Cash & Burn: The Best Travel Money Belts to Avoid a Disaster Vacation


Travel Money Belts


Fitting in is a natural human desire in any setting.

Whether it’s school, the office, or a new neighborhood, the instinct to seek common touch points with your fellow men and women is an honorable yet unavoidable aspect of life.

Many people extend this attitude when touring unfamiliar cities or countries. While efforts to learn the language, culture, and generally avoiding appearing like a “tourist” during your vacation are admirable, the unfortunate reality is that the moment you feel most integrated with your new surroundings always seems to be the exact time you are most likely to lose your valuables to negligence or theft.





There are many differing opinions regarding the best way to secure valuables during vacation. Some believe you should strategically spread out where your valuables are located – if you lose your backpack that contained some cash, at least you still have your cards and passport in your travel wallet.

Others believe you should have everything centrally located so that you always know exactly where all your cash and valuables are. Forgo fashion – some swear by traveling fanny packs, claiming that valuables kept in a waist money pouch will prove too difficult for thieves.

For my money, (see what I did there!), money belts are a great way to secure your cash and valuables because they’re often comfortable, hidden, and, in many cases, look and function like regular belts.

Plus, today’s money belts have the latest technology, including RFID-blockers to prevent remote theft.


Keep reading for 6 of the best money belts for travel!




The Best Money Belt for Travel with RFID
The Best Travel Money Belt


The Best Money Belts Reviewed


Best Money Belt


1. Money Belt for Travel with RFID Blocking Sleeves


Though RFID chips were designed with consumer convenience in mind, these tiny technological marvels have provided quite the headache for travelers over the past few years.

That’s why the Alpha Keeper has consistently been one of the best rated money belts for travel – not only is the belt itself made with 100% RFID-blocking material, but the belt comes with a whopping 7 additional RFID blocking sleeves to protect your credit cards, documents, passports, keys, and more.

With an extendable strap reaching 70 inches, a breathable mesh back pad, and a waterproof construction, the Alpha Keeper works just as hard keeping you comfortable as it does keeping your valuables safe!


Alpha Keeper Money Belt for Travel with RFID

Available on Amazon

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2. Venture Travel Money Belt


Made from a standard bearer in the travel accessory industry, the Venture 4th Travel Money Belt offers a blend of security, durability, and comfort rare even among the best travel belts.

The Venture belt comes also comes with 7 RFID-blocking sleeves to protect your belongings and, unlike many travel belts, is seam-taped with elastic material so the Venture belt is only as bulky as it needs to be!

The Venture belt also comes with waterproof nylon, rip-stop fabric, and a treated inner layer of fabric that makes the Venture comfortable whether it’s worn over or under your clothes.

If you’re crazy and for some reason don’t think the Venture is among the best travel money belts, Venture offers a one-year money-back guarantee, which offers that much more peace of mind!

Venture 4th Travel Money Belt

Available on Amazon

Read reviews and see all colors here


3. Raytix Travel Money Belt


Though simpler in design and function than some of the other best rated money belts for travel, the Raytix Travel Money Belt offers everything you need at a truly unbelievable price.

The Raytix travel belt and neck wallet secures flat and comfortably around your waist, making it literally unnoticeable when worn under clothing.

It also comes with complete RFID-blocking technology, meaning you to don’t have to sweat the electronic schemers among us, either.

With just two zippered pockets on the belt’s front, the Raytix doesn’t hold quite as much as some of the other best travel money belts, but with a price point under 10 bucks, it’s hard to beat the Raytix for quick and simple trips!


Raytix Travel Money Belt

Available on Amazon

Read more reviews and see all colors here






4. Ody Travel Gear Money Belt


Chock full of bells and whistles, the Ody Travel Gear Money Belt is one of the most complete money belts anywhere on this list.

The Ody offers twin-zippered pouches, a custom anti-theft buckle, and four hidden pockets to protect your credit cards and passports.

Like all of today’s best money belts for travel, the Ody features 100% RFID-blocking technology. Unlike some travel belts, however, the Ody realizes that a lot of security comes from simple common sense, which is why their belt only comes in one color – a discreet light grey that remains hidden even under light clothing.

Throw in a free money clip, and the Ody really has everything you could want in one of the best travel money belts!


Ody Travel Gear Money Belt

Available on Amazon

Read reviews and see all colors here


5. RFID-Blocking Money Belt


Unlike other travel money belts, which depend on separate RFID-blocking sleeves to safeguard your valuables, the Zero Grid RFID-Blocking Money Belt cleverly outfits the entire belt with RFID-blocking material, which limits the hassle of worrying whether you remembered to secure your electronically sensitive materials.

Outfitted with water-resistant rip-stop nylon and a breathable mesh back, the Zero Grid eliminates the discomfort, sweating, and rashes that often accompany some of the cheaper travel money belts.

Designed to carry passports, boarding passes, credit cards, and smartphones (not to mention a carabiner clip for your keys and flash drives), the Zero Grid is a behemoth among the best money belts for travel, but for extended trips it works like a beauty!


Zero Grid RFID-Blocking Money Belt

Available on Amazon

Read reviews and see all colors here


6. Hopsooken Travel Money Belt


One of the thinnest belts on this list, the Hopsooken Travel Money Belt is perfect for people on quick trips who don’t want the discomfort of a bulky travel money belt but still want security and peace of mind!

The Hopsooken features two zippered pockets for larger items such as smartphones and passports, two mesh pockets for currency and credit cards, and, in between the two, a cleverly hidden small mesh pocket for the most important cards and keys.

Made with waterproof and ultralight nylon, the Hopsooken also doubles perfectly as a money belt for runs or other workouts! 


Hopsooken Anti Theft Wallet

Available on Amazon

Read reviews and see all colors here





The Best Travel Money Belt – Summary Comparison Chart

To summarize, here’s a chart summarizing the best money belts for traveling.



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