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The Best Travel Gadgets 2018


Best Travel Gadgets


If you’re like me, packing is the first, second, and third-most stressful thing about any vacation (number four is unpacking, of course).

I can’t tell you how many times (although I’m sure my boyfriend could give you the exact number) I’ve been halfway to the subway before realizing I forgot something utterly critical – my only phone charger, laptop case, or travel wallet (yes, this really happened once).

For many of us, packing is just about making sure we bring the essentials – enough clothes, phone and camera gear, and traveling documents.

However, the perfect travel gadgets can not only really enhance a trip, but some of them can turn into absolute essentials themselves.

That’s why we channeled our inner detectives and hunted down the 6 best travel gadgets for 2018!





Best Travel Gadgets 2019


Best Travel Gadgets 2018 camelbak water bottle with water purifier


1. Camelbak Unisex All Clear UV Purifier Bottle


Any backpacking veteran knows the importance of having a water purifier handy, but many people don’t realize how useful one of the best travel gadgets for backpackers can be for regular tourists, too!

Given how varied global tap water quality is – and how distinctly unvaried bottled water mark-ups are in tourist hotbeds – the Camelbak Unisex All Clear UV Purifier Bottle and its built-in portable purification system not only allows you to stay hydrated with peace of mind, but it also has a decent chance of saving you a few bucks over the years as well!

Camelbak Unisex All Clear UV Purifier Bottle

Sold on Amazon here

Check current price and read more reviews here

Best Travel Gadgets Heat Up Warm Insoles


2. Thermacell Rechargeable Heated Insole


Unless inside a museum or restaurant, visitors to other cities or countries should always be outside – there’s no better way to see as much of a place’s people, culture, and natural beauty than hoofing it outside.

Which is exactly why the Thermacell Rechargeable Heated Insole is a must for any upcoming cold-weather vacation. Winter is coming, and there’s nothing more frustrating than being forced inside because of crippling cold in your extremities!

The Thermacell heated insoles use wireless, rechargeable lithium ion polymer batteries embedded in the sole (no awkward battery bulges or Velcro straps!) to heat your little piggies up to 111 degrees!

Plus, the Thermacell soles come with a charger that can offer up to 500 recharges, meaning one of the best gadgets for travel will keep you warm for many vacations to come!

Thermacell Rechargeable Heated Insole

Sold on Amazon here

Check current price and read more reviews here

Best Travel Gadgets 2018 solar panel


3. Anker 21W Dual USB Solar Charger


Any seasoned traveler knows the feeling when you’re either on the trail or spending a day trip outside and your charged devices ever-so-slowly die out.

No cool Instagram posts, no blockbuster photographs, no cute messages to Mom and Dad. In a phrase, utter despair.

That’s why the Anker 21-Watt Dual USB Solar Charger may not be the sexiest of the best gadgets for travel, but it sure as heck is one of the most useful.

The Anker Solar Charger can charge up to 3 amps per port under direct sunlight, can charge two devices simultaneously, and is constructed with durable PET polymer solar panels that can safely and easily attach to backpacks, tents, and trees.

It’s truly one of the best travel gadgets for backpackers or anyone who plans on spending a lot of time in the great outdoors!

Anker 21W Dual USB Solar Charger

Sold on Amazon here

Check current price and read more reviews here





Best Travel Gadgets 2018 airplane Pillow


4. Ostrich Pillow Light Travel Pillow


From our list of best travel gadgets so far, you might think we were exclusively about pedal-to-the-metal active lifestyles. And while that’s true to some degree, we also recognize the importance of a good, solid, mid-vacation nap!

Whether you’re on an airplane, car ride, or even just want to catch a few winks in a park somewhere, the Ostrich Pillow is the travel pillow for you.

Its innovative design gives it maximum functionality, as the Ostrich Pillow can normally be worn as an eye mask, neck support, or even a scarf on a brisk day.

Designed with urban travelers in mind, the Ostrich Pillow is especially valuable as one of the best travel gadgets for Europe or any other densely populated area!

Ostrich Pillow Light Travel Pillow

Sold on Amazon here

Check current price and read more reviews here

Best Travel Gadget Backpack Wine Cooler


5. Vetelli Luxury Leather Wine Carrier & Tote Bag


One of my favorite travel memories was truly nothing spectacular – a group of some college friends and me were visiting Paris, and we found a cheap bottle of wine, took it to the cement embankments of the Seine, and laughed and drank while our feet dangled over the gorgeous Parisian river.

It made me realize that incredible nights out with friends or family don’t necessarily require fancy restaurant reservations or visits to upscale clubs.

If you like spontaneous, low-key travel experiences too, check out the Vetelli Luxury Leather Wine Carrier & Tote Bag, which can safely store, cool, and insulate up to two bottles of wine or champagne.

While wine coolers and carriers have been around for some time, the Vetelli earns its place among the best new travel gadgets by not even looking like a wine tote.

Instead of garish colors and Velcro straps, the Vetelli features a sleek red leather and black-trimmed bag that evokes Chloe more than Coleman! Talk about a handy 2-in-1!

Vetelli Luxury Leather Wine Carrier & Tote Bag

Sold on Amazon here

Check current price and read more reviews here

best travel gadget 2018 universal travel adapter


6. LOOP World Adapter Plug


Unless you know exactly what countries you’re going to visit for the rest of your life, buying a world adapter plug is one of the smartest and best travel gadget investments you can make.

The LOOP World Adapter Plug is one of the market’s best, offering electronic charging in over 150 countries including the U.S., U.K., E.U., Australia and Canada.

What’s also great about the LOOP adapter is its multiple USB ports allow for simultaneous charging of up to 3 devices, meaning it doesn’t take long to get you and the whole gang all charged up and ready to go!

LOOP World Adapter Plug

Sold on Amazon here

Check current price and read more reviews here





The Best Travel Gadgets – Summary Comparison Chart

To summarize, here’s a chart summarizing the best travel gadgets to take on your next trip.






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