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Zipperless Luggage

I’ve always admired Rimowa luggage for it’s sleek design, but couldn’t wrap my head around the price. What could possibly justify a thousand dollar purchase on a bag that would get dinged the first time you used it?!

That is, until I realized Rimowa makes use of a specific design feature that makes it more durable to wear and tear… and secures your stuff better.

It’s zipperless!

Zipperless luggage locks your belongings like a bank vault, with a latch lock system instead of an all around zipper. Some zipperless suitcases even have multiple locks with separate security codes and almost all are framed out of aluminum for extra strength. 






Why Use Zipperless Luggage

It turns out luggage with zippers is actually quite easy to open.

All a would-be thief has to do is force a ball point pen into the zipper. Since zippers are designed to come apart, your bag opens easily, the thief grabs your valuables, and leaves quickly, with your bags looking intact. 

So instead, frequent travelers should opt for zipperless bags if they want extra security. Plus, pretty much all of these suitcases click down and are secured with TSA friendly locks.

Rimowa is one of the most famous (and most luxurious) brands to offer zipperless bags, but there are lots of new brands making luggage nowadays that incorporate this feature.






Best Zipperless Luggage

In general, zipperless luggage hasn’t gone mainstream yet. Of the brands that offer it, most are on the pricier side.

After testing out a couple different zipperless luggage options, we think these are some of the best options (depending on price, weight and looks):

  • Best All Around Zipperless Suitcase: Samsonite
  • Most Affordable Zipperless Luggage: Coolife
  • Most Chic Polycarbonate Hard Case: Delsey
  • Best Luxury Aluminum Luggage: Rimowa
  • Most Affordable Aluminum Luggage: Travelking
  • Most Stylish Aluminum Luggage: AWAY


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hardside zipperless luggage







1. Samsonite Zipperless Luggage

Samsonite is one of the few mainstream luggage brands to make zipperless luggage. 

They’ve offered a couple different lines over the years, and the latest range is a secure, sleek hardshell suitcase.

It’s built sandwich-style, with multiple interior organization pockets and a handy quick access elastic for storing items you want to grab quickly (like a jacket for chilly flights). 

Samsonite is a great all around option. The hardside luggage combines an aluminum frame with polycarbonate, to balance durability and security with less weight. Plus, the trusted suitcase brand offers a 10 year warranty with purchase.

Samsonite Zipperless Spinner

Available on Amazon & eBags

Check the latest reviews, sizes & color options here



2. Coolife Aluminum Frame

For travelers who want to try zipperless luggge at an affordable price point, this suitcase is a great option. Like the Samsonite, it’s made with an aluminum frame and polycarbonate, with reinforced bumpers on the corners for extra durability.

The Coolife suitcase comes in 3 glossy colors and 2 sizes, and the carry-on option is roomy enough for a one week getaway. On the interior, you’ll find built in pockets and organization dividers to help you keep things tidy. 

This is perfect for families who want security without blowing the budget. Each zipperless suitcase also comes with fun monogram stickers, if you want to personalize your case!

Aluminum Carry On Luggage

Sold on Amazon

Check the latest reviews, sizes & color options here



3. Delsey Belfort

Delsey has finally released their own version of zipperless luggage!

One of the reasons I like French brand Delsey is because they always offer stylish luggage – with designs you won’t find anywhere else. Their Belfort line is no exception.

Made from injection molded polyproylene, the zipperless case is high impact-resistant, extra strong and lightweight. It’s also waterproof sealed with wheels that glide smoothly. This suitcase is virtually indestructible – you can visit the South of France and bring back all the wine and champagne you want as souvenirs. 

The interior is equally well designed, with tie down straps, a lined divider, a large mesh pocket and even shoe storage. There’s also a removable tri-fold organizer, for even more packing flexibility!

Zippers might break and cheap polycarbonate will crack, but the Delsey will outlast them all. The brand offers a 10 year warranty on the Belfort line and if you enter SHERSHEGOES at checkout, you’ll snag an extra 25% off!

Delsey Zipperless Luggage

Sold on Amazon & Delsey

Use code SHERSHEGOES at checkout for an extra 25% off!




4. Andiamo Elegante

The Andiamo suitcases are yet another aluminum frame option. They look sleek and elegant, and come in 3 different sizes and a variety of cool metal colors.

On the interior, the Andiamo is quite simple. Two roomy compartments, that allow you to stuff more than if they were divided up with organizers. This is a great bag if you use packing cubes to organize your stuff.

The trunk locks are secure, strong and easy to use, and the wheels glide smoothly. Each suitcase is backed by the manufacturer’s 5 year warranty. 

Perhaps the main downside is the lack of reinforced corners. But between design and price, there’s a lot to appreciate about the Andiamo!

  Aluminum Hardside Luggage

Sold on Amazon

Check the latest reviews and see all color options here







5. Rimowa

The gold standard in aluminum luggage? Rimowa – by a mile.

The company was the first to make silver trunks from aluminum and polycarbonate, and their classic carry-on line is the only luxe option if you want quality, design and attention to detail – and don’t have to worry about budget.

Their hardshell cases are extremely durable, crafted from aluminum alloy and riveted reinforced aluminum corners. The leather handles are hand made and the brand includes thoughtful features like a compression divider and extendable straps to tote other bags.

They say once you try a Rimowa, you never go back…

Rimowa Aluminum Luggage

Sold on Nordstrom & Bloomingdales

Check the latest reviews and see all color options here



6. Aluminum Luggage

Want the look of a Rimowa at a fraction of the cost?

This aluminum suitcase is a great alternative. Visually, it’s sleek and sharp looking. The combo locks are easy to set up and the wheels are smooth.

The handle is a touch flimsier and the suitcase frame is a thinner aluminum, but the interior is roomy and waterproof and has just the right amount of compartments for organizing toiletries and accessories.

To most travelers, it’s visually indistinguishable from other more expensive aluminum travel bags.

Best Aluminum Luggage

Sold on Amazon

Check the latest reviews and see all color options here



7. Away Luggage

Away has taken the luggage world by storm. For years, their hardside carry on bags were beautifully designed, but didn’t offer any zipperless varieties.

Now though? They’re clearly aiming for the luxury luggage market. The Away aluminum series is available in 3 sizes and sleek, beautiful colors like rose gold and silver. 

With 360 degree spinner wheels, an interior compression system, hidden laundry bag and durable all aluminum shell, the Away bags are thoughtfully designed and crafted to last a lifetime. Our favorite feature is the leather handles, which have a “soft close” like spring so that the handles gently fold down on their own.

Away includes all the little details you never thought you needed, packaged in a surprisingly affordable price. Think of them as the stylish zipper-less suitcase for the Instagram-obsessed traveler. 

Away Aluminum Luggage

Sold on Net A Porter 

Check the latest reviews and see all color options here



8. Sindermore

Sindermore makes a high quality all aluminum suitcase that draws rave reviews.

If you can stomach the added weight, you’ll find silky smooth wheels and extra sturdy handles on top of a well packaged frame. Aluminum alloy hinges lock in the contents while dual TSA combo locks keep your belongings safe. 

Well organized dividers and straps complete the interior. Sleek and sexy, this is the zipperless luggage for the men in your life. Choose from 3 sizes and 5 glossy colors

 Hardside Aluminum Luggage

Sold on Amazon

Check the latest reviews and see all color options here





Best Zipperless Luggage – Summary Comparison Chart

To summarize, here are our favorite zipperless luggage brands on the market today.

Brand Material Sizes Price
Samsonite Polycarbonate 22″, 26″, 30″ $ – Amazon
Coolife Polycarbonate 20″, 24″ $ – Amazon
Delsey Polyproylene 21″, 26″, 30″ $ – Amazon
Andiamo Polycarbonate 20″, 24″, 28″ $$ – Amazon
Travelking Aluminum 20″, 24″, 28″ $$ – Amazon
Rimowa Aluminum 22″, 26″, 30″, 32″ $$$ – Nordstrom
Away Aluminum 22″, 26″, 29″ $$$ – Net A Porter
Sindermore Aluminum 20″, 25″, 29″ $$$ – Amazon





Pros and Cons of Zipperless Luggage

Zipperless luggage isn’t for everyone. While these suitcases are sleek and secure, they do have one notable downside: weight. Premium zipperless cases are made from aluminum, which is much heavier than the super light plastic luggage that you can find on the market today.

It’s also not for overpackers – without zippers and a soft outer, there’s just no way you can over stuff these suitcases and still close them.

Consider these benefits and trade-offs before buying zipperless luggage:


  • Durable, hard outer shell
  • Best security for your belongings
  • No chance of zipper breakage – a common weak point!
  • Sleek, luxurious design


  • More expensive
  • Less choices available
  • Can’t over stuff like softside luggage or expandable hardsides
  • Heavier 


Polycarbonate vs Aluminum Luggage

Zipperless bags are almost always made from a durable, hard material. Exactly what material often comes down to price. Cheaper options are aluminum frame wrapped in polycarbonate while the more expensive options are entirely aluminum. 

Aluminum luggage will acquire nicks and dents over time. Some people love the look, as it’s a lived in look and souvenir of your travels.

If you prefer your suitcases to look pristine, opt for polycarbonate for your checked bags (it’s a bit more forgiving upon impact) and go with alumnimum for your carry on bag. 


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