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I know this is going to sound like sacrilege, but travel towels are products where aesthetics shouldn’t be even the second consideration, let alone the first.

When it comes to today’s travel towels, nothing is more important than the travel towel being

  1. quick drying
  2. lightweight

Similarly, nothing is more frustrating than not having a towel when you need one.

Admit it, everyone’s been at a pool or lake when you forgot your towel, there weren’t extras, you tried drying yourself off with paper towels, and you looked like a crazy person.

Here are the best quick dry towels for travel!





The Best Travel Towel


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Flying in 2021

Before you hop on a plane, make sure to bring along a face mask!

Face masks are still required on all flights in the US, regardless of vaccination status. These Atoms everyday masks are a really comfortable option, especially on long haul flights, as they’re made from a lightweight and breathable polyester.

Best of all, they sit high up enough on the nose to tuck under glasses so you can breathe easier without fogging up your vision!





Best Travel Towels (2021)


Most Sustainable Travel Towel: Slowtide


Slowtide makes fun printed towels.

This ultra lightweight towel is great for travel. It’s made from 100% recycled materials and not only highly absorbent but also fast drying and sand free!

The 30″ x 60″ is the perfect length to take anywhere and it’s machine washable.

Slowtide Travel Towel

Sold on Zappos

See all colors & read more reviews here





Best Travel Towel for Kids: Pendleton


Looking for a family friendly travel towel?

This Pendleton kids towel will keep you covered!

It’s made from ultraplush cotton jacquard that’s been sheared to a velvety softness. Available in a range of fun Pendletown prints, it’s ultra absorbent and even has a hood! The reverse side is a quick drying cotton terry.

Pendleton Hooded Towel for Kids

Sold on Zappos

See all colors & read more reviews here





Best Small Travel Towel: Dock & Bay

The Best Travel Towel Dock & Bay Microfiber Beach Towel

The value of quick-drying and lightweight travel towels might not be higher anywhere than at the beach, which is what makes the Dock & Bay Beach Towel such a lifesaver.

No matter how soaked you get in the waves or how much sand gets everywhere, the Dock & Bay will have your body and the towel dry in no time.

This is truly one of the best travel beach towels around and comes with its own handy pouch, so you can easily pack it down for storage.

Plus, with classy pastel-and-white stripes, the Dock & Bay looks great while it dries, too!

Dock & Bay Microfiber Beach Towel

Sold on Amazon

See all colors & read more reviews here





Best Large Towel for Beach Vacations: Southern Tide


For a classic beach towel, grab this Southern Tide striped beach towel.

Made from a velour front and terry loop back, it’s generously sized at 70″ x 40″ and easily washes clean.

Southern Tide Beach Towel

Sold on Zappos

See all colors & read more reviews here





Best Travel Towel Set: Wildhorn

The Best Travel Towel WildHorn Outfitters Microfiber Quick Dry Travel

When it comes to towel fabrics that are absorbent and dry quickly, microfiber is king.

And that’s why the WildHorn Outfitters microfiber towels – which can hold up to 4 times their weight in water and dry 10 times faster than other popular towel fabrics such as cotton or terry cloth – are some of the best around.

Plus, the WildHorn microfiber towels are specifically designed for travel, coming with snap loops for drying and mesh bags that improve breath-ability and packability!

Microfiber Quick Dry Travel

Sold on Amazon

See all colors & read more reviews here





Best Ultra Compact Microfiber Travel Towel: BEARZ

The Best Travel Towel Raqpak Microfiber Travel Towel

Another benefit of the best microfiber towels for travel is that microfiber is typically made from antimicrobial fabrics which, in layman’s terms, means it takes way longer for them to stink.

Even the best quick dry towels for travel may be subject to quick packing and unpacking, which is why this Microfiber Travel Towel is treated with additional antibacterial agents to keep it smelling fresh longer!

Microfiber Travel Towel

Sold on Amazon

See all colors & read more reviews here





Best Sport Travel Towel: Youphoria

The Best Travel Towel Youphoria Sport Microfiber Travel Towel

The Youphoria Sport Towel condenses to such an impressively small size that, the first time I saw it, I could hardly tell what I was supposed to be looking at!

Somewhat smaller than traditional microfiber travel towels, the Youphoria is probably best used for backpacking, hiking, or cycling trips as opposed to trips where you’re diving feet first into some water!

Microfiber Multi-Purpose Travel Towel

Sold on Amazon

See all colors & read more reviews here





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Do you have a favorite quick dry travel towel? Let us know your recommendations in the comments!


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