The Best Travel Blankets to Bundle Up on Your Next Vacation!

The Best Travel Blanket


Best Travel Blankets


It’s easy to think that blankets are pretty simple.

I mean, all a decent blanket needs to do, unlike most boyfriends, is always give you that warm and fuzzy feeling, right?

This may be true for blankets generally, but travel blankets prompt a host of other considerations.

Is this travel blanket mostly going to be used outside or on the airplane? In tough conditions or for a nice picnic? More often than not, the best travel blanket depends heavily on the trip specifics.

We’ve covered (see what I did there?) you here, so keep reading for our 6 favorite travel blankets!




The Best Travel Blanket


Best Travel Blankets 2019

To summarize, here’s a chart summarizing the best travel blankets.

These comfy, cozy blankets are wide enough to fully cover you on long-haul flights and also compact enough to pack without taking up all your suitcase space!  Whether you want a plush fleece to keep you warm or a cooling polyester blanket, we’ve got you covered!


Brands Fabric Size Price
1. Mambe Extreme Weather Outdoor Blanket Polartec fleece 58″ x 84″ Buy on Amazon
2. Cocoon CoolMax Blanket CoolMax polyester 55″ x 70″ Buy on Amazon
3. Travelrest Premier Class Travel Blanket Microplush 40″ x 72″ Buy on Amazon
4. Lewis N Clark Microplush Blanket Microplush 37″ x 62″ Buy on Amazon
5. Imperial Cozy Fleece Throw Blanket Fleece 50″ x 60″ Buy on Amazon
6. World’s Best Cozy-Soft Travel Blanket Microfleece 50″ x 60″ Buy on Amazon

Below are in depth reviews of each travel blanket.




The Best Travel Blanket
The Best Travel Blanket


Best Blankets for Travel


Best Travel Blanket Mambe Extreme Weather Blanket


1. Mambe Extreme Weather Blanket


As its name suggests, the Mambe Extreme Weather Outdoor Blanket isn’t coming as part of a cutesy travel pillow and blanket set.

While pricey, the Mambe travel blanket provides incredible protection in a range of environments – its windproof and waterproof exterior makes it perfect everywhere from a snappy day at the beach to a rainy European campsite.

Throw in an easily foldable design and a Polartec 300 fleece construction, and you’ve easily got one of the best compact travel blankets on the market!

Extreme Weather Outdoor Blanket

Available on Amazon

Read more reviews here


2. Cocoon CoolMax Blanket


The Cocoon Cool Max Blanket is an engineering marvel when it comes to lightweight and compact travel blankets.

Measuring 55” x 70” when unfolded, the CoolMax travel blanket rolls into a pouch barely larger than a standard travel mug.

Both the convenient size and versatile fabric make the Cocoon CoolMax the best travel blanket for a range of conditions, as the blanket’s CoolMax polyester fabric is breathable, moisture-wicking, and smooth to the touch.

Cool Blanket for Travel

Available on Amazon

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3. Travelrest 4-in-1 Premier Class Travel Blanket


As valuable as travel blankets that you can take everywhere are, there is at least an equal enjoyment that comes from a compact travel blanket perfect for just sitting around.

Besides, aren’t vacations about sitting, unwinding, and enjoying doing nothing to a degree?

The folks at Travelrest agree, which is why their 4-in-1 Premier Class Travel Blanket is perfect for the sedentary vacationer. The Travelrest is worn as a poncho-style blanket that covers your entire body, shoulders, and upper arms for maximum coverage and comfort.

Plus, due to its size, the Travelrest doubles as a travel pillow and blanket set for the price of one!

Travel Blanket and Pillow Set

Available on Amazon

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4. Lewis N Clark Microplush Blanket


One of the smartest things about the Lewis N Clark Microplush Blanket is its 100% polyester construction.

What does it mean? Unlike blankets made of wool or cotton-blend constructions, the Lewis N Clark will keep its shape and be more durable. 

Also, the Lewis N Clark Microplush Blanket comes replete with a compression strap that goes around most luggage handles, meaning the Lewis N Clark rolls to one of the best compact travel blankets on the market!

Lewis N Clark Microplush Blanket

Available on Amazon

Read more reviews here



5. Imperial Home Cozy Fleece Throw Blanket


Don’t be fooled by the Imperial Home Cozy Fleece Throw Blanket’s simple and fuzzy exterior – this blanket packs a technological punch!

The Imperial Home is made from 100% polyester but also has a 180 GSM fleece grade, meaning the Imperial Home compact travel blanket is at once breathable, durable, and will never shrink!

Add an incredible size at 50″ x 60″ size, 10 spunky color choices, and a price significantly less than a meal at Chipotle, and the Imperial Home not only has one of the best travel blankets, but one of the best values as well!

Coziest Travel Blanket

Available on Amazon

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Worlds Best Cozy Soft Microfleece Travel Blanket


6. Cozy-Soft Microfleece Travel Blanket


The best travel blankets, like many things in actual life, are often the most simple.

That’s why the World’s Best Cozy-Soft Microfleece Travel Blanket is one of the most popular travel blankets despite being proudly no-frills.

Its microfleece construction offers the right balance of warmth and comfort, and its machine washable fabric always rolls to a compact cylinder. 

With 17 design patterns and costing less than 20 bucks, this travel blanket might just be the World’s Best value, too!

Best Microfleece Travel Blanket

Available on Amazon

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The Best Travel Blanket


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