
6. Casio Travel Alarm Clock luminous hands, 3 hand analog display, batteries included Buy on Amazon


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The Best Travel Alarm Clock





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