Rocksbox Review: Is Renting Designer Jewelry Worth It?

After having a Rocksbox jewelry rental subscription for a year, here's my in-depth review of their designer jewelry service. Should you wish to try, you can click here to get your first month free. 


Rocksbox Review: Is Renting Designer Jewelry Worth It?


I've been a fan of Rocksbox jewelry for over a year and a half now. It's one of my secret ways to constantly feature new accessories and refresh my wardrobe without spending a fortune! In case you're not familiar with Rocksbox, I wanted to share how the program works and write a short review of my experience with the company and jewelry.

At the end of the post, I've included a Rocksbox promo code for a free month if you want to take advantage of their service.


Rocksbox is a jewelry membership service.

They carry designer and high fashion jewelry brands like Gorjana, House of Harlow, Kate Spade and Kendra Scott. When I first signed up with them, they used to carry different brands so it seems like over time, they shuffle out some designers and bring in newer brands.


There's an element of curation

When you first sign up for Rocksbox (click here to get your first month FREE), you'll fill out a style guide so that the company's stylists can get a sense for your preferences. For me, I like dainty jewelry and statement earrings so that's generally what I went with.


Add pieces to your Wishlist

After filling out the style guide, you'll browse Rocksbox' inventory and get to choose jewelry to put into your wishlist. I would suggest dropping about 15 to 30 pieces in your wishlist to start with.

Then your stylist will pick 3 items for your set (for me it's usually 1 bracelet / 1 necklace / 1 earring) to ship out to you. The retail value for each set is about $200 so it's a great deal.

The best part is, and this is a new feature, your stylist will send you an email with the 3 pieces she selects so you can approve your Rocksbox before it ships out. That way, you're never disappointed and always have final say!



Jewelry arrives. Hurray!

Keep your jewelry pieces for as long as you'd like. Rocksbox is a monthly subscription rental service, so you pay a flat fee of $21 each month (with free shipping both ways).

The jewelry is packaged in a cute little box and each item comes with its own jewelry bag, safely nestled within bubble wrap. Because you need to ship the items back, I make sure to keep all the items within their cloth bags and all within the box so that I'm not scrambling to find the packing materials when it comes time to return.

One thing I have to mention – it is a rental service so I had expected the items to show pretty significant wear and tear but they look brand new! I didn't notice any scratches on the bracelets and the earrings come with their standard cardboard so they don't feel like a rental at all.


Unlimited boxes each month

Within that month period, you can return and order an unlimited amount of boxes – once you send your current box back, you can go ahead and select new pieces for your next box.

Because I try to shoot my outfits for the blog, I would say I use their rental service pretty frequently and that's why I love their service. You get to try all sorts of pieces on a more frequent basis than your wallet might regularly allow.

When you ship the items back, you can leave feedback for your stylist for each item from that month so that Rocksbox gets a more refined understanding of your likes and dislikes. I love that it's a two way dialogue!


Buy what you love, return the rest

If you want to keep any of the jewelry items, you can choose to purchase it. Just don't ship it back and you'll be billed for the item price listed on The best part is you can apply the monthly $21 membership fee towards the purchase of the piece of jewelry.

You also receive what they call ‘shine credit‘ for referring friends. They do cap this at 3 referrals a month and shine credit doesn't roll over from month to month.


Note: in case of damage

Rocksbox is generously forgiving. As I mentioned, I do keep all the jewelry items together in their packaging when not in use, in an effort to minimize any scratches or loss. But, if you lose an earring back or maybe a rhinestone falls out – don't overly worry. Rocksbox understands that slight damage may occur and this is fully covered in your monthly rental fee.

But, excessive damage isn't allowed and may be charged for.


Rocksbox Coupon Code

  • If you'd like to try rocksbox jewelry after reading my review you can sign up for the service here to get your first month free.
  • Make sure to set a reminder when your month is up to cancel your service if you no longer wish to keep it!


JoyceJuly 10, 2017 - 1:47 pm

Love how you’ve styled the jewelry! The pink details in your bracelet and your pink jacket go so well together :) Also love the idea of getting a fun gift every month

PearlMarch 26, 2018 - 11:17 am

Hi, I know this is an older post… but since you mentioned you swapped your box multiple times a month, I’m wondering how quickly you received the new box after you sent your return? Like, are you waiting 5 days in between each box, during which you have none of the jewelry because it needs to all be returned at once? Thanks!

SherMarch 26, 2018 - 12:11 pm

Hi Pearl – When you return you don’t have jewelry that’s true. I don’t remember how long the return takes but its pretty quick!

KimSeptember 9, 2018 - 5:57 pm

Lovely! Who is the gorgeous bracelet by and what is it called, please?

JulesOctober 2, 2019 - 9:30 pm

They are a absolute rip off! I would think twice before signing up. They continually take money out of your account. When you cancel they Do NOT refund all the money they take. So you get no jewelry and no return of your money. Definitely a scam!

SherOctober 3, 2019 - 7:02 am

Hey Jules – sorry to hear that. I had a great experience with Rocksbox and no issues when I ultimately ended my subscription. Have you contacted your credit card company? They usually can refund your fees if for any reason a company is slow to.

GinaFebruary 26, 2020 - 1:42 pm

What are the average prices of each jewelry piece?

SherFebruary 26, 2020 - 5:23 pm

It’s a rental service so you pay a monthly fee to rent 3 pieces each month :)

Natalia malaniMarch 4, 2020 - 6:01 pm

It’s not worth it. This jewelry is way over priced for costume jewelry. They advertise it, making it seem like you will receive 3 pieces of jewelry a month,but that’s not the case. You rent with the option to buy. Why would I want to pay a subscription fee to buy jewelry when I can just drive to Macy’s , and buy it without the subscription fee? The price to buy these pieces is just extensive.

Natalia malaniMarch 4, 2020 - 6:04 pm

They also refuse to cancel your subscription until you pay for or return the initial three pieces that they fail to mention how much they will be before you pay the subscription. This should be a disclaimer before and after payment for subscription.

SherMarch 5, 2020 - 5:12 pm

Hi Natalia,

Rocksbox is a jewelry rental service so you’re paying to rent 3 items each month.

It’s a subscription service so you don’t own the jewelry, but it gives you the flexibility to rotate new pieces into your wardrobe and change them out – similar to Rent the Runway (which does clothing) or Spotify (music).

It makes sense to me that you would have to return the items in order to stop being charged. Hope you work things out with customer service!

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